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  1. Lovely man, it is now working, the actions appeared for me on dedi, i greatly appreciate it! On another note, the beeping sound didnt come up, except in editor MP, just so you know.
  2. If anyone has this script working on dedicated with ACE interactions, lemme know. I'd appreciate every bit of info on how you made it work. I get no beeping sound and no ace interactions. Barrel is there with the bombs and flashing light tho. Everything's fine on editor MP.
  3. Tried, no luck. No beeping sound, no interaction options.
  4. Works in editor MP but doesnt work on dedicated for me. EDIT: Could contact have anything to do with it?
  5. Captain Apple

    AddAction + (titleText + RemoteExec)

    That did the trick, thanks a lot, appreciate it!
  6. this addAction ["ACTION", {["<t color='#ff0000' shadow = 0 size='1'>SUBJECT: </t><t color ='#FFFFFF' shadow = 0 size ='1'>TEXT</t>", "PLAIN DOWN", -1, true, true] remoteExec ["titleText", 0]}]; So this is my init on an object. I'm trying to execute this titleText to every client on server when someone uses the action on the object. Currently, when i press Action, nothing happens, no script error pops up either..
  7. Hey! Can the medical (pelican) drone be of any use for treating/reviving players, i know it can carry supplies but adding that would be amazing. Like has ACE got any configurations regarding that? If not are you planning to add something similar?
  8. Captain Apple

    Force vehicle color global

    thank you all for replying! Appreciate you sticking with me
  9. Captain Apple

    Force vehicle color global

    worked, had to implement it in a sqf file, invade & annex framework.. It was overriding everything done in editor.
  10. Captain Apple

    Force vehicle color global

    im only testing in MP cuz i need it only in MP. Also the mission file wont work on SP, its mean for mp.
  11. Captain Apple

    Force vehicle color global

    yeah im putting it in SUVs init in the editor. No luck again with _null = this spawn {sleep 0.5; _this setObjectTextureGlobal [0, "\A3\Soft_F_Gamma\SUV_01\Data\SUV_01_ext_02_CO.paa"];};
  12. Captain Apple

    Force vehicle color global

    it just aint working :(
  13. Captain Apple

    Force vehicle color global

    now if i already have this: 0 = [ this, 30, false, {}, 100, 500, -1, true ] call QS_fnc_registerVehicle; in the init, how would i combine it with the suv thing?
  14. Captain Apple

    Force vehicle color global

    yeah im doing it in the init
  15. Captain Apple

    Force vehicle color global

    could it just be "this"?