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  1. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=25481 we use that with mapContent = 0
  2. I got the python script to stop, update then start the server.
  3. Yea well guess that would depend on which version of linux you are running. But hey now you know it will run on Python 2.7 with a couple of small changes. Now if there was a way to get it to run a bash file after updating i.e. ./server.sh start, it would be perfect.
  4. I fixed it: changed "from urllib import request to import urllib2 and response = request.urlopen("{}/{}".format(WORKSHOP_CHANGELOG_URL, mod_id)).read() to response = urllib2.urlopen("{}/{}".format(WORKSHOP_CHANGELOG_URL, mod_id)).read() Works great now, many thanks..........
  5. New error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "modupdate.py", line 157, in <module> update_mods() File "modupdate.py", line 104, in update_mods if mod_needs_update(mod_id, path): File "modupdate.py", line 84, in mod_needs_update response = request.urlopen("{}/{}".format(WORKSHOP_CHANGELOG_URL, mod_id)).r ead() NameError: global name 'request' is not defined
  6. That seems to have fixed it thanks.
  7. Running ubuntu 14 I get :: Downloading item 450814997 ... ERROR! Download item 450814997 failed (Failure). Server updating seems to work but not the mods......
  8. It would be nice to have that. It's been out for a while now.
  9. Also I have both udp and tcp open.
  10. So are you hosting this or is it a rented one? All computers have a lan/private ip and a public ip. Most home based routers don't support loopback which is why you have to use the lan ip. In a dos prompt do an "ipconfig /all" to get the lan ip in windows. Look for 192.something or 10.something. do that on the server. looks like you running a windows server.
  11. is this hc on same box as server? If so then try:add your port....and you have togive hc a name. start /affinity FF -client -connect= -port=? -name=hc -config=hc.cfg -cfg=basic.cfg "-profiles=C:\Users\*REDACTED*\Desktop\Experimental Server\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\HC_Profile" in server cfg you need to add lan ip localClient [] = {", 192.168.?.?"}; headlessClients[] = {", 192.168.?.?"}; see if that works.
  12. I had a simular issue and not that many players either. What worked for me was opening more ports. 2302 - 2332
  13. Other people can connect to you're server? I bet it's because you're router doesn't have loopback. What router do you have?
  14. maybe loopback issue try adding 192.whatever your local ip is to config headlessClients[]={","}; localClient[]={""}; also in the mission you have a slot for him?
  15. try -connect= -port=2322 -name=hc