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  1. The answer to this is NVIDIA dynamic overclocking mechanism - GPU Boost 3.0
  2. @tpw @pingopete Did you enable 64bit support service in RTSS?
  3. Game Wont Update

    @MacTonite Good news for you
  4. Game Wont Update

    Did you surely read the wiki page to the end? atm win version is 1.80.
  5. Game Wont Update

    Read this https://dev.arma3.com/ports https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Experimental_Ports
  6. Does anyone work on this problem or is still on to-do list?
  7. From that video I only see that Arma needs better memory allocator for AMD CPU. Look how on Intel system Arma use/have bigger RAM usage. @Dwarden
  8. Ryzen DRAM Calculator (overclocking DRAM ) http://www.overclock.net/t/1640919/ryzen-dram-calculator-overclocking-dram and some info for Ryzen + Win10 users https://mobile.twitter.com/Thracks/status/940279510171312128
  9. ASR AI 3

    @Robalo Can you update version on Github?
  10. Game looks like 64-bit version of ARMA 3

    Why he use -maxMem=2048 because he have 16GB???
  11. Leave bios update for later. GPU over maximum value value reached 87, max value 85 This is the security setting in OCCT. Go to Monitoring Options and set to 90 for GPU in Stop testing if value is above. And from your log I see that you have problem with Fallout 4 and World Of Warships too. GPU throttling because overheating maybe
  12. You can use this for the test OCCT and it's time to update your MB bios too.
  13. If your PSU older more than 5 years time is for replacement because that GPU can pull ~270 W .... and some Gigabyte 1080 Ti have new GPU bios: