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  1. just found your mod and the Leopard tank is simple awesome; engine sound, gears, interiors, damage model, fire control system, just WOW)) mach better then all RHS tanks. Have you plan to make T-72 tank on the same level (with interiors). It also was in Polish army. I reale hope you will do.
  2. Tanks in your mod makes an automatic lead? can't hit a moving target. add: sorry,my bad- i found, i must holding TAB button to shoot in moving targets
  3. ShaKodemon

    Jets DLC Terrains

    there are no buildings and structures on the PMS maps? tried to use 5-7 maps and only on the PMS Iran Jahrom map I saw buildings, or I installed these maps incorrectly?
  4. ShaKodemon

    Jets DLC Terrains

    when i loade most of this terrane in editor, i have error "Too many virtual memory blocks requested" (crash) what can be reason? (win 7x64, 32Gb ram)
  5. how can i use from your mod only the possibilities to increase the pip viewing distance?
  6. i can switch to cannon in gunner seat ( and my pilot AI), but when i activate super pilot options in you mod (to fly directly from gunner)- in useraction switching stops working.
  7. in KA-52 ATGM Vikhr controlled only by hands? or somehow can i lock on target , and switch on auto tracking for moving targets like in video on 1.14-1.24
  8. keys not switch to the cannon in this (KA-52) heli. from developer of CUP : "The seat is scripted, you have to use the useraction from the gunner seat to switch between cannon and missile."
  9. Hi, when I use your mod with CUP, in the Ka-52 CUP helicopter I can't switch missiles to the cannon (on the gunner's seat), can you fix that?
  10. ShaKodemon

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    without mods same results, but+ i can't destroy abrams in front with all 12 Vikhrs :DD
  11. Hi, in the gunner's seat on KA-52 can’t switch the missiles to the cannon, what I’m doing wrong?
  12. ShaKodemon

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Hi, I flew a Ka-52 and I think it doesn't work correctly, in the gunner's seat in the "Skval" (gun camera) doesn't show a distance more than 4.9 km, and Vikhr missiles don't fly more than 6.5 km (they have a firing range of 10 km, in real life 8 -9 km) and missiles have poor firepower - in the lateral side of Abrams very often strikes 3-4 missiles, before it being destroyed, + when the target is in range of the weapon, the c symbol "С" must appears on the screen ( many rockets I fired and they fell into the ground before reaching,because I don't know the launch range)
  13. ShaKodemon

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    in new version i didn't see flying turrets (tanks T series), developers switch off this animation?
  14. this model will be without interiors ?
  15. ShaKodemon

    Soviet AF Pack

    can we expect MiG-21 in you mod?