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  1. scruffy

    co10 Escape

    I updated that post a bit, since some things changed in the last three years ;)
  2. scruffy

    co10 Escape

    There's still some problems with most of the new templates that will need to be fixed for a proper release. You might spawn outside the shed on that version of the prison, two of the roadblocks are kind of broken, towers on new com centers could be destroyed resulting in the box being unreachable, etc.
  3. scruffy

    co10 Escape

    No problem here, starting just vanilla A3 and loading this unpacked version of build 137: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ifs72kdf7yt7ose/AABvgxdf-IdGlh2JUuG_4dsRa?dl=0 I'm using mikeros ExtractPBO to unpack .pbos Also I sometimes noticed when loading a mission in Eden it will without error just load into VR world, I then have to open the mission again so it loads the proper island. That's not what you are seeing? We played the last few days (also CUP) and can attest to the AI being all around deadlier. No idea why we didn't notice before, maybe we were lucky with our island choices? We definitely didn't notice the longer spotting distances on Porto :D
  4. scruffy

    co10 Escape

    I don't know if it will interfere, but the units are already cached, so even if not it won't really help. You can adjust the parameter for spawn distance already, so maybe put that on low for better performance, especially when on an island with many zones. Combined with a long view distance you might be able to spot them spawning in though, for example when observing a camp from a hill while the rest of the team moves in. Replacing the units through mission.sqm editing is easy, or changing the probability, but adding something is hard. You'd have to change that Item270 to something else, I think they have to be numbered consecutively, I think the id needs to be unique too, and theres a number somewhere up top saying how many items there are. And you'd have to get your position from another mission. So it's not worth it adding it by hand to the mission.sqm, just unpack the .pbo and open up the mission in the editor, place everything there. We probably won't change the mission.sqm on an already working island, so you can just replace it again when we do a new code update. Are you playing the RHS version by chance? There is currently a bug with most of their units after one of the new Arma updates, so they mostly die from a single hit. See here: So in addition to the AI now spotting you earlier they don't need to hit your head, they probably don't shoot better, but all those previously wounding shots are lethal now. Regarding the AI skill settings, I remember them being broken and/or inconsistent in MP some time ago. They were disabled in the mission back then. No idea if BIS properly fixed that, and if the mission setting is active again. That parameter might not change any of their skills, I'll have to ask Neo about that.
  5. scruffy

    co10 Escape

    Wrong markername is now fixed on dev build 136 Thanks for reporting! Only civilian units used are cars, if you see a civilian on foot he crashed. On a few islands (Tanoa, Malden 2035 and I think something by Icebreakr) you may find empty boats next to piers and in harbours. Loadout depends on the preconfigured loadout of the units, we spawn them as if you just place whats available in the editor (apart from scopes/NVG/map/compass). So the answer is yes, the mods you use have a big influence. Edit: I'm stupid, uploaded an unfinished villagemarkers file for Lythium... Should be fixed now on build 137, but as we don't have Lythium on the server I only tested my local version. Can you please try again and tell me if it's still broken? No private release, all our dev versions (including the ones I completely break when I try to write a script) can be found here: ftp://escape@anzp.de Version was changed on dev build after the last full release, name ingame should be "1.9.0 dev" since somewhere around build 125 Thanks, that was written before RHS added a "normal" crate, changed in dev build 136 As lethargic said, all unit types are pulled from UnitClasses.sqf, so you don't need to change anything else for a mod version. About the rest: 1) No spawn rate, only civilian cars exist. You can find empty boats on Tanoa and maybe 2 or 3 other islands, but those are handplaced for these islands (with %-to-exist) 2) Prison guards are spawned in ..\functions\Server\fn_InitServer.sqf, if the spawned unit has flashlight/NVGs they might keep them, but might be removed randomly. Look at line 583ff (Every other unit spawned also has their base loadout, but NVG/Map/Compass/GPS/attachments will be removed most of the time. They then might get an attachment added again randomly from the array "a3e_arr_Scopes" in unitclasses. Don't know where the function for that is right now) 3) Placement of statics and vehicles are set in the template, you can find all of them under ..\functions\templates, the type used is an array from UnitClasses. Infantry on camps is spawned by ..\functions\DRN\fn_InitGuardedLocations.sqf, array is "a3e_arr_Escape_InfantryTypes" from UnitClasses In devbuild there's also ..\functions\DRN\fn_GarrisonUnits.sqf with a separate number for a few specific buildings used in the templates. 4) Helicopters are spawned in on preplaced markers (I think three, for example "drn_searchChopperStartPosMarker"), location depends on the island of course, somewhere on an airfield. But apart from the first search chopper (which is still hovering instead of waiting on the ground, that's on the to-do list) they are only spawned in when needed and don't exist prior to the mission deciding "I'll drop a bunch of paratroopers now". You could place some by hand as with boats, but that would be specific for that mission again.
  6. Nearly finished the campaign, just need to clean up now and probably find some memories. I really like it, very well made and it's something different from normal Arma missions. The memory effect and switching between the two is impressive. Something that was a bit unclear for me: So that is why I had to aim so high... The VR strike mission was also a bit of trial and error, but without restarting. Both the wildcat and Abigail drone did nothing for me and the CAS plane with laserguided bomb also never dropped the bomb. I had the laser active on the already disabled truck, everyone else was dead. Had to call in mortar fire until one landed close enough. On the VR mines mission when the civilians were spawned after clearing the very last objective, 4 of them were thrown in from the side and a few meters in the air. They obviously died on landing, but that didn't seem to count as a casualty, because I was complimented for finding all UXOs.
  7. scruffy

