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  1. Hi Mike, thanks for your work, perfect chernarus map. Textures, ambient sounds etc. verry verry good work.
  2. josche

    [MP CO15 Campaign] Wolfpack Vol. 2

    Nice Missions, thanks !
  3. The trackir bug is still present.
  4. josche

    JSRS3: DragonFyre

    Hi Lord, small feedback, Lite Version, Distanz sounds verry good, Rifle sounds ( all Rifles )are bump, mhhh my englisch.... bad :( Die Gewehr Schüsse, von allen Gewehren sind so hallig dumpf, wie wenn in einem Raum geschossen wird. Ich bevorzuge das SPMG 338, da ist es besonders zu hören, aber auch bei der Katiba. Mehr Nachhall hätt mir auch gut gefallen. Aber jeder hat natürlich ein anderes Empfinden. Danke für die Mühe dir du dir mit den Sounds machst und natürlich auch die Mod.
  5. josche


    Hi, I play with the " Dragonfire Lite " 4 hours and no problems. Great mod, thanks
  6. josche


    Hi, tested your mod, and, verry good Mod. Any chance in the future yor modules ( Zombie spawn / Bandit spawn ) work in Multiplayer Missions ? sorry my bad englisch
  7. josche

    [SP] Sentinel - Outbreak

    Waaaauuuu, verry good mission, have played al the Sunday, fun fun fun :) I have played the Altis version. PS : The sounds from the zombies a little bit too noise, you can chance more louder ? Thanks for this Mission :) :)
  8. Sakrament :o looking verry nice !
  9. josche

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    OK. I have this " yellow things ", but not komplett healing. My Char. to whine a little and this is a little nerved hehehe :) sorry my bad englisch.
  10. josche

    [SP] Pilgrimage

    Verry good mission, Thanks for this :) Have only Medikits or a car for komplett healing ?
  11. Hi Furret, i m testing in SP with the always same mission and same Settings. In the last Stable have for me horrible Stuttering. I7 4770, GTX 780, 16 GB Ram, 4x SSD
  12. Confirm, with the new stable good frames but stuttering !!