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  1. Well i know this is offtopic but i must know this is most impotrant place for all arma players :P... after so much pain and suffer of arma 2 preformance issues i must say that arma 2 from now goes like i allways wished to go. With latest betas with new allocators and my ati 6970 in graphich aspect i can play it on everything very high and aa too, lool :dancehead: . Ill wait for new bulldozer-s from amd and i belive this is it for me. After so much time... i found my internal peace.
  2. darthmuller_cro

    ArmA2:OA Beta Patch Build 77706

    I cant believe that game looks so much better and realistic. I admire to new grass and threes and i definitely admire vegetation in distance... completely new game after all that time. I kinda suffer because that :) ...
  3. darthmuller_cro

    ARMA 2: OA beta build 76973

    Nice... with this beta now i can put video memory settup on very high without texture lating or eny problems with my 1 gb card.
  4. Ok thank you for information...
  5. Red lines again with this settup but preformance are fine... MLAA is kinda blurry so for me is better to use only edge dettect, but those red lines are creepy annoying, does anybody knows how to get rid of that?
  6. That was nice look in whole situation :) ... I have red lines only if i use different modes thru smoothvision no matter what aa setup i use in game. AAA works with some preformance loss and supersample seems doesnt work. Tested withAti 10.10 and 10.10e beta driver.
  7. Dont bother with ccc it doesnt work at all! Lower preformance i talked about was from some bug or incompability, i get red lines on screen and edges in game are same with all AA modes. It was nice to try but it failed
  8. 5133p39, 150 3d was my settup on my old monitor (4:3) 1280x1024 and and i had best preformance and game best look, even with post process effects on very high with no blurry at all. Now i have new monitor 1920x1080 and putting 3d to higher then 100% kills preformace badly. Trying ccc AA modes gives me better image quality and fps drop usually... ---------- Post added at 10:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:32 PM ---------- Nice!
  9. Im interest for your experience... which aa mode you using, game default or ati ccc ones? Which gives you best preformance and game best look?
  10. darthmuller_cro

    ARMA 2:OA beta patch 74858

    mrcash2009 no. I was tired of hoping, waiting, reading beta posts ... and here i am again at the same place :D
  11. Ati 10.10 driver is great by it self and this modded offers new aa and new AI tweak mode . If you have time try both to see what is best for you. I suggest to use driver sweeper from guru 3d before installing this modded. All this new stuffs work on 6000 and 5000 series but i dont know about 4000... search on some forums it might help.
  12. I think ati AI works in all games, the only difference is how some game accept it.
  13. New 10.10 ati driver work great on my machine. I found modded driver for 5000 series http://www.mediafire.com/?5h6cpooivo4sbox no registry edit needed. There is new aa mode and new AI defenitly worth trying. Preformance compared with previous 10.9 are enormous better for me . I didnt run benchmarks only gameplay is much better.
  14. darthmuller_cro

    New ArmA 2 beta 72588 is up

    Thanks neighbor...