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  1. uzabit

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I have this issue aswell with the mk17. When the AI fires it, sound is very often not audible, at least on some more complex maps with lot of objects (Livonia). On less crowded maps (like older Takistan) it didn't happen. I haven't noticed this issue with the other weapons.
  2. Well, I think the Mig-29, T-50, Su-25, Su-34, Su-35 are covered with good/high quality. The Mig-Series/Flanker-Series in Firewill-quality would be a (my) dream, but it's all up to you. 😉 I'm happy with what we have already, not complaining. 🙂
  3. Hi Firewill, first of all, thank you for your hard work and your lovely planes! Do you have any plans for eastern origin aircraft like Russian or Chinese models in the future? The western aircraft are covered pretty extensively by the community, eastern counterparts are sparse.
  4. Yep, South Asia got taken down on Steam Workshop. As an outsider, I cannot really assess the legal situation on this issue, but I think the whole escalation is quite exaggerated, considering the terrain was initially a part of Take On Helicopters and most of the intellectual work was done by Bohemia Interactive anyway.
  5. I think there's currently only the script version available.
  6. Well, I think this only works with munitions that can lock on to laser targets. The latter module uses a concept that even allows bombs to be dropped from AI planes that only use CCIP aiming (like with iron bombs on RHS planes for instance). I don't know how this is achieved and scripted internally - so it might be a complicated solution. I just thought it might be helpful to share this idea because I think it works rather good with that mod.
  7. Hey NinjaRider600, how about integrating some kind of bomb drop script for planes? I'm thinking of some functionality resembling the way those drops in Drongo's Air Operations work, only with Hetman AI choosing valuable targets.
  8. Thanks a lot for the fast fix the the newest dev build. I still have issues with missing trails and body vapor on a lot of community addons (for instance most of Firewills planes or Tetete3's F/A-18 Super Hornet). Those were definitely working before Contact was released. I compared their configs to those of the Jets DLC and cannot spot what causes them to not work anymore. Strangely in the Jets DLC there's also config entries for body vapor FX besides the discussed wing trails - I haven't seen those FX working in the current build on the Jets DLC planes. (?)
  9. This issue has been fixed with the latest dev build. Some, but not all of your aircraft show wing vortices after the update. The issue is gone for vanilla (and rhs) aircraft. It might be related to this reply by reyhard: "Thanks for spotting it, it will be fixed in next stable patch. There was engine fix to "interpolate" command which broke expression which was previously working by miracle."
  10. I don't if this has been asked before, but do you guys plan on adding wound textures for the uniforms?
  11. Has anyone else noticed that the wing vortices have disappeared completely on all planes? This seems to be the case on the latest dev build and on the release version of Contact aswell. Can someone else confirm?
  12. Thanks! That one worked! 🙂
  13. Hey, thanks for the update! That vk.com link isn't working for me. Is there an alternative?
  14. Hi NinjaRider600, I regularly use your updated version of HETMAN for my single player missions and I really appreciate your additions to the original. I have a small request, though. Is there the possibility to add some short manual, especially with your new changes and commands, to the downloadable archive? It helps me to have all the information in one place for reference.