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  1. The first 2 missions didnt get me really, the 3rd looks better but:
  2. DaViSFiT

    Tank DLC, Speculation.

    Im a big tank fan. Since i bought both Dlc packs and none of them really impressed me (half even disappointed me), im not very excited whats coming... new 3 vanilla tanks with perhaps some nice interieur. yeaaa...what a gamebreaker. A new tank suite for the crew? Oh Yeeeea. AI still too retarted to use a tank (show me always your back of your tank or drive 10m in front of infrantrie) or even an ifv? Lets have some fun.
  3. DaViSFiT

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    3D Interiors for driver its a real help to imagine his position and surroundings. If he can feel his position better, he can drive better. With this 2D Stuff its working, but less feeling, less fun. Bwmod did a better job then Bi, RHS did it best on some vehicles. Its the first step to make driver position interessting. For the Gunner its only good if its a lowtec vehicle where you better look outside to aim. Like a Sd.Kfz. 234 or simmilar ;) For commander its only good if you dont have a monitor, a periscope and cant open the luke.
  4. DaViSFiT

    Tanks DLC Feedback

    What Tank DLC must have: - AI that are using tank and apcs the right way. Not driving straight to the front, aware of anti tank guys, never show their back to the enemy, help own guys from far away / stay behind. Against a lowtech enemy make the armor a shild for infantrie. Different driving skills. - realistic damage, values, penetrations. Not every 20mm can penetrate a tank.... :unsure: and not every hard penetration let a tank explode 100%. - realtistic night vision and thermal image. - reworked driving model. Dont make a tank drive 7kmh up a hill and this strange "steer+forward=1kmh" for vehicles should also be found a solution. What the DLC should have: - Make the job for driver interessting. Make it harder or more sim-style. give him some more options. Make him feel to drive 60t even with 1500hp. - Make more parts of the tank can be destroyed and needed to be fixed. - more chance of survival on this high tech vehicles. Beside tanks its all a one-Shot stuff. - fix all the ticket problems around tanks. Make the game more CO, more Sim, more complex... -
  5. I really miss the CO part and with the new island its more and more infantrie sided. :mellow: About coop camp: - CO parts - using more stuff that arma offers, using all the new stuff offered - different storylines that happen on your actions - bigger, longer, complex. More then just "kill XY and run to exfil" - difficult of the campain comes only from accuracy of enemy soldiers. I never thought of "uhh, that was our fault, we did something wrong". It always "How did enemy see me that fast and kill me with 1 shot?". - Respawn? What about longer bleeding to death times and less of this arcadish respawn stuff that lets you respawn directly to the action? - Its coop 4, so please let us do different stuff (and not those 4 different weapon and loadout). Something with CO or actions that needs teamplay! - it was NOT a challenge
  6. So it crashes if too many crashdumps are in the log dir? Ok, who should i blame beside you ? :P
  7. DaViSFiT

    JSRS4 - APEX 1.2

    I dont know if some sounds in vanilla are too low. Big guns now make big sounds and are great to hear (tank, arty, mortar). Now compare this to ambiende sound, how much should this be compared to sounds that a normal person would instant get deaf? If someone fire a gun, there shouldnt be any way to hear foodsteps or other real low level stuff. LJ is surely be aware of that and perhaps in the future he dont need to work on ALL sounds anymore, just make the not good ones better and the cheap ones rich. Some/Many Vanilla sounds are now acceptable after all these years because of LJ's work. I dont think BI would target sounds more and more if they didnt hear whats possible ;) Now take the scalpel and cut out those really bad parts ;)
  8. v21 if this help, out of memory: https://mega.nz/#!ABEDXCLa!tAH0xH_SfKvU4CYLsWU1caXMjDla8dRqA5MUl8YWVrs This was with low player number (9ppl only) + HC. Server on 48fps rock stable.
  9. Yes i think you have much to do dwarden but are there ANY news about a 64bit recoding of the serverstructure and (real) threads? For me it doesnt looks efficient to put so much effort into this. yes bugfixing has to be done but like arma2 this will never stop ;)
  10. HEy. Is your script still supported? ;)
  11. DaViSFiT

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Just ignore requests, dont reply. Just feed us with media stuff and we are happy ;)
  12. DaViSFiT

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    crazyhorse: Please make a video and post it on the forum. Can't reproduce.
  13. v15 NO crash, perhaps this helps also. 20mb logfile, over 30 people with 3,5h playtime. https://mega.nz/#!0UNDHCzT!p9tX5FQ8o1Ka2pDHJvd4ORgNojY_AIz2LrcDRMHVnIc
  14. v15 log, crash 5min ago but looks like not because of memory? Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 6C08E9D3 I dont know, here are the files: https://mega.nz/#!UYlzBZAZ!1u819CNvJlvL-JPMt4WSua6NYiXIekhZ24Myg7M8JRg need more infos?