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  1. Two minor bug reports - please let me know if I have to post them somewhere else ... 1. Has anyone else noticed that the decals on the F-35A are all pasted on the main texture with black borders? Is this a known problem or only happening with my specific system? 2. I think the shadow LOD of the F-35A heavy version (with outer pylons) is also used for the stealth version with blank wings, leading to strange pylon shadows under the wings with certain lighting angles. Best, Jonas
  2. Hey guys, after the newest update I always see some kind of debug message in the lower left of the window when arming the afterburner and using it. Is this intentional? The AI-Behaviour with missiles (AMRAAMs, AIM-9X) is very restrained compared to the vanilla and Jets DLC systems. Do you think the AI-relevant parameters can be adjusted to make USAF planes match more in dangerousness with vanilla systems? This way they could be better integrated in missions and the planes would be a greater challenge in an AI vs. player fight. Anyways, thanks for your hard and fine work!
  3. Hey 0Y0, cool idea on adding more idle animations to the soldiers. Is there the possibility to have them more sparse or randomized, so that the same animation isn't played back three or more times in a row? It sometimes (at least for me) breaks the immersion. Best, Jonas
  4. Hi there! Thanks for your hard work bringing old maps to the latest standard! I just have one question. Is it deliberate that the Chernarus stonewalls are used on the newest version of Takistan and Zargabad? Older versions of the maps had the original Arrowhead stonewalls: Their .p3ds seem to share filenames, but are located in different directories: Chernarus: "wall_stone.p3d","ca\structures\wall\wall_stone.p3d" Takistan, Zargabad: "wall_stone.p3d","ca\structures_e\wall\wall_k\wall_stone.p3d" If this is indeed a bug, I'll be happy to post it at the appropriate place.
  5. uzabit

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Yeah, while I agree that it is plausible that the systems are compatible, has the AIM-9X officially been authorized as an loadout option for the AH-1Z? Furthermore it'd then be nice to have both missiles as an loadout option in the pylon editor. As it is now the AIM-9Ms are shown in the loadout editor, but ingame the AIM-9X are actually loaded.
  6. I'm really enjoying this mod more and more. I also like the new animations and their implementation.
  7. uzabit

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi there, the AH-1Z Viper is equiped with AIM-9Xs instead of AIM-9Ms. Is this intentional? I'm not sure if this platform supports this weapon system (yet).
  8. + 1 for having these beauties in RHS AFRF
  9. uzabit

    Nassau 1715

    Man, this is unbelievable! I can't imagine how much dedication and work went into this ... 😲
  10. What's the point in having a strategic long-range bomber like the B-52 in Arma 3 anyway? The only real purpose of application I can think of would be for ground war immersion. But in reality, a grunt would have a hard time even seeing a bomber when it's flying at 30,000 ft. In modern warfare, the player would at best only notice the impacts of an air-launched cruise-missile strike that was launched from many hundred miles away. 😐
  11. Hi Firewill, can you check the AV--8B Harrier refueling process? I'm currently practicing aerial refueling with different planes - the AV-8B doesn't trigger the Probe-and-drogue method on the KC-135 (USAF-Mod) but uses the boom operator, instead. With your F-14 and F-18 the correct method is triggered for instance.
  12. Well, I think scaling should be oriented on real-life measurements. Oxygen (the BIS 3d software) has a metric measurement system as far as I can remember. The only question is how tall the vanilla soldier models are in-game.
  13. uzabit

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    I have this issue aswell with the mk17. When the AI fires it, sound is very often not audible, at least on some more complex maps with lot of objects (Livonia). On less crowded maps (like older Takistan) it didn't happen. I haven't noticed this issue with the other weapons.