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  1. Jnr4817

    Napalm and WP Smoke marker rockets

    Anyway to get this to work with the rockets on the helicopters? Thanks
  2. Jnr4817

    GF Explosive Objects Script - Mod

    I added a couple more ammo to the GF_EXO_Ammo arrays for testing. HelicopterExploBig //this is very big FuelExplosionBig //small but lots of smoke I tested the manual add for now and it works great. Only issue is the editor placed vehicle wont respawn, even if using the editor respawn module. Not sure if can be solved. If whitelistzones are added, can each zone have the ability to define each param (GF_EXO_Cleaner_Spawn_Enabled, GF_EXO_Cleaner_Spawn_Loop, GF_EXO_items_number) For example, a shooting range, you'd want the targets (wrecked vehicles) to respawn after so many seconds (30-120), so the range can continue to be used. Thanks
  3. Jnr4817

    GF Explosive Objects Script - Mod

    I like it. It would be nice to have 4 different ways of having EXO. Random in buildings, random in world, manually added to any object, and a whitelist zone. Thanks for the hard work. Reed
  4. Jnr4817

    GF Explosive Objects Script - Mod

    Most excellent, this will get used a lot I believe for a manual add to any object. Thanks
  5. Jnr4817

    GF Explosive Objects Script - Mod

    So you could go around a map and place items that are whitelisted and then they could become explosive, like a booby trap? This is very exciting. Ok, the wrecks are preplaced in the editor, instead of spawned. Not sure if this will be possible since you are spawning items. Thanks for checking.
  6. Jnr4817

    GF Explosive Objects Script - Mod

    Excellent, I am using this, in the init, currently to make the explosion bigger for all of the none wrecked vehicles on the range. this addEventhandler ["Killed",{ params ["_car"]; _bomb = "Bo_GBU12_LGB" createVehicle (getpos _car); _bomb setPosATL getPosATL _car; _bomb setDamage 1; }]; This is going to be a fun script.
  7. Jnr4817

    GF Explosive Objects Script - Mod

    Will we be able to whitelist specific objects, for example the wrecks of certain vehicles, Land_Wreck_MBT_04_F, Land_Wreck_LT_01_F, Land_Wreck_Ural_F, Land_Wreck_Heli_Attack_02_F, Land_Scrap_MRAP_01_F? I have a helicopter range with several wrecks spread across it. It would be nice to have the ability for them to explode, as currently they do not take any damage, when a helicopter hits it. Also, will you have the ability to change the size of the explosion, for example, "Bo_Mk82" "Bo_GBU12_LGB" "R_80mm_HE" M_Mo_120mm_AT" "M_Mo_120mm_AT_LG" "M_Mo_82mm_AT_LG" "R_60mm_HE"? Thanks for the great scripts. Reed
  8. Absolutely, I truly appreciate the education. I really like this script and am using it now and will cont to test and report any issues. Thanks again for the hard work and scripts you've published. Reed
  9. Ok, Ill change back to default. Please check below to make these are correct defaults I just tested the join players group and works well so far. I did notice, when you have the join player group set true, the AI does not spawn in Combat Mode Yellow or behavior Aware. At least, the AI doesn't appear to be Yellow or Aware. Latest Version 1.1 with hotfix with corrected arrays for editor or spawner. Thanks again for helping me out.
  10. Got ya. Just tested and seems to be working great now on hosted, for editor vehicles and VVS Spawner. Of note I modified this line, to change the default params, hope that is ok. (_this select 3) params [["_vec", objNull, [objNull]], ["_AI_timeout", 1800, [0]], ["_own_gun", true, [true]], ["_cargo_spawn", true, [true]], ["_group_player", false, [true]], ["_quite", true, [true]]]; Using this for editor. [this, ["Embark AI Crew", "SA\scripts\SSAIG.sqf", [this], 0, true, true, "", "true", -1, false, "", ""]] remoteExec ["addAction",0, true]; I had to change the code for the spawner to this. [_vehicle, ["Embark AI Crew", "SA\scripts\SSAIG.sqf", [_vehicle], 0, true, true, "", "true", -1, false, "", ""]] remoteExec ["addAction",0, true]; Thanks again, Ill test more later with additional people.
  11. I am running the script in 2 different areas. 1st, is 3 aircraft that are placed in the editor. 2nd, is a vehicle spawner call VVS. I had your script working in both prior to 1.1, I am not sure what changed that has caused it not work. The only dependent mods I have are CUP, MELB, and CBA. The 3den enhanced and Zec are not causing an issue. Ill open your mission and see whats going on, I haven't had time yet. Ill fix everything and bring up to date with hotfix and test. Thanks
  12. @sarogahtyp here is my mission. You'll find your file under sa/scripts/ssaig.sqf The 3 un manned helos have the addaction in the init. The vehicle spawner is VVS I added the remotexec under VVS/functions/fn_spawnVehicle.sqf THanks for working on this. Mission
  13. tested with 1.1 and still wont populate the addaction in the spawned vehicle In the vehicles in editor, it gives the addaction but wont spawn any ai. using this one you posted for vehicle spawner. [_vehicle, ["Embark AI Crew", "SA\scripts\SSAIG.sqf", [_vehicle], 2, true, true, "", "true", 3.5, false, "", ""]] remoteExec ["addAction",0, true]; Using this for vehicles already in editor this addAction ["Embark AI Crew", "SA\scripts\SSAIG.sqf", [_vehicle], 2, true, true, "", "true", 3.5, false, "", ""]; I still have 1.1 but with the line you said to change. Using all defaults now for debug. I hope im giving you enough info to help. again i am not getting any errors in game or rpt. Thanks code im using
  14. Hmm, I can change defaults in the script and try it with old addaction...
  15. I tested on hosted with what you advised changing in the script with 1.1and the new params and the new addaction [_vehicle, ["Embark AI Crew", "SA\scripts\SSAIG.sqf", [_vehicle, nil, nil, nil, true, true], 2, true, true, "", "true", 3.5, false]] remoteExec ["addAction",0, true];