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    CSAT Member Countrys

    Yes, the boots on the ground were Iranian. Operator support, on the other hand... try the mission again. 😉
  2. jtgibson

    CSAT Member Countrys

    One thing I didn't see mentioned is that Russia may or may not be part of CSAT, but is most likely supplying tactical support/training/COIN to the Altian civil war. During the Exit Strategy mission where Kerry is hired either to attack the base or lure in a helicopter, and you choose the helicopter, Orestes contacts CSAT command. The operator speaks with a heavy Slavic accent as well as speaks directly in a Slavic language over an open mic while conferring with his superiors and coordinating the dispatch. While the thick Slavic accent could be passed off as just a lone Chernarussian operator/mercenary/civilian working with CSAT, the fact that he then turns to talk to someone else and speaks directly in a Slavic language suggests that at least a few Russians are operating either covertly or overtly with CSAT. It's also possible this fellow is Belarussian rather than Russian, though. Speaking of Belarus, there are actually two equally valid interpretations of "[Livonia shares a border] with CSAT partner Belarus": 1) Livonia is partnered with Belarus, which is a CSAT member nation. 2) Belarus is a partner of CSAT, but not necessarily a member nation. I think the second one makes a little more sense, since Livonia is not demonstrably allied or partnered with Belarus -- if anything, they're cool to them because they call in NATO for assistance instead. Russia simply invades Livonia, though to intervene rather than expand.
  3. Just as a heads up, the version that Foxhound threw up on Armaholic is only the hotfix -- it's now missing the main download. I had to raid your Dropbox bandwidth for the full copy. =)
  4. I notice that CUP Weapons no longer has the C7.pbo, "pending review". I could take it or leave it (as a Canadian I'm not ashamed to admit it's just an M16 with an ambidextrous mode selector and ejector port ;-)), but I'm curious what's wrong with it. ----- In the grand scheme of things, it won't really matter to a typical user if CUP converts everything to lowercase to accommodate, but this almost sounds like an engine bug that should be reported directly to Bohemia to fix instead of solely relying on workarounds on the addon makers' and hosts' end. The operating system's case sensitivity should have no bearing on the application's cross-platform behaviour, after all. =) Apex update added a separate keybind for "vectoring" versus "autohover", but as far as I know the Harrier automatically vectors (it did in Arma 2 as well, IIRC). I haven't had a chance to test it out myself yet, though, so I'll edit with my own complaints if necessary. =)
  5. Yeah, they're definitely map specific. I can play on some maps without any problems at all, while others are no-goes. As I alluded to, my own createUnit spawner script I rigged up over the last couple of days (for aforementioned zombie mod) tends to crash Angel Island as well, whereas it works beautifully on CUP Everon. [edit]Blacklisting working great so far.
  6. Heh. If it makes you feel any better, the only reason I decided to try out Z&D is because it adds variety -- smashing my way through columns of CSAT wears thin after a while, and sometimes it's more satisfying to kill things without having to feel any moral compunctions against it (I recall a conversation I had with a coworker who was both surprised and disturbed when I explained that Arma 3 has you shoot people and not zombies, although he was a little bit on the holier-than-thou side). I don't play online either and I stay as far away as WasteLifeZ as possible. ;-) Re: Crashing, the crashes occur with no forewarning whatsoever in the RPT, but always occur instantly when TPW MODS load at the 10 second mark with SKIRMISH, or at random intervals if I run with civilian models enabled with TPW AIR. Believe me, I'd tell you more if I could! It's one of those things that's impossible to pin down without any useful feedback from the game logs. I get similar crashes on my own scripts on certain maps. It always occurs at offset 01D254A9 in the Arma 3 engine, so it's most likely an engine problem with the model loader on AMD cards, if anything, but being able to fine tune what exactly spawns is one step closer to solving the problem. Sadly it's not reportable to BIS on the grounds that it occurs based on mods and the exact cause hasn't been pinned down, either. Very big thanks for the new features! You never disappoint, my man. =)
  7. Hi tpw, Can we have an array added to the addon versions of CIVS and CROWDS to allow us to manually blacklist certain substrings in classnames? I'm having the old Ryan's Zombies and Demons problem of zombies spawning among the population (and, in spite of being unusually passive, encouraging my soldiers to open fire on OPFOR zombies that somehow spawn in civilised areas). (discussion) Basically being able to blacklist "RyanZombie" would do wonders for me, but no sense hardcoding a feature when the robust implementation of a blacklist would allow every possible usage case to be resolved by the end user with minimal fuss -- plus the robust implementation isn't much harder anyway. =) Actually, I'd love to have blacklists for SKIRMISH, AIR, and BOATS while we're at it, rather than the hardcode factions we've got now, since I tend to have frequent crashes with SKIRMISH and AIR on most third-party maps. More specifically, in a language I can speak more easily ;-)... my wishlist: tpw_skirmish_class_blacklist[] = ["RyanZombie"]; tpw_skirmish_faction_blacklist[] = []; //ConfigFile >> "CfgVehicles" >> classname >> "faction" tpw_civ_blacklist[] = ["RyanZombie"]; //also applies to CROWD, and blacklists their inclusion as crew in BOATS and CARS tpw_boats_blacklist[] = []; tpw_cars_blacklist[] = []; tpw_air_class_blacklist[] = []; tpw_air_faction_blacklist[] = []; To allay any fears that were raised in the old discussion, these aren't suggested defaults (although I do think they should be), just my own implementation. ;-)[edit] Forgot cars! =)
  8. jtgibson

