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  1. do you have plans to add this in the future?
  2. in my case, the AGM-84 Slam-er H in the GPS mod flies more than 32 miles and hits the target (I haven’t tested it at a greater distance yet), but in the CG mod I was able to hit the target only at a distance of 20 miles (and at a greater distance the missile self-destructs, as I think, after a certain time, maybe 2 minutes) is it working correctly ? and why the AGM-84 TV head doesn't have a zoom?
  3. oh cool! will you update your [DEV] CUP Vehicles on Steam?
  4. T-90m will be with interior? like in yours M1a1
  5. ShaKodemon

    ArmedForces:UK Vehicles

    Challenger 2 is now in Ukraine, we need this tank in your mod
  6. ShaKodemon

    JSRS SOUNDMOD - CE.20.0419

    does anyone know how to correctly uninstall this mod. I have a problem - after removing this mod, ARMA can't load even in the main menu
  7. ShaKodemon

    Crew Hit Reaction

    linc in first post-is it last fix version?
  8. ShaKodemon

    Soviet AF Pack

    Gun GSH-23L №14
  9. ShaKodemon

    PMC Ukraine Kharkiv

    I think they (he) are just hype in the war (( their territory Iran_Jahrom is full of houses (some of them even with rooms), but I think their placement is automatically generated according to the texture (not ideal, but there are houses in many places), why they don't automatically generate houses in these territories, I do n't understand. And over and over again publish the city's empty territories (I repeat, just for hype)
  10. ShaKodemon

    PMC Ukraine Kharkiv

    another "town" map without a single building on it?
  11. ShaKodemon

    PMC Ukraine Mariupol

    couple a months i can't download any Torrent Magnet files from PMC site
  12. why did you turn off the target camera on the A7 Corsair 2, it has one of the most advanced avionics at that time
  13. sorry, my bad, only in CUP and CWR3 mods I found this tank
  14. anyone know where to find Challenger tank mod with the original sight. Challenger in CUP and CWR3 has the Abrams sight. Mod Burnes Armories - FV4034 Challenger- has original sight, but it is no supported any more