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  1. VictorTroska

    Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad

    Could some longtime member from US or UK (who owns RO1) do me a favor and gift the game to me via steam ? I would send money to your PayPal account in advance. Please PM me. Thanks.
  2. VictorTroska

    ARMA 2 - Gratis (The Sun & GMG)

    Nah, I got the keys for both games. But I will give them access to my account so they could download the games.
  3. VictorTroska

    ARMA 2 - Gratis (The Sun & GMG)

    Sure, just got Arma 2 and MoW. Will give keys to my friends who don't have the games yet. It's free and legal :)
  4. All you need to do is head to Green Man Gaming, and enter the relevant code for the game: Code: THESU-NFREE-ARMA2 Sources: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/fun/gaming/3681414/Games-for-gratis.html http://www.greenmangaming.com/thesun/ :cheers:
  5. VictorTroska

    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year, all the best guys !!
  6. VictorTroska


    Ahh today is the day, just few hours hours out from the kickoff of the World Cup 1) 11/06 | 16:00 South Africa : Mexico 2) 11/06 | 20:30 Uruguay : France
  7. Hi, I was able to change color for mission name & date text (in resource.cpp), but can't do it for progress/loading text like the one on the picture below: Afaik the string is "$STR_LOAD_INIT", and it should be something like this, but I don't know what class is it : idc=103; text="$STR_LOAD_INIT"; style=2; colorText[]={0.83,0.1,0.1,0.5}; font="TahomaB48"; sizeEx="0.8 * 0.03"; x=0; y=0.300000; w=1; h=0.050000; Any help is appreciated, Thanks
  8. VictorTroska

    Dragon Rising has been released

    Yeah DX7 was minimum requirement, but on box was DX8 and on GOTY edition 8.1
  9. VictorTroska

    Wings Of Prey

    Not bad game, nice graphics and all but bit arcade for my taste. I will stick to my modded IL-2 :ok:
  10. VictorTroska

    HBO's Band of Brothers: Pacific War

    Thanks for the info, can't wait :627:
  11. VictorTroska

    Sound conversion v3 updated Res.

    Hey Chammy, any news about V3 ?
  12. Playing OFP few times a week since 2001. Only game that is always on my HDD. Also playing ArmA/ArmA II, since release date, but not that much.
  13. VictorTroska

    Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear 10th Birthday

    RS was good, but I'm more into Swat 4.
  14. VictorTroska

    Think ive triggered FADE

    I bought german edition the very first day and I'm playing with english language patch.I have never experienced fade. Pozdrav sused.
  15. VictorTroska

    ATi Catalyst 9.6 Download

    As far as I can tell, these bring smoother gameplay, I'll keep them