    Enhanced Movement

    For a dropdown implementation, how about if a simple raytrace from high Z to low Z in front for 2 metres finds nothing, not even terrain, it plays a VehicleGetOutLow, accels the player forward, and disables the damage event handler for 2 seconds or so? Seems like an easy tweak to allow dropping from around 5 m, which is pretty astoundingly high as it is. (I know I wouldn't want to drop more than 3 m when wearing nothing more than athletic clothes, let alone if I were in full kit and had an extra 30 kilos slamming down on my kneecaps.) Presently you can just run at the edge and jump and you're usually fine for a "respectable" height of about 3~4 m or less, so the dropdown feature isn't actually as needed as some people think it is -- although since it does appear in LAxemann's I can see why people want it. =) Gah, now I'm starting to wonder about more advanced features like installing a grapple and then abseiling down. Heh. I hate feature creep. ;-)
  9. jtgibson

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    I'm pretty sure even in ACE vanilla, if the vehicle actually explodes all of the occupants are killed. Before I used Blood Lust, I've hit tanks with AT a few times and the crew disembarked, but if I managed a catastrophic one-shot kill, the crew didn't get out. This also applies when running Blood Lust with crew vaporisation disabled (which I do, since I'd rather see the fireball of the vehicle than to watch a spinning gib flying ;-)). Blood Lust probably only checks to see if you've reached the "killed" eventHandler before gibbing you, although zooloo probably can give a final answer on that. I suppose theoretically, what you're asking for is for an ACE feature -- make Hunters and Striders not explode catastrophically unless their fuel hitpoint was reduced to zero, rather than their hull. We're in the same situation as Arma 2: vehicles blowing up is "cool" and BIS hasn't yielded to the idea that we don't always like "cool" over "realistic", but it's nearly impossible to mod in because exploding/killing crew upon reaching hull 0 is a fairly hardcode engine feature as I understand it.
  10. jtgibson

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    For those asking if it works with ACE3, yep, it works fine: no strange behaviour, at least. It's a graphical only effect, so "bleeding" in this mod isn't tied directly to whether the medical menu says you're "bleeding" in ACE3. You will still continue bleeding for some time in ACE3 even if the immediate Blood Lust bleeding effects have expired. I haven't actually had a chance to test if bandaging in ACE3 Medical stops the bleeding effect from flowing, since I'm usually too busy getting out of the situation that made me/them start bleeding to worry about bandaging at that exact moment. =) This mod certainly makes ACE3 battlefield triage far easier. Approach a guy who's lying on the ground, he's probably only unconscious and takes priority for diagnosis. Approach a guy who's lying on the ground with a pool of blood around him, he was probably killed instantly. (I still diagnose anyway. I am not a moron. ;-))
  11. I can direct your attention to Rydygier's Liability Insurance (contrary to appearances, it's actually a vehicle-infantry-kill-prevention script, not a spam link ;-)) which solves the same side problem. All are under Arma Public Licence Share Alike so you can adapt as needed for civs or other. =)
  12. jtgibson

    Refined Vehicles

    Running on 1.60 stable. I did just try it out on 1.62 RC, and it seems to work there, at least! (Figured I might as well pony up the dough for Apex too, while I was at it. LAxemann's DynaSound videos sold me on the quality of the island and VTOLs. =))
  13. jtgibson

    Refined Vehicles

    I receive the following crash (causes Arma to exit) whenever a rallye car spawns automatically with TPW CARS (copied directly from my RPT): "ErrorMessage: Bad version 71 in p3d file 'rpa_refined_vehicles_v3\rpa_rve_civ\civic_refined\proxy\rally_proxy.p3d'"
  14. jtgibson

