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  1. When Duda developed his AIC, he added in the ability to change fly-in-height. With this you could set several way points the aircraft would follow and set the height you wanted. For example, I would set the a height of 10m over the water, then 30m over the desert and adjust from there. Knowing the terrain is a must so the AI doesn't run into a tower or building etc.
  2. Does TCL affect how the AI heals and treats its wounded or is it the default BIS system. Having advanced aid on for the AI during combat would really round this script out. Thanks, Reed
  3. Awesome, thanks for the great work and considering the communities request.
  4. I'd love the upgrade the MP and dedicated, also. Thanks for adding the arsenal.
  5. Awesome job. Anyway to easily add Arsenal to the supply drop as an option? Thanks for the hard work.
  6. I disagree. The ability to set flyinheight to your destination is key depending on the type of insertion you are doing (fast-rope, rappelling, paradrops, etc.). It would be nice to have the option low 200, medium 400, high 1000. Also, depending on the enemy your going to encounter. Just my humble opinion. Thanks,
  7. Speaking of FlyInHeight, can we have the ability to define a flying height enroute to the landing area? For example, pick your destination then pick the flying height, with the ability to change as needed. Dudas rappel script is pretty awesome for fast roping. Thanks, Reed
  8. Jnr4817

    Authority 20 player coop.

    he gone
  9. Jnr4817

    GF Missions Script

    Very nice, cant wait to try.
  10. Jnr4817

    GF Missions Script

    I cannot wait. Any thought to adding all of your scripts to the mission script and having an easy way to disable or remove what we do not want. I can think of 6 I would add immediately? Thanks for the hard work.
  11. Jnr4817

    Enhanced Helicopter Dust Efx Mod

    Very nice.
  12. Tested on hosted with 4 players and several AI groups. No issues with lag. Will test on dedicated soon, just need to finish mission. As for calling the script, what is the best way to call from init.sqf? Instead of just posting in init, i want to call it for a mission I am building. Call or spawn or execVM? Going to make a file called MGI_Revive.sqf
  13. Jnr4817

    GF Missions Script

    You’re a beast. Thanks homie for the hard work.
  14. Will try out this weekend, thanks for the hard work.