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  1. Awesome script so far. Would you contemplate making MP or dedicated compatible? A few suggestions. Anyway to add support for Duda's rappelling script for players and AI? Especially when the using as transport and "drop off an AI squad" https://github.com/sethduda/AdvancedRappelling Under support, instead of just a jet ski or atv, have the player be able to pick from multiple assets depending on the size of the chopper. It would be nice to have a prowler or cheetah, etc as an option to be dropped. Having the ability to have multiple aircraft with different calls signs utilize this script at the same time would be cool. Example, I have one helo as transport and 2 AH-9 as escort and they CAS the area as we land near it. I really like all of the "planned" things you have for this script. Thank you for your very hard work so far and I cant wait tit rack your progress. Reed
  2. Excellent. Another question, How would I get the AI bodies to remain after they have died so I can still loot them and have the player bodies deleted or removed? I am trying to get the players to never die or at least have a 5-10min bleed out, so that teammates and other AI can stabilize and then revive. However, If an AI gets incapacitated, I want them to bleedout like normally and there body stays.
  3. Custom Combat Patrol

    Does this mod create any dependencies? Meaning can I create a mission using this and host on a dedicated server and it remain vanilla for everyone else? Thanks
  4. Helicopter loop

    Excellent. Thank you. It’s definitely very lack luster for sure.
  5. Helicopter loop

    Roger, Careless= collision lights (totally missed that and makes since, after testing) so I don't need this code as you stated _vehicle setCollisionLight true; _vehicle spawn { while {alive _this} do { player action ["lightOn",_this]; sleep 0.001};}; = searchlight of all aircraft except the hellcat(from my testing) how do I get this to turn the turrent light on using searchlighton from the biki with this code? From some reason it is not making the copilot turn on the search light on in the hellcat. _vehicle spawn { while {alive _this} do { player action ["searchlightOn",_this]; sleep 0.001};}; I don't think {player action []} is working on the copilot and I am not sure how to call the copilot position Thanks again for any help
  6. Just now decided to use this system and it is awesome. One request. Anyway to have a menu option to have your AI team mates autoheal within a certain distance say 250. For example, Ive got 4 AI in my group, all have a IFAK or med kit and one is a medic. I can select all and choose autoheal. We get into a firefight and I or some other mates get hit and go incapacitated. Any other AI or the medic make it a priority to get each other or myself up. I read in the manual about an H or Heal button. If this does the same thing, disregard. If not, it would be a nice feature to have. Sincerely, Reed
  7. Helicopter loop

    I tried just using careless only and none of the aircraft would turn there "lighton". so I added this back in _vehicle spawn { while {alive _this} do { player action ["lightOn",_this]; sleep 0.001};}; and all of the aircraft except the hellcat will turn its searchlight on. How can i get the AI co-pilot to turn the search light on with this script. I've tried adding this under the "lighton" with no affect on hellcat _vehicle spawn { while {alive _this} do { player action ["SearchlightOn",_this]; sleep 0.001};}; How can target the copilot of the hellcat specifically? Thanks
  8. Authority 20 player coop.

    Excellent progress
  9. Helicopter loop

    thank you sir
  10. Helicopter loop

    Excellent, Thank you @pierremgi quick question. Will using _vehicle flyInHeightASL selectRandom [25,50,100,150,200]; or _vehicle flyInHeight selectRandom [25,50,100,150,200]; allow the helicopter to choose these different heights to fly in. Allowing some variety in the flight path of each aircraft. Ive tested but it doesn't seem to work and it hasn't given me any errors. Reed Thanks again
  11. Helicopter loop

    I added this to turn searchlight and collision lights on.
  12. Any additional work on this? Like adding planes to all the runways? Thanks, Still enjoy this
  13. Helicopter loop

    I use this and it works well. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=29209 Ambient helicopters by skullfox https://bitbucket.org/Skullfox/ambient-helicopters Ive changed a few lines of code to add a searchlight and position lights. when i get back home all post the changes. Depending on how may helipads there are natively and you added the performance hit isnt bad and it definely adds some ambience to the map. reed
  14. I would not want you to play with others scripts. Just posting what we have going for now as reference. I have used this (yours) in a few small missions and like it. Just asking if a little more functionality could be added to the command menu or control of the AI healing players and each other. I meant Dudas AI command not high command sorry. Thanks for the hard work Reed
  15. When using this, is there a way to have a High command function for the player with an AI medic in his group to select the AI medic and then "Heal Brothers" The "Heal Brothers" command would then make the AI medic or any AI with a medkit or firstaid kit heal any down player or AI that are down around them. For example, I join the server. I recruit a 4 man team. One person is a medic, but all will have firstaid kits. I give the command for the AI medic to heal any down brother when needed via HC. We get engaged and I the player and leader of group gets hit and goes down. The medic then heals me or another ai with first aid kit, whoever is closer. Auto_Revive is the best way to explain it. Currently, we are still using the INS_Revive Script by Naong and a custom AI Revive by Duda from our team. Looking to streamline these scripts and improve performance, as the INS_Revive still has some Arma 2 code checks in it. Thanks,