    Zombies & Demons 5.0

    I'm not actually a massive fan of most modern zombie games, but Zombies & Demon's definitely takes the cake as my favourite, not to mention it's quick and easy to set up a zombie infestation. (I spent over 12 hours last week just brutalising zombies with a Little Bird because it was just so much fun. =)) I especially like the fact that it doesn't "cheat" like so many other zombie mods and scenarios do, spawning zombies out of thin air in areas you've already cleared: zombies only appear where you tell them to, and that's fantastic. However, has anyone had any weird issues with TPW's cars and boats mods spawning zombies even when the scenario doesn't have any zombie spawners defined, and if so, have they found any solutions? Occasionally I'll find a zombie floating in the middle of the ocean because it jumped out of a boat, or find a zombie dead on the roadside because it ejected from a freshly spawned car and somehow died due to a collision or something -- not even sure what's going on there -- and this occurs even when I haven't placed any spawners on the map. TPW's mod is clearly the culprit, but I figured I'd ask here since it's spawning units specifically peculiar to this mod. ;-)
  15. jtgibson

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    The beauty is, any argument against that is an invalid argument anyway. Arma 3 is by default a purebred milsim, and any mods for it are not the way it is meant by Bohemia to be played, by definition. So WasteLife (I am definitely using that expression from now on) may be popular but that's only because of goons and "cazs". Daggum, kids and lawns, c'mere a minute, etc. Technically your mod is also "not the way it's meant to be played", but it is certainly so massively immersive and well done that it should be. I still feel a little ill using it, although that's definitely a good thing, since part of humanity is to recognise the boundaries of inhumanity. Sadly, though, I doubt even Bohemia could sell an AO rated game in a mainstream market -- certainly Steam doesn't allow them. I'm surprised that your mod managed to trip that level of "extreme" on the Workshop, though -- it's no more gorey or violent than New Vegas, as I mentioned earlier. Heh, that picture totally makes me think of Blade Runner -- the replicant just sitting down and expiring. "Time to die." The pools of blood sort of belie that, though...
  16. jtgibson

    BloodLust (7-9-2017 v2.484)

    Aw, shucks. It's nice to hear someone say "interesting" and/or "feasible" about something I've said. =) I just now found out about this mod (as in, this thread, not the linked video ;-)) and I have to say... I'm ambivalent! I love the concept and I'm always a huge fan of realism and consequences for your actions. At the same time, I sometimes take a pause after a room-clearing operation in Fallout: New Vegas (with enhanced blood textures, also) and wonder if the Jack-Thompson-thumpers have it right... Ah well, I suppose the fact that I feel genuinely bad about the violence, gore, havoc, and destruction must mean that I'm not one of the bad guys. ;-)
  17. jtgibson

    Visual Upgrade – Feedback

    I haven't actually given a trial run of the new devbuild yet, but basing on the screenshots alone, will we be able to turn off that vignette-style radial blur around the fringes of the screen? The human eyes already do this while looking at our monitors -- there's no need to cripple our eyesight and make things out of focus just because we're not pointing our heads squarely at something in the game. =)
  18. jtgibson

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Hi! Are you amenable to a couple of feature requests? 1) I'd love it if an optional variable could be set on the vehicle to disable the HMD for that vehicle, or to set one on a pilot to disable the HMD for that pilot only. This is because while we can delete PBOs, it could be more entertaining to enable HMDs as an "upgrade" in mission scripts -- then we just include the PBOs, and disable the HMDs for helicopters that shouldn't have them on a mission-by-mission basis. 2) I think that the mod should actually require a proper helmet of some sort before it displays the HUD. Even people without helmets who enter the helo can still use the "helmet mounted" displays, which is a bit silly. =) I'd prefer a whitelist in a userconfig/server config that lists helmets which support HMDs, as well as the ability to set a unit variable so a pilot has an HMD (even if they don't have a proper helmet) --although if #1 is implemented, #2 could be ignored since mission authors could simply disable the HUD themselves if the user doesn't have appropriate equipment. As a list of default HMD-equipped helmets, I'd suggest: Helmets * Assassin Helmet (H_HelmetSpecO_ocamo, H_HelmetSpecO_blk) * Defender Helmet (H_HelmetLeaderO_ocamo, H_HelmetSpecO_oucamo) * Pilot Helmet (H_PilotHelmetFighter_B, H_PilotHelmetFighter_O, H_PilotHelmetFighter_I) * Heli Pilot Helmet (H_PilotHelmetHeli_B, H_PilotHelmetHeli_O, H_PilotHelmetHeli_I) * Heli Crew Helmet (H_CrewHelmetHeli_B, H_CrewHelmetHeli_O, H_CrewHelmetHeli_I) Facewear: * Tactical Glasses (G_Tactical_Clear) * Tactical Shades (G_Tactical_Black) Mods * IdentiZee (AJ_Mask_Teamlead, AJ_Mask_Standard, AJ_Mask_Black_Teamlead, AJ_Mask_black_Standard) * RHS:AFRF (rhs_zsh7a, rhs_zsh7a_mike) * RHS:USF (rhs_hgu56p, rhs_hgu56p_mask, rhs_jetpilot_usaf) * Community Upgrade Project: (CUP_H_SLA_Pilot_Helmet, CUP_H_TK_PilotHelmet, CUP_H_USMC_Helmet_Pilot)
  19. jtgibson

