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  1. Steam does not even offer support for this, i think they ban ip's classes for breaking some illegal mods for their counter-strike global offensive game thus affecting any other game servers on that ip range. http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamApps/GetServersAtAddress/v0001?addr= http://api.steampowered.com/ISteamApps/GetServersAtAddress/v0001?addr=
  2. Do you consider right that a blacklisted ip range from counter-strike example affect blacklist a Arma 3 server too on ?
  3. How would an ip range ban be right for other games and servers affected ? this causes a big precedent
  4. This puts a big question mark on steam and on publishers if they should pick steam as a platform for digital download and cloud services. Some unnamed publisher decided to convince steam of a certain game server breaking steam TOS in their game this resulting in steam ip range blocking this particular server resulting in steam clients unable to respond to query and establish a connection thus affecting all and any game servers running on those ip's. This affects all servers that use steam from any developers.
  5. MaximumPower

    Server FPS limit testing

    did you find the new offsets ?
  6. MaximumPower

    Apex Framework

    is there a way a script could be added to sector control to cleanup the remaining hescos, bunkers etc after the mission is ended cause i noticed client fps dropping real quick after first missions.
  7. MaximumPower

    Apex Framework

    noticed the vehicle services - ammo never activates, brought all crates and ammo truck but still offline tested multiple fobs on tanoa and altis.
  8. MaximumPower

    Dynamic Frontline PvP mod

    its very good but you need a better integration having to download ts and having separate launcher is a minus
  9. MaximumPower

    Apex Framework

    Testing it on Altis classic atm