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  1. Question, is this server side or does the people joining need it aswell. If I host a server or direct host with this mod, will my settings overwrite the people joining? Just wondering cuz people tend to dislike manually downloading mods. Anyways great work on this mod.
  2. Zero Two

    ANZINS Terrain

    So then will this improve FPS because of lower res on textures? Also where to find Eo 3? I don't know about this mod.
  3. Will you be able to walk on theese ships when they are not moving? Would be cool to have some sort of draw bridge that you can deploy as well.In the old version it is almost impossible to get in the ships.
  4. Will there be an achillies support patch? Or some way to disable MCC edit in addon options. It is quite annoying having to hold down alt each time to edit groups ( a lot of the times it does not even work) Also when I hold down alt and click on unit, it puts me in remote control so theres that. I really love this mod but this is significantly slowing down my zeus pace. Should be reletavily simple for modder like you to add 1 option to addonoptions, I don't have any experience with arma 3 modding so I don't know how to disable it.
  5. Zero Two


    wtf it just happend to me
  6. Why is the Debug console for offical servers gone? Zeus without it is pretty lame and annoying to do.. now I can't put my premade missions in it either nor can I make arsenals. Please add this back or add a key for ares achillies mod. I have no idea why you removed it or what might have caused it to dissapear.
  7. Zero Two


    Would be awesome if you added a custom hud like exile has. Current way of seeing food/radiation is not that great.
  8. Zero Two

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    How do I use some kind of high command when I am the commander? I cannot seem to control groups I spawn. What is the buttons or how do I move them around ?
  9. Zero Two

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (beta)

    Please make it so you can use zeus. I have a mod called huey pack and I cannot get them in game without zeus. Add zeus please because i cannot place shit.