    Laws of War DLC Assets

    Can you maybe spawn those remnants as another type of submunition?
  8. To maybe save you some searching: A velociraptor addon had that effect for me
  9. scruffy

    co10 Escape

    All extraction positions are chosen from a handplaced pool, which was hardcoded to exactly 8 before. At each location there are two markers on which an invisible heliH is spawned for the two extraction choppers. I think the problem with no reaction to smoke grenades was that because of a small error the visible marker when playing was spawned on the second preplaced marker, while the trigger is checking for smokegrenades near the first one. Especially on newer missions I placed those two markers further apart than before (if the landing zone was big enough) to try and minimize the times the AI pilots would crash into each other. Because of that the issue was kind of random and we couldn't reproduce it in testing (only playing "live") as the code worked, you just stood at the wrong position. The marker on a completely wrong position (probably 0,0,0) as in your screenshot is something else that we haven't seen yet. I guess it could be a problem with my code for checking how many markers are available when I made more than 8 possible. The new debug messages in .rpt from the new dev version will probably help with that, so please send the servers .rpt if possible if it happens again. And thank you again for reporting and helping us here :)
  10. scruffy

    co10 Escape

    jgaz-uk: I added some additional debug stuff for the extraction to the .rpt, please try build 127 from the development version at ftp://anzp.de/development/ Edit: I think I found the error, the bacon will guide the way ;) If it works we'll do a hotfix release It also includes missions for FFAA's Lythium terrain which I finished today.
  11. scruffy

    co10 Escape

    1) If it happens again, could you or someone else as logged in admin check the debug console (in Esc menu, put it in one of the 4 "watch" fields) for the variable a3e_var_Escape_ExtractionMarkerNo ? But I double checked Everon (mod doesn't matter) and the markers are in the right spots and all worked when triggering the extraction there. 2) That's right, units will randomly get some NVGs by the mission. For all WW2 packs you should disable it in parameters (NVG-Goggles and TWS Scopes) for immersion domokun: As Shadow quoted, it's not guaranteed to work on anything but a dedicated server. It seemed to work without errors when Neo and me last tested it hosting ourself quite a while ago, but there are a bunch of reports from others who had problems. You could try, maybe you are lucky. jgaz-uk: Can you send us your servers and a clients .rpt from that session? We had that happen on a mission too, we suspected some mods grenades to not work anymore, but all tests so far couldn't reproduce it. An admin can spawn the helicopters with [3] spawn A3E_fnc_RunExtraction; where 3 is an example for the the variable a3e_var_Escape_ExtractionMarkerNo
  12. scruffy

