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  1. Hi ! So I'm trying to adapt the code from @POLPOX for other vehicles. Right now, I'm triyng with the RHS M1165A1, and so far I have this : this addEventHandler ["HandleDamage",{(_this#7 in ["hitlfwheel","hitlbwheel","hitrfwheel","hitrbwheel","hitengine"])}] It's working fine for the 4 wheels and the engine, but I wish to make damageable the "turret" and the M2 & M240 mounted on it. I tried with "hitturret" and "hitgun" but that doesn't seem to work. Any idea where I could find the names of these parts ? I looked in the config viewer but I did not find anything.
  2. Hello ! A friend and me are looking to create a milsim clan, and so we inquire on the requiered hardware to host a x64 server ( ~15 slots ) and with it an ArmA3Sync repository, a TeamSpeak and a forum. I don't know much about server, so I don't really know what we really need for that. I looked on different provider website and I would like some opinon on that build: CPU : Intel Xeon E3-1230v6 - 4c/ 8t - 3.5GHz/ 3.9GHz RAM: 32 Go DDR4 ECC 2133MHz SSD: 2x450Go SSD NVMe Soft RAID Network Speed: 500Mbit/s Is it good ? It seems to me a bit overkill.