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  1. yevgeni89

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    It's good to have you back Vilas, i'll be following this closely
  2. I believe they did, are you currently in the GM discord by chance ? I remember browsing through a channel and someone was also retexturing a beret, I think mondkalb posted the link for headgear in community mods. Love the helmets and can't wait to be using these sharp dressed men in western Germany 😄
  3. Glad to see another mod using GM as it's base , and i've got a special love for fictional armed forces of the armaverse, my only complaint and it's minor is the beret style is very american, Gm does have some euro style berets.
  4. yevgeni89

    Project RACS

    Contact wld427 via pm
  5. yevgeni89

    Project RACS

    There's a questionnaire , you need to fill out and then email to project lead
  6. yevgeni89

    EasyFIA for Global Mobilization

    Definitely will be giving these a go!
  7. It's merely a discussion , there isn't one correct FIA faction just theorising based off lore what their capabilities may or may not be 💅
  8. Tanks seem a little out of place for the FIA I could see them having maybe 5, but definitely old really old stuff , like the newest would be some sort of IS2,t-55 or maybe a chaffee/walker bulldog , but the FIA not really being a professional military force with a large budget or even large full time force and more along the lines of a home guard or gendarmerie, lightly armored wheeled or some track vehicles and a focus on light infantry would probably be more plausible. The FIA combined I feel would be about as large or slightly larger than the AAF is but with a quarter of its assets, No Air,No Heavy armor,minimal maritime presence enough to patrol the waters and do customs checks , Few Heavy crew served weapons , few APC's or IFV's .
  9. Can't wait for the indochina era stuff and stuff up until the 80's :DDD
  10. yevgeni89

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Press Helmet edited to be a riot helmet.
  11. yevgeni89

    T - 62 tank

    "T-62 Placeholder" and modding is a bit overwhelming getting into, especially config stuff and getting it in the game, but there's a lot of information out there.
  12. yevgeni89

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I love the french lizard pattern you gave the tanoan rebels , any chance they make it onto a uniform without a scarf ?
  13. If they were to have them I think based on exports the M1 steel helmet would be a big contender or some variant of it , I dont know of many other helmets that were exported in large numbers post ww2, pre ww2 I know czech vz 32 helmets made it as far as chile in south america and swiss m18's made it into argentina as well as german stahlhelms into various south american countries. I think though if they were going switch it up a bit perhaps the m18 wouldn't be a bad choice, as they were phased out mostly by the swiss armed forces in favor of the m70 by the time ofp takes place.