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  1. Thank you for the alpenflage addition in Dev branch don't know if it's in stable yet but it looks really good.
  2. yevgeni89

    Cold War Rearmed III

    The cup project 85 team lost a lot of data if I remember right but slatts and his team still have a few bits that they might be willing to donate and let their work live on, which might offer a good starting base in conjunction with what the CUP team already has created and with Vilas's help the 80's seem closer than ever.
  3. yevgeni89

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    APC looks great Vilas
  4. Where does it come from ? if you don't mind me asking, gotta be wary of free models and the licensing behind them
  5. It's ready when it's ready
  6. yevgeni89

    Cold War Rearmed III

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA , 2020 year of the arma player first vilas returned now wolle 😁
  7. yevgeni89

    Project RACS

    Hi wld427, did you end up keeping the marine pattern for the cobra like in the arma 2 racs?
  8. yevgeni89

    Vilas addons in A3 w.i.p.

    It's good to have you back Vilas, i'll be following this closely
  9. I believe they did, are you currently in the GM discord by chance ? I remember browsing through a channel and someone was also retexturing a beret, I think mondkalb posted the link for headgear in community mods. Love the helmets and can't wait to be using these sharp dressed men in western Germany 😄
  10. Glad to see another mod using GM as it's base , and i've got a special love for fictional armed forces of the armaverse, my only complaint and it's minor is the beret style is very american, Gm does have some euro style berets.
  11. yevgeni89

    Project RACS

    Contact wld427 via pm
  12. yevgeni89

    Project RACS

    There's a questionnaire , you need to fill out and then email to project lead
  13. yevgeni89

    EasyFIA for Global Mobilization

    Definitely will be giving these a go!