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    Status access violation

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/skcax7utfi986ew/Arma3_x64_2020-02-06_22-20-28.rpt?dl=0 this? And yes my headset is connected with a usb.
  2. The reason why I only want TCL to apply to ai in my squad commanded by me is because helicopter AI (with tcl) just get out of their helicopter when I make a S&D waypoint for them. And the pilots just go to the s&d waypoint on foot. Squad ai with tcl are great. Also, AI in "careless mode" will always switch to combat mode when they see enemy ai (Careless mode, which is supposed to make ai not shoot or change combat behavior) I try to get a helicopter to land via Zeus with carless on, but then they randomly switch to combat and 3 meters away from landing, they gain altitude and just ignore the "land" waypoint.
  3. Everytime I load a mission, my game crashes and I get Status access violation. How do I show the rpt files here?
  4. Is there a way to make TCL only apply to units commanded by a player?