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  1. Grimes awesome work sir. Are you going to use the now (1.82) default revive way of handling dead players in a vehicle? Tweaked: Changes to the Revive system: Players incapacitated in vehicles are no longer automatically killed Incapacitated crew can now be unloaded from their vehicle using a new action
  2. Awesome Thanks, changed to 10 and makes a world of difference. Reed
  3. If I wanted to change the length of time the notification appears on screen, how could I do that, and would you mind if I did? Thank you for an awesome tool for Arma 3. Reed
  4. Awesome script. What would be the best way to use once a trigger is fired. For example, a player find a piece of intel, or destroys a tank, or gets to a certain position on the map? Also, does the script change the amount of time the notification is on the screen before it goes away, based on how much text is written in the notification. Meaning does it add so many milliseconds or seconds for each additional line of text added to the box. I can see a short message being fine with the default time its displayed, but a paragraph may not have enough time to be completely read. Thanks, Reed
  5. GF Cargo Airdrops Script

    Works perfectly. Thank you sir.
  6. GF Cargo Airdrops Script

    How could I add virtual arsenal to the cargo drop? THanks Reed GF for sure credit will be given. Thanks for all your hard work.
  7. GF Cargo Airdrops Script

    Sweet, I've got one dropping a crate and prowler and one dropping a crate and marshall. Thanks for the help.
  8. GF Cargo Airdrops Script

    @zagor64bz Got the radio triggers working well. In your mission how did you set up the cargo? I guess for each radio trigger, what did make drop when called for an airdrop? Thanks
  9. GF Cargo Airdrops Script

    @zagor64bz Your version is the one I was wanting. Thank you. Awesome script and great work. Anyway to integrate into the BIS Support modules, like @pierremgi has done here ?
  10. GF Cargo Airdrops Script

    zagor has a modified version then the original release. I didn't know if George had added his changes or not. He also made some changes for you. Again, not sure if he added those to the original post or not. Having options is nice and its cool he is allowing others to modify his original script. Reed
  11. GF Cargo Airdrops Script

    Hi awesome looking script. Are there different versions of this script floating around? Or has it all be consolidated into 1 with more options? Reed
  12. SLP Spawning script

    Awesome script. Thanks for the update. Reed ;)
  13. Would be awesome to add toggle or lobby parameter for team leaders or any player depending on configuration to click on certain other AI or players and add them to their squad. A squad join/dismiss feature. Reed
  14. id love to see and use your final script, for a similar mission I am wanting to make. Would you be willing to make a sample mission? Thanks
  15. Thank you sir Do I need to change this too? _dude setHitPointDamage ["hitLegs", 0]; to _dude setDamage 0;