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  1. the1krisrob

    Will you keep buying ArmA games?

    What casual path?!? Most of the "hardcore" milsim stuff has always come from mods, and ARMA 3 is no different. Now if guys like the ACE team, RHS, the 3CB guys all decided to leave ARMA, then maybe I'd be a little worried. But even then I actually think vanilla ARMA is still pretty good out of the box.
  2. the1krisrob

    Will you keep buying ArmA games?

    To support BI and make sure the game is profitable to continue making perhaps? Mind you with the amount of hours of enjoyment I get out of the ARMA series they could literally make it a $100/year subscription and I would still line up and pay that. I paid $60 for the game and have gotten over 1100 hours out of it. So at the moment I've paid less than 6c per hour of enjoyment. Compare that to the cost per hour of going to a movie or any other form of entertainment. Preordering and buying an ARMA game is one of the best risk/rewards investments for my entertainment dollar there is.
  3. the1krisrob

    Will you keep buying ArmA games?

    I've got thousands and thousands of hours across 15 years, so yes BI will continue to get my money for each and every release/DLC. They've earned my trust and loyalty until the day they screw up royally (which I can't see happening) and even then they'll get a second chance. :wub:
  4. I'm honestly sick of Chernarus and never really saw the appeal. To me it's ARMA's version of the famous de_dust map in CS. Everyone liked it and played the hell out of, but now I never want to see it again. My 2 favourite ARMA maps would have to be Altis and Takistan. Altis is so varied, when I hear people saying they're sick of it and it's all the same I know they probably play the same dreary missions over and over. I enjoy mission making and playing around in the editor, and no other map gives you the flexibility to create so many different atmospheres. From the marsh lands, to the dry lake bed, the hilly tree covered areas in the NW and the dense city of Kavala. Even a couple of tiny islands that are great for small missions. I honestly find it hard to believe that people who think it's dull have really explored all the "nooks and crannies" Altis has to offer. Takistan is my other favourite map. I just enjoy that Middle Eastern setting, it runs really well, you have a choice of 2 airbases at opposite ends on the map for good balance. It's probably no coincidence that those 2 maps also feature like 90% enterable buildings either. Tanoa I just can't get into yet. Don't get me wrong the jungles are amazing, the towns look good, but just because of the style of mission I like to play, having buildings I can't enter hurts. Plus I tend to prefer the more arid settings of Altis and Takistan. All that green is just too much for me haha. However one thing I think that really lets it down is the game AI. Having a whole bunch of islands is cool and has potential for some amazing missions, except the AI have no idea how to get from one to another without trying to swim like idiots. Don't get me wrong I think Tanoa is a good map, and I get why some people would say it's the best map BI have created, but just for me it just doesn't suit my play style or the atmosphere I like in missions. That's really what it all comes down to. The type of missions people enjoy playing and whether the map suits those missions.
  5. What I found most useful was grabbing Spyders insurgency mission from http://alivemod.com/forum/1059-mission-templates Open that in the editor and play around with it. Once you can see the general setup it's actually really simple to put together a basic Insurgency like that. Also this https://medium.com/the-creation-of-alive-uprising takes you through a step by step insurgency and explains why the autor chose what they did etc etc
  6. the1krisrob

    Project OPFOR

    Thank you. At the moment the best we have is CAF aggressors, and that's getting a bit long in the tooth. My ideal pack (and I'm not asking you to do this, I'm merely day dreaming) would be a diverse bunch of Afghan style civilians with a few old beat up vehicles, and then the exact same thing but in OPFOR with AK's and RPG's and maybe a technical or 2. At the moment I can cobble together something like that using 2 or 3 different mods, but it would be great to have something like that which is ALiVE ready and configured all in one pack.
  7. the1krisrob

    Project OPFOR

    I do like the quality you're putting out here, but I have 1 more request. Could you please please make a Taliban faction that is purely just civilians with weapons? For insurgency missions civilians are really important so having a good mix of middle eastern civs is essential, but then if you use the exact same models etc make them opfor and give them ak's and rpg's then you have the perfect Taliban faction. One of the biggest issues in Afghanistan has always been the fact the soldiers can't tell Taliban from farmers. It would be great to be able to replicate that.
  8. the1krisrob

    Why is Arma 3's performance so bad?

    This is the smartest thing I've read all day. People need to stop tying their fun and enjoyment to their frame rate.
  9. the1krisrob

    Project OPFOR

    Completely "pie in the sky" type question here. But is there any chance that at some stage you could release maybe a "lite" version? With BIS now having vanilla AK's and rpg's it'd be great to see a "Taliban" style OPFOR that needed no dependencies. Again that's just a selfish wish based on the sort of missions I like to create.
  10. Which is kind of hilarious considering the amount of times they'll walk through walls and fences.
  11. Check the wiki, you can create custom blacklists http://alivemod.com/wiki/index.php/Custom_Blacklists
  12. the1krisrob


    Do AI mods like ASR_AI work with this or does it screw up zombie behaviour? I only ask because the AI patrols I come across seem terribly stupid. 4 of them stood in a line just watching as I popped each of them with a pistol **Never mind I worked out what I was doing wrong, they don't really react when you're a civilian. Made myself BLUFOR and got wrecked :p **
  13. the1krisrob


    Started playing around in the editor last night just to try and get an idea of how the modules works etc. Ended up taking 5 mins to place everything and then a couple of hours playing what resulted. :P Dude this is really awesome! You've done an amazing job, thank you. Just a thought, is there any way to (for instance) only have rifles/mg's and military uniforms/vests spawn in military bases? Maybe also being able to increase the number of bandits/zombies around those bases as well to give a risk/reward situation.
  14. Cool, glad to know you guys are looking into it. I'll just keep using 2 different mod folders in the meantime. Keep up the great work
  15. Is there a better way to disable certain things in ACE rather than deleting PBO's? We don't really do much in the way of sniper missions so we removed the scopes PBO and I think advanced ballistics/rangecard in favour of the more "arcadey" scope zeroing/ranging. But that means if someone drops in to play with us they then need to delete/rename those same PBO's and then reverse that when they go play on another server. Is there a way (or in fact would it be possible) to have "per mission" ACE settings for everything? I know I can add modules for a lot of stuff, but there are a number of things (like the scopes) which I can't seem to remove from a mission without deleting the PBO's Having said all that, thanks for adding SO much immersion to the game. It's really hard to play without ACE. You guys have done an amazing job.