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  1. I've seen it. Thanks for the reminder. I'm sure many people, like myself, find those limiters spacing too coarse. @Greenfist just PM-ed me about his experience with MSIA/RTSS. Long story short - it works. With steps in single FPS.
  2. Bucic

    Not enough disk space

    I faced the same issue this year. I was told this would work: - in Steam, change the game location to another, more spacious disk ; Steam is supposed to use that disk for the huge installers - update ArmA - in Steam, change the game location to the SSD I ended up assuring that 32 GB of free space on my SSD but I was told it should work. Extras for hunting down disk space hogs: Overdisk WizTree (or the good old WinDirStat) System files https://download.cnet.com/news/clean-out-junk-files-in-windows-7-8-1-and-10/
  3. Damn it. Could it be Comodo Internet Security *again*? As for the whole frame limiting affair in this thread. What an ignorance festival! It reminds me of some people's reactions when I stated that I need good fenders in my bicycle. Reaction: - So you intend to ride your bicycle during rain? 8-| One of the geniuses here... revealed... that FPS won't be constant anyway... Framerate limiters limit frame rate fluctuations into high, useless ranges. Like 130 FPS I get in the Multiplayer role selection menu. Benefits apart from lower heat generation: - smoother apparent framerate - lower CPU and GPU load that results in lower *frame times*! Frame rate FPS vs Frame Time https://www.vortez.net/articles_pages/frame_time_analysis,2.html
  4. BattleEye doesnt like RivaTunerSS (part of MSI Afterburner). If there was only a way to tell BattleEye to burger off, it would have solved the problem right away.
  5. The steam updater has just forced me to provide over 15 GB of free disk space for the 3.2 GB 1.60 update to succeed.
  6. OK, thank you. That did the trick. It doesn't affect my savegame either.
  7. Could you please explain why? I'm playing the last mission in the official Win campaign. I have not altered the mission.
  8. I'm using only the following components of ACE 3 ace_advanced_ballistics.pbo ace_advanced_ballistics.pbo.ace_3.4.2.0-1ee4c12a.bisign ace_ai.pbo ace_ai.pbo.ace_3.4.2.0-1ee4c12a.bisign ace_ballistics.pbo ace_ballistics.pbo.ace_3.4.2.0-1ee4c12a.bisign ace_common.pbo ace_common.pbo.ace_3.4.2.0-1ee4c12a.bisign ace_frag.pbo ace_frag.pbo.ace_3.4.2.0-1ee4c12a.bisign ace_hitreactions.pbo ace_hitreactions.pbo.ace_3.4.2.0-1ee4c12a.bisign ace_main.pbo ace_main.pbo.ace_3.4.2.0-1ee4c12a.bisign ace_modules.pbo ace_modules.pbo.ace_3.4.2.0-1ee4c12a.bisign ace_ragdolls.pbo ace_ragdolls.pbo.ace_3.4.2.0-1ee4c12a.bisign ace_recoil.pbo ace_recoil.pbo.ace_3.4.2.0-1ee4c12a.bisign ace_testmissions.pbo ace_testmissions.pbo.ace_3.4.2.0-1ee4c12a.bisign ace_weather.pbo ace_weather.pbo.ace_3.4.2.0-1ee4c12a.bisign ace_winddeflection.pbo ace_winddeflection.pbo.ace_3.4.2.0-1ee4c12a.bisign and I get the following error while loading any mission cfgweapons.ace_muzzle_mzls_h no entry Any suggestions? Latest version of ACE and ArmA (stable).
  9. Bucic

    Soldier protection (dev branch)

    Sorry for posting a completely non-contributing question but I literally stopped playing ArmA because of the current state of damage modeling. So, when do you guys think this could land in the stable branch? Alternatively, can I play the campaign with the DEV branch with minor to average issues?
  10. Bucic

    Ukraine General

    An analysis of the 2014 August-September ATO operations and defeat against combined separatist and Russian army forces has been published. In Ukrainian only but there are maps and dates. http://www.slideshare.net/apizniuk/ss-51582579 Should go well with the Bellingcat Report – Origin of Artillery Attacks on Ukrainian Military Positions in Eastern Ukraine Between 14 July 2014 and 8 August 2014
  11. Right now the the samples are the least of the problems. With lack of positional audio and lack of balance the whole audio system seems like a mere placeholder anyway and no fancy samples will change that. BTW, this issue has just been resolved as 'no bug' http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=23612 I know the report is rather poor but com on...
  12. I'm currently struggling with the 'Win' campaign. Could you please verify the report in the post http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?171436-OPEN-BETA-SP-bCombat-infantry-AI-Mod&p=2964413&viewfull=1#post2964413 ?
  13. The feature list/changelong at armaholic does mention 'rearm', in a way that is not clear to me. Besides, would it be the first time a mod doesn't mantion one of its features in the docs?