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  1. Aren't tides simply disabled on official terrains?
  2. Ultra. Same place, but different colors
  3. Green and red chemlights are still buggy. They also weaker than the others.
  4. How about "лесной" or "лесистая местность"?
  5. It is a pity that out of the three voice actors only one has normal pronunciation. I was hoping that the new Russian protocols will be better than in A2, but it turned out to be worse. 😔
  6. Collision sounds are too quiet
  7. MX UGL reload animation plays slower when deployed Not fully fixed.
  8. A lot of old bugs that still not fixed. 1. Trees Lod bug 2. Animation loop bug Repro: 1) Press Ctrl + W 2) Open inventory 3. Wounded AI soldier (when lying on the ground) plays healing animation twice 4. Unsmooth transition Repro: Run (with binocular) + press B 5. Unnecessary stand up transition Repro: Crawl (with binocular) + B 6. Falling on the ground animation is missing when your character equipped with binocular Repro: Run (with binocular) + press Z 7. Bugged transition Repro: Run (with binocular) + press V 8. Incorrect GL reload animation when weapon is deployed Repro: 1) Press C and select GL mode 2) Reload 9. Healing sound is not interruptible 10. Stratis - Airport Control Tower It's quite hard to open/close that door. 11. Weapon deployment bugs 12. Vaulting would not make any sound if you equipped with binocular 13. Sound of falling bodies is missing (A huge immersion breaker) 14. Problems with Zafir Repro: Use RCO or ARCO scope and deploy the weapon
  9. Updated collection of fixes (post 1.78). https://feedback.bistudio.com/T122749
  10. This was done intentionally, so you could hear the difference.
  11. Currently, soldiers gear sounds are too quiet. After sound volume increase (modded).
  12. danil-ch

    AI Discussion (dev branch)

    It happens so rarely. https://www.reddit.com/r/arma/comments/63swoc/ai_and_grenades/ They were very aggressive in alpha and extremely passive now. Hopefully some middle ground will be found.
  13. All Viper soldiers have standard icons. Medic (Viper) issues: 1) Missing Medic Icon 2) He has only 1 First Aid Kit. (Standard Medic has 11, Recon Medic has 6)
  14. danil-ch

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Soldiers gear sounds are too quiet now. After sound volume increase (modded).