    COOP 08 Desert Ambush

    Hey Talyn First, let me thank you for remaking this classic :) Sadly the mission crashes our server, just when having the file in the mpmissions folder. So I investigated and it's not your fault, but BIS MP compatibility... The default #include params are (currently ?) broken and seems like they have been for a while. If you put them there by hand it works: I haven't played the mission properly yet, but already have a small suggestion: Maybe place one or two empty backpacks in the crates, as apart from MG, RPG and medic no unit has a backpack and you can't pick up the explosives without one. Edit: Tried it today, hasn't lost a bit of difficulty. The two RPG units are missing their uniform on our server, though. Maybe something on our end. But we blew up the convoy in our briefs :D Regards Scruffy
  13. scruffy

    co10 Escape

    Are there US forces available in IFA3? We don't use it, so I will probably not port it to the terrains. Currently I'm working on Lythium, Comcenters are done but villagemarkers are a chore...
  14. scruffy

    co10 Escape

    Damn, I knew I'd mess something up. The AT stuff is just a version for ourselves using our uniforms and a whole bunch of other addons we use. They are basically the old RHS+CAF versions plus a lot of missing stuff and errors for anyone who would try to use it. I deleted those files from the archive, still the same link. Sorry for the confusion and thank you for asking domokun. rudyreyes: We tried RHS-US on Abramia yesterday, only two players but no problems with units sinking beneath the ground. Mostly northern and middle part of island if that matters. I still think it is a conflict of different versions of the island on your side. daedum: As Neo said, it depends very much on the island (and location on there). You get a few different types of enemy spawns: - Villagemarkers: Marker areas placed on the map beforehand over towns/villages/houses/bases and all places that then spawn one or more groups (depending on size) to patrol there if you get close enough - search groups: spawned randomly in the "inbetween" areas. If unaware they might stick to roads, but can be found everywhere. If you are seen somewhere they will be sent to search for you in that area - Guards: spawned around the camps, comcenters use preplaced locations, mortar/ammo/vehicle camps and roadblocks just need enough space - random traffic: spawned somewhere on a road randomly, then sent to one of several preplaced markers on the edges of the island. Depending on the roadnet, your location, spawn distance and marker placement they might all use the same route because there is nothing else available, so you sometimes see very heavy traffic in a specific location - "surprises": all additional stuff the enemy might send your way if they spotted you like trucks with reinforcements or a drop chopper (or the artillery) Apart from the dense roadnet Malden 2035 is an island with a dense grid of structures. There are a lot of small houses and farms in between the villages and towns, and most of them have villagemarkers, so you are never far from the next group. So it's harder to break contact, you will be spotted more often and the AI commander can easily send his search groups to you, which will make it harder to run, you are spotted again, meanwhile some enemy traffic comes around and when you finally get to search the bodies for much needed amunition some paratroopers are dropped on your head... Best to stay hidden as much as possible and avoid civilization as best as you can while traveling. Pick your fights until you are properly equipped and if you can get into position unnoticed and quickly dispatch a group they can't call for reinforcements. Of course there is a famous saying about plans and s*** will hit the fan sooner rather than later anyways ;) DantePrkl: Apart from island choice (see above) the modset you use can help with difficulty. Some factions have a less advanced pool of vehicles, so for example with the CUP versions against the SLA and RACS (on Sahrani) or the Takistani Army and Insurgents (on desert terrains like Takistan or Duala) you will see less or softer armor. Of course it's very much random which vehicle the mission chooses to spawn, so maybe you were just really unlucky. If you are a bit familiar with editing you can open the unitclasses.sqf file and either remove some APC/tank classes or just copy-paste and increase the number of softer vehicles like cars and trucks to stack the odds in your favour. Just look for the arrays "a3e_arr_Escape_MilitaryTraffic_EnemyVehicleClasses" and "a3e_arr_Escape_MilitaryTraffic_EnemyVehicleClasses_IND" near the top of the file. No idea if it's feasible to add a setting, Neo will have to think about that when he's back.
  15. scruffy

    co10 Escape

    Time for another full release: Complete Pack 1.8.0 co10 Escape (Complete) 1.8.0 No full changelog here, but since the last official release a lot happened, most notably the Apex release. If you didn't follow the development versions you will find: - new islands (BIS Tanoa and Malden 2035, CUP CWR islands, Al Rayak) - new or improved mod versions (CUP, RHS, Massis AFR, IFA3 Lite) - a lot of bugfixes and hopefully not as many bugs ;) I want to thank everyone that helped us by reporting bugs, porting the mission to new islands, making mods versions, or just by giving feedback.