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  1. DRAM Calculator for Ryzen updated to v1.5.0 https://www.techpowerup.com/255229/announcing-dram-calculator-for-ryzen-v1-5-0-with-an-integrated-benchmark
  2. @dave_beastttt Use 3.11.0 version https://github.com/CBATeam/CBA_A3/releases/tag/v3.11.0.190501
  3. Horus

    Yet Another Arma Benchmark

    @Greenfist Can you add last YAAB version to Dropbox
  4. Horus

    Battleye Causing BSODs

    BE don't support Win Insider builds:
  5. Did the game now correctly detect the VRAM size? Check - dedicated video memory : XXXXXXX line in .rpt file.
  6. From your .rpt file, game don't "see" correctly your video ram = only 2.79GB but your card have 11GB. In launcher set MaxVRAM parameter to 10GB and try.
  7. Not this one but DynaSound 2 have problem in MP https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/200911-dynasound-20-by-laxemann-and-jokoho482/?page=5&tab=comments#comment-3329401
  8. Memory OC guide from Ryzen DRAM calculator developer https://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/AMD/Ryzen_Memory_Tweaking_Overclocking_Guide/
  9. For Arma 2nd Gen Ryzen is better option. For memory look motheboard memory QVL list. That GPU will run only on PCI-E 3.0 x8 speed max. For Win10 you can install Win7 on that new system and then free upgrade to Win10.
  10. @greywulf58 If you can add $150 more on that $700 you can build very good system: CPU MOBO DDR4 GPU PSU SSD HDD Case
  11. In some folder on server side you have old CBA version [LOL]
  12. Reinstall .net framework or if that don't fix your problem go with repair upgrade.
  13. BE don't support insider builds
  14. @laxemann @jokoho482 Fix for and this errors in .rpt file: is to add this addons in requiredAddons[] = in config.cpp for DS_m_Explosions.pbo : DS_w_PDW2000.pbo : DS_w_Protector.pbo : DS_w_Sting.pbo : DS_w_Vermin.pbo :
  15. To fix for this error in .rpt file: 17:08:50 Updating base class Rifle_Short_Base_F->Rifle_Base_F, by LAxemann\L_ES\addons\ES_sys\config.bin/CfgWeapons/SMG_02_base_F/ (original (a3\weapons_f\smgs\smg_02\config.bin - no unload)) 17:08:50 Updating base class Rifle_Short_Base_F->Rifle_Base_F, by LAxemann\L_ES\addons\ES_sys\config.bin/CfgWeapons/SMG_01_base/ (original (a3\weapons_f\smgs\smg_01\config.bin - no unload)) 17:08:50 Updating base class Rifle_Short_Base_F->Rifle_Base_F, by LAxemann\L_ES\addons\ES_sys\config.bin/CfgWeapons/pdw2000_base_F/ (original (a3\weapons_f\smgs\pdw2000\config.bin - no unload)) you must edit config.cpp in ES_sys.pbo/config.bin