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  1. Thank you very much for featuring the Armed-Tactics Mod Pack on the Armaholic frontpage, Foxhound. And maybe a moderator could change the title of the thread to "Armed-Tactics Mod Pack - Beta Release" to prevent any confusion?
  2. Aloha :) I'd like to introduce you to the AT Mod Pack Beta Release aka "Unfinished stuff we had laying around and couldn't bother to finish up, because we are lazy" Since release of the Alpha we tinkered around with different addons, sometimes porting older releases, fix things we don't like or adding stuff. Most of these addons have existed for quite some time, so they have been tested during normal play, but in the last days needed an update. So we finished up what else was there and now they are in a state that can be released to the public, even though some features we want to add are still missing. Mostly it's clientside and only some addons need CBA. Everything that changes existing weapon classes has been updated to incorporate the new weapons, so will need the DEV branch until a new patch is out. AT_Glasses Mostly a port of the old pack for Arma 2, with addition of more monocle options and an "arrow". AT_GUI3 This one is getting smaller with every version, because the changes are already in A3. This time we have: AT_GUI3_Cursor: Removes all small arms crosshairs, even if activated on the server. Needs DEV AT_GUI3_PeriphMarker: Removes the peripheral vision blob markers on the edge of the screen. [*]AT_Inhaler Every soldier (and civilian) is issued with an inhalator to counter severe asthma attacks after e.g. running for 10m loaded. No animation yet, needs a proper model and icon, review of efficiency/duration/number of uses Needs CBA [*]AT_Namechanger Real designations for weapons and vehicles in game, configurable in userconfig. Only changes displayname, not all vehicles included. Needs DEV [*]AT_NoCoffee3 Allows you to remove colour filters in a mission with a shortcut. Real isn't brown anymore. Needs CBA [*]AT_OpticsCleaner Removes blur and chromatic abberation effects from backup sights on SOS, DMS and Nightstalker optics. See bugtracker Needs DEV [*]AT_Satchel Allows you to attach satchels and explosive charges to objects and vehicles. Needs CBA [*]AT_Uniform Adds tigerstripe camo (uniform/vests/hat/backpack) and a unit using them to the game. Download For more information about the addons you can look inside the corresponding readme file, if it's not in there just ask here. Please post any bugs or incompatibilities you might find, and feel free to mention any feature or addon ideas. If you speak German and would rather use that you can visit us at www.armed-tactics.de For server admins: All addons are signed with an own key, so you can allow only those you want. Unpack them to your keys folder.
  3. Maike

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hi, I'm Maike, I play ArmA and I'm the Executive Communications Officer (in German: PR-Fuzzi) of Armed-Tactics. They forced me to join and post here at gunpoint. I have a diploma in Theoretical Armed-Tactology.