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  1. Redders

    Sangin WIP

    Nice work Smoke. Did you ever do any more work with those murder holes in some of the compound walls?
  2. I agree with you about mild steel, but with regards to the vehicles being represented by CUP, there's a reason people started taking .5 API, GMGs and Javelins to Iraq and Syria to deal with the up-arnoured VBIED threat because small arms weren't cutting it. I doubt anyone wants CUP to add the equivalent of composite armour to these vehicles, but a bit of extra protection can't be a bad thing, game-play wise.
  3. I think he means the ones with home-made armour welded on/around.
  4. Good effort Rock, it looks absolutely waz. Not sure the "De-beaching" option is really needed though because no LCVP in history has ever got close enough to the shore to get stuck.
  5. Redders

    3CB BAF Equipment

    Peltor Comtacs are actually widely used, certainly within the platoon and heavy weapons world (GPMG SF, HMG, GMG and mortars) as well as being extensively used for CQB (certainly within the RM at least) and offer excellent hearing protection. They're commonly issued items along with Surefire and Silynx in-ear defence. If we're talking about the models I think we are (the old StalkerGB Mk7 with Peltors from A2 that 3CB have used for a couple of helmets) then they should definitely offer similar hearing protection to crew helmets as far as ACE compatibility goes.
  6. Did someone mention rollmat fighting? Mike; with regards to the BOWMAN battle whip, I'll get those photos to you this weekend, along with some webbing references.
  7. I've sent you some bits in a PM, buddy.
  8. Looking good, Mike. Will you be doing the other two ECM sets as well?
  9. Progressing nicely Mike; that ForeTrex is looking good!
  10. Excellent work so far Mike, really glad to see this evolving.
  11. The mandible and visor are issued and used for vehicle crews on M/RWMIK, along with anyone likely to stick their head out of a cupola, be it Viking/MAN SV/whatever crew. There's also a set of Revision ballistic goggles included in the VIRTUS issue as well. With regards to: The vehicles which require goggles/facemask or visor/mandible for the crew such as M/RWMIK don't really allow the crew to "just turn on lights inside" and you can't drive said vehicles using an NV/TI optic on your IW; HMNVS or ideally LUCIE are required unless you want to drive fully tac without an NVD.
  12. Looking good, Mike! Will the Mandible and visor be a separate item/items like a facemask, or just fixed to another version of the helmet?
  13. Redders

    [WIP] Virtus Body Armour System

    Just had a flick through the Pam; you're right. Fair one. The vest and beltkit are looking spot on so far. Any plans to include non VIRTUS beltkit with the vest as well?
  14. Redders

    [WIP] Virtus Body Armour System

    Out of interest, why is the PRR pouch at an angle?
  15. Redders

    Different textures

    Have a read through the "Addon" part of this page: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Vehicle_Customization_(VhC)
  16. Redders

    3CB BAF Units

    UKSF. You might get issued a CWS (a night sight) for your IW/LMG and it might work. Other people will simply use their LDS. Individuals will also be issued an HMNVS (or possibly LUCIE goggles.)
  17. Redders

    RKSL Attachments Pack

    Top quality work as always. Well done mate.
  18. Redders

    3CB BAF Weapons

    Edit - Beaten by the man himself! The L4A4 Bren isn't the LMG Jonny was referring to! And stoppages are the least of the LSWs dramas.
  19. Redders

    3CB BAF Vehicles

    Smoke, our Coyote in VCB was made in house from the A2 source files, we didn't get it from 16AA. 3CB, cheers for the mention in the credits however it's Redders, not Reddars ;)
  20. Redders

    3CB BAF Equipment

    The main differences between PCS and the default BIS uniform models are actually still noticeable when wearing body armour/webbing: sleeve pockets and trouser map pockets. On PCS, both are angled forwards and the BIS uniform also has a zip on the arm pockets, whereas PCS doesn't. Granted these are only really noticeable if you know what you're looking for. Having looked at the pack I have a few observations (mainly from a professional standpoint.) Kit strapped to the outside of daysacks - Certain things look very good and add authenticity to the kit, such as additional MOLLE pouches and the Vallon on the daysacks. On the other hand you have kit strapped to the outside that you'd definitely want inside the daysack; most notably the sleeping bags and the Laser Target Designator. On top of that, things like roll-mats and shovels get strapped vertically, rather than horizontally. The Radio/ECM antennas on the daysacks appear to have a vehicle antenna mount attached at the base. Just looks out of place. Pouches - A lot of ammunition pouches seem to be on the right hip of the battle-belts. Mags are generally kept on the left. Helmets - There's a massive variety which is good to see, although none with the elastic strips that helmet covers come with (the majority of blokes, especially in the RM, don't put netting over their helmet. Although it does happen, myself included.) A very small point - The rear metal bracket for the HMNVS mount is the American one (I believe Matt/Stalker sorted this on his A3 one.) RM cap badges - The "Parade" cap badge you've got looks more like a regular cap badge where the black coating has started to rub away, rather than the gold coloured plastic that an actual parade cap badge is made of. Liked the attention to detail of the officer/WO cap badge with separate crown though. Colour - Someone else in the thread has mentioned the colour of the MTP on the Osprey and I have to agree, it seems off. As always it's good to see more variety of British kit and if you ever need reference material, fire me a PM.
  21. Redders

    3CB BAF Weapons

    In reality? It's a .338 rifle.
  22. Redders

    Ingame 9Liners & Notepad

    No problem Chief. TAMS isn't something that's really needed in game unless people want to spend 2 1/2 hours at the start of a co-op mission talking about exactly what they're going to do.
  23. Redders

    Ingame 9Liners & Notepad

    9 Liner is a NATO standard format. TAMS are Tactical Aide Memoires. They're a step-by-step guide covering a wide variety of subjects such as giving orders, Pl Comd/Pl Sgt/Section Commander in the attack, in reserve, in defence, etc used by the UK Armed Forces.
  24. Redders

    Ingame 9Liners & Notepad

    Rather than committing to something as in depth as TAMS, you may be better off doing something along the lines of the Operational Aide Memoires which cover Target Grid, CCA, ECAS, 9 Liner, MISTAT, Contact report.