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  1. Authority 20 player coop.

    he gone
  2. GF Missions Script

    Very nice, cant wait to try.
  3. GF Missions Script

    I cannot wait. Any thought to adding all of your scripts to the mission script and having an easy way to disable or remove what we do not want. I can think of 6 I would add immediately? Thanks for the hard work.
  4. Enhanced Helicopter Dust Efx Mod

    Very nice.
  5. Tested on hosted with 4 players and several AI groups. No issues with lag. Will test on dedicated soon, just need to finish mission. As for calling the script, what is the best way to call from init.sqf? Instead of just posting in init, i want to call it for a mission I am building. Call or spawn or execVM? Going to make a file called MGI_Revive.sqf
  6. GF Missions Script

    You’re a beast. Thanks homie for the hard work.
  7. Will try out this weekend, thanks for the hard work.
  8. Im using ch pro pedals, it is really sensitive. In default settings, with AFM on, turn off auto-trim and give it a go. FLys more like DCS. THanks
  9. GF Missions Script

    Destroy mortar installation. Destroy anti-air installation. Destroy sam site and radar. Transport cargo to IDAP field hospital protect idap convoy destroy enemy convoy Just a few thoughts on missions. Keep up the awesome work.
  10. Authority 20 player coop.

    this is superb, gentlemen.
  11. GF Missions Script

    For enemy occupation there are multiple scripts to help with that. DAC itself, plus DEP and EOS and SLP. https://fluitarma.wordpress.com/ I don't like using zones that I have to place, so my default is DEP. It scans the map on a every mission for whitelisted places and then populates those areas. there are to many settings to discuss here, but it makes the map and mission feel populated by enemy and civilian that is not over or under whelming. Thanks,
  12. Having healing automatic is awesome. But an option to order a specific unit to auto heal would be helpful, in some cases. INS Revive, does this. The unit selected can be given a command to autoheal his bro's, if he is not autohealing already, kind of like a reinforcement command. Thanks for all your hard work.
  13. What is your AI settings?

    How would you turn this into a lobby parameter and have 1-5 settings to choose from for MP, Dedicated, etc?