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  1. InFireBaptize

    ARMA 2 : OA beta build 84290

    fix this please. One day I might even start dreaming of [843095834587619871293871] Fixed: MP: Remote units warping at distance. I miss the armed assault days where online was so fluid :(
  2. update; I removed the exThreads=7 so game is using default exThreads=3 for dual core, increased view distance to 5000 and lowered few settings and it plays better. Still very hard to see unless zoomed in all the way i guess because i flew the ULB at 900 altitude. The other problem i noticed, is when i hit the AA with man target few feet away on the ground the enemy AI doesn't do anything! he remains static and i have to get the missile on him 100% otherwise dropping it close to him won't do it.
  3. i will try 0 instead of 7 but honestly you think the 560 a weak card!
  4. GTX560 ti DS, you call this weak! i use exThreads=7 instead of 0. I have E8400 o.c to 3.8 ps. signature below is outdated sorry ---> signature updated.
  5. my view distance is set to 3000 also i was like 1000 meter away from AA on mountain! No sir, there is a bug how do you explain the car issue! when i first start the mission and use the UAV i could see the AA on the mountain but then they disappear and come back after few seconds, the whole town sometimes disappear and all you see is land! PS. I'm talking about the AA launchers on top of mountains that i have to clear first before i proceed to the optional task "seven of hearts".
  6. i know this is an old thread but the problem is still there! sometimes i can see them AA targets through optics but then after they disappear! i keep changing optics "N" and all of a sudden they come back! Also sometimes you can't see the car driving you can only see the front lights on the ground!! Please fix, this is one of the great official missions.
  7. hi, thanks for your reply. what editing forum?
  8. i'm having waypoint issue with death from above mission. I order the UAV to fly to waypoint 1 it either flies away from it, get closer then flies away from it or flies in circle, really frustrating! it's a great mission to play but stupid UAV flies far and close to AA and gets shot down!!
  9. InFireBaptize

    arma2OA - Death from above

    if you bug the UAV it will fly steady above the marker point, like keep clicking for waypoint close to UAV location, in the end it will fly steady but the stupid thing will get closer then fly back to where it was! Oh, i managed to lase targets for the AH64 and destroyed those targets but it's frustrating to wait for the UAV to fly to waypoint. It's probably one of those bugged AI path finding!
  10. Hi all, I'm not sure what i'm doing wrong but please have a look at this video and advise why UAV refuses to proceed to waypoint 1? it gets close to it then turns around and go back. Sometimes it won't even go, it flies in circle! http://youtu.be/l81hscInmds
  11. InFireBaptize

    2 Really fun war games

    you should check out men of war assault squad, more fun than WIC.
  12. InFireBaptize

    Just got my GTX460...New Game...!

    is it worth it to go from 4870 to 460?
  13. will do, thanks for the help. No more error message.
  14. i have A2OA standalone version.
  15. well apparently your six updater detected the OA standalone version of arma and downloaded the CBA needed only. I have no error if i remove the ACE mods! I still have the same error. Thanks,