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  1. Meik Will Made It

    [WIP] Terrain - North Coast Germany

    Highway work
  2. Meik Will Made It

    [ MAP ] St. George Island

    Looking like Tanoa but only better
  3. wow, a great idea. The next generation of RPG in arma
  4. Meik Will Made It

    Terrain Processor

    the arma 3 tools are so bad
  5. Hello community. We create a new Arma III terrain . It´s a real area from north Germany, Schleswig Holstein. We do not rebuild the map. We make the map completely fictional. We build the terrain for our project, after the completion of the map, of course, everyone can use it for what they want. The exact name of the terrain has not been decided yet. More infromatinons are coming soon. Size 16km x 16km
  6. Meik Will Made It

    Sugar Lake [67 sq km river delta terrain]

    I love this terrain so much. Its very nice because the water streets, too perfect for a Water-Lifeserver, no cars only boats.
  7. Meik Will Made It

    [WIP] Oakland - Terrain

    I would like to give it to you, but unfortunately I do not have it anymore