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  1. Disable Game Bar/DVR and Xbox Game Monitoring and see if that help you https://www.windowscentral.com/how-disable-and-remove-game-bar-windows-10-creators-update
  2. If you just update from Win8 to win10 that is probably your problem... format C: then clean install Win10 and see if you will have that problem again.
  3. Almost like in A2 because in A2 MP you add mod to server side and clients use same .pbo's and everything is ok but in A3 without this part: mod don't work in MP.
  4. Thanks for the confirmation. DynaSound and Enhanced Soundscape make this.... then @laxemann and @jokoho482
  5. @Robalo Can you please fix this messages from .rpt file
  6. You were Kicked Issue (HELP)

    If you on Win10 try this and see if this can fix your problem https://forums.guru3d.com/threads/if-you-have-weird-issues-in-games-graphical-assets-not-loading-settings-not-saving-possible-fix.421693/
  7. First update your mobo BIOS on last one and start reading: https://www.overclock.net/forum/5-intel-cpus/1100100-info-intel-2500k-2600k-overclocking-tips.html https://www.overclock.net/forum/6-intel-motherboards/1242805-finally-got-stable-oc-2500k-4-5ghz-p67a-ud3-b3-gigabyte-mobo-air-cooled-settings-inside.html
  8. I know that class will be reset but you can move "Rolex" again ;)
  9. @Sgt_Kelly Before you start game delete whole class MainMap from your ArmA2OAProfile and see if that fix your problem: class MainMap { class Compass { inBack=0; position[]={-0.047599997,-0.044625003,0.2}; positionBack[]={0.0069999932,0,0.1}; }; class Watch { inBack=0; position[]={-0.061740004,-0.046856251,0.20999999}; positionBack[]={-0.0077000009,0,0.11}; }; class WalkieTalkie { inBack=1; position[]={0.093999997,-0.043000001,0.25}; positionBack[]={0.28,-0.155,0.625}; }; class GPS2 { inBack=0; position[]={-0.021560004,-0.049087502,0.22}; positionBack[]={0.016799992,0,0.12}; }; };
  10. Lag and connection issue

    You set class sockets{maxPacketSize = <limit>;}; to high https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/basic.cfg
  11. If you want only new parts and keep DDR3 memory look this combo: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Gigabyte-Z170-HD3-DDR3-Motherboard-LGA1151-DDR3-Intel-Z170-ATX/142166587891?hash=item2119c9f9f3:g:W88AAOSw5cNYF50h https://www.overclockers.co.uk/intel-core-i3-7350k-4.20ghz-kaby-lake-socket-lga1151-processor-oem-cp-62y-in.html https://www.overclockers.co.uk/cooler-master-hyper-212-evo-cpu-cooler-hs-035-cm.html
  12. @jokoho482 This messages in .rpt file don't have anything with this problem?