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  1. Recently, addon builder has been crashing after reaching about 1100GB memory usage in the binarization process. The only fatal error in the addon builder log is this Any idea what causes this? Help would be appreciated.
  2. Why was this mod taken off the workshop?
  3. This mod still up? Heard that this was taken down over people ripping your stuff
  4. Hello, I can't seem to join my friend's port forwarded server. Other players are able to join so it can't be on his end. Don't know exactly when this started to happen because I haven't played multiplayer in awhile, but I do remember being able to connect to his server before. The last thing I did that's related to Arma 3 and steam was change my steam installation directory If that can be related. He's able to join my PF UPnP server though. I'm still able to join Altis life, warlords, etc... Rpt: https://www.dropbox.com/s/7jk1yymjsaho7jh/Arma3_x64_2020-08-13_15-52-15.rpt?dl=0 Edit: Found a little "fix" that a server host can do. When It says I'm connecting, the server host quickly leaves role assignment and then re-enters whatever missions role assignment, and then I'm able to connect.
  5. Hm, I'll give that a try. Is your system running well after the update?
  6. Switch to the windows memory allocator. See if that hopefully helps.
  7. I'll take all that to note. And, I'm trying to pinpoint what sensitive mod is conflicting with whatever. I can dumb down my list all I want and still have a sneaky mod causing crashes. I literally just made a 43 mod "modern-day war" preset and I got a crash. Modding arma 3 to the point where you're stressing it isn't something odd to do. I've joined many friends' servers and downloaded their 70+ mod lists and never did I have crashes, despite how easily mods actually conflict and overwrite with each other all the time. Access violation isn't even always caused specifically by a mod. I remember I was pulling out hair over my game crashing on my old 33 mod preset, and the fix was to set my parameters to default cause apparently my parameters were corrupt. Access violation is so common because of how standard it is. It's literally the only exit code I've been getting on this game and the RPT lacks being specific on what caused what at whatever time. As I said before, I even solved an access violation crash by setting my ram speed back to its default OC. I'm no programmer and I definitely don't know what " Warning Message: '/' is not a value" means. I'm used to having and liking "big mod lists" as in other games there are programs that actually help you find conflicts and perfect your load order, unlike how lightly modding is taken here lol. Sensitive file operations don't do well with addons sadly. But hey that's that, gotta adapt and overcome when it comes to learning about armas weaknesses. I apologize for my ignorance. Access violation is a very confusing exit code when there are many possible causes for it. Thanks for the solutions, recommendations on presets, and "process of elimination" with mods. I will definitely stay around to hopefully find or see a mod conflict detector program be made by someone. But about the ram, I still have crashes on the same old "fixed" preset if I set my ram speed anywhere above 2133mhz, no matter the allocator. But turning on large page files gets rid of the CTD, even at the higher ram speed, only on the default windows allocator. Default bi Intel allocator causes crashes lol.
  8. https://justpaste.it/6tecv Apparently blastcore was causing the crashes for me. Added sps weapons and KT weapons to my modlist to test compatibility, and I got a crash, so I unloaded that😕
  9. I'm doing the process of elimination and I got to 109 mods without crashes. Unloading TFM opfor solves the crashes on this test preset, but not on my main preset. Same for mLo, causes crashes. I don't know whats conflicting with them I ran both mods perfectly fine two weeks ago. At 112 and now, adding any mod causes crashes.
  10. How am I gonna find out what combination of mods is causing crashes? What if it's one mod from the top of the mod list causing crashes with something from the middle of the mod list?
  11. Still can't pinpoint whats causing the crashes. Thought I got it down but after removing a single mod, I now get crashes again. I get rid of mods one by one and it just reaches a point where just getting rid of 30+ mods obviously "resolves" the crashes of course. I cleared steam cache, tuned down my ram oc in bios, verified arma 3 cache, which temporarily fixed the crashing but after 20 minutes of gameplay into a newly installed DRO scenario, I get a crash. And then it gets more frequent the more I start-up arma. Here's my most recent rpt I guess I don't even know if steam validating arma 3 files is doing anything. I still have faction flag PAA's literally missing from contact, even after the verification of files. https://www.dropbox.com/s/sr044sbuk6qv5co/Arma3_x64_2020-06-07_07-18-52.rpt?dl=0
  12. I am going to do that, but I have mods that seem to conflict with themselves. For example, with chernarus redux loaded I get "Conflicting addon DSHouses in 'CHR\chernarusredux_buildings\ds_houses\a2_housev_3i3\', previous definition in 'CHR\chernarusredux_buildings\ds_houses\a2_housev_3i4\" Potentially also being the cause of crashing. Could this be a RAM related issue? I messed around with a-xmp profiles and with xmp1 or xmp2, I get crashes with the same modlist. On the default ram speed, I get no crashes. I know it all comes down to mod conflicts, but as I said, it seems with the new upgrade of ram I did, arma 3 is more stable when I set my ram speed to default.