    Iron Front in Arma 3

    I couldn't find the 1.07->1.08 DLC patch anywhere, which made it impossible to patch up to 1.09 and 1.10. The file was removed from kju's Mega mirror and it's not up on the Google Drive. Eventually, however, able to get it off of the gameupdates.org torrent. Just in case anyone is having any trouble and wants to steer clear of torrents (I wanted to avoid them myself, after all), I threw it up on my Dropbox here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/58871752/Misc/IronFront_DLC_Arma3_CommunityPatch_1.07-1.08.exe (I scanned it with Microsoft Security Essentials just for safety, but it's not like I'm in the business of screwing over random internet users. ;-))
  20. jtgibson

    Zee Identity Pack

    It's positively eerie how much that "powered armour" looks like battle dress (i.e., powered armour) from the Traveller RPG universe. [edit] Whoops, thought that last post said March for some reason. Sorry for the necro. As recompense, I will at least say that I did download the mod today and am really looking forward to any progress on tasteful civvies and long hair for the womenfolk. =)
  21. Completely agreed with TPW Skirmish being disabled by default. (I'm a long-time TPW MODS user and this actually struck me more as an epiphany -- pure coincidence that people were discussing it right now!). I also install manually and disable it manually, so I was never bitten with it being a problem (and besides, I have ALiVE and any other number of spawning scripts and mods available in my toolbelt if I want them), but the most sensible default is to have it off just so I don't have to continuously hack the config file every time I update. In any case, I actually came on here in the first place to make a related but slightly different request! Specifically, I would love to have an editor-placeable module that allow us to override the config settings to enable TPW Skirmish (even if the user has disabled it) without having to use the loose scripts version embedded within the mission itself -- in other words, it would add TPW MODS as a dependency to the map itself, and then auto-enable Skirmish if the module was included. This would also have the advantage that if the editor modules were properly configured with parameters, we could override all of the settings to have sensible settings on a per-map basis instead of requiring the end user to dip out of the program to reconfigure things. This also has the advantage that you can enable it directly within the editor instead of having to exit the program to do any fudging with scripts in the mission folder -- in the Arma series there is a very thick and incomprehensible glass ceiling for editor scenarios that requires dropping out of the program to import scripts and data files (which, if I were the content development team, I would have looked into ages ago), which makes the mission editor almost incomprehensible as to why it's not actually a standalone program. Summary: modules smart, good for brain, ungh.
  22. This optional ASDG configuration is definitely borked. Using the optional configuration, I get an error message stating "Addon 'asdg_joint_rails_mas_weapons' requires 'mas_weapons_nw'". After removing the joint rails configuration, the error message vanishes, although obviously it's no longer joint-rail compatible. Evidently, the advice to remove the old version is *not* valid, since it has a dependency on the older 'mas_weapons_nw' rather than the newer 'mas_nw_rifle' PBO. =)
  23. Those breasts look fairly spot on for a typical woman -- high-B/low-C -- so it's perfect just the way it is. It's nice to have a woman in the game whose class isn't "Hooker", for once. My main complaint is however the shape of her ribcage, on her sides -- instead of her waist being narrow and then expanding to encompass her lower ribs, it's like her waist is too wide and then narrows to encompass her ribcage: she does look like a fairly typical sedentary woman, but would have almost no lung capacity as a soldier. I'd suggest keeping the same body width and overall curve, since it's about spot on for an athletic woman, but making the narrowest part about 10 centimetres lower, to miss her lower ribs and have the narrowest part floating between her pelvis and ribs.
  24. Did you copy and paste directly? I notice an extra space in the filename between "heli_attack_02" and the following " _body1_co.paa". Remove that space and it'll probably be OK.
  25. Geez. That really strikes me as some trippy special forces psyops stuff. It's bad enough when people do black face paint on black ops, but a skull mask is positively... *snerk*... ghoulish.