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  1. I extracted the pbos as you said and now everything works. Thanks
  2. Yes, I extracted the mods. I am using PBO Project.
  3. I am placing new buildings on kelleys island, but ArmA 3 Custom Buildings - Original by mattaust don't show up in game after export. I can see them in TB, but not in game. I have the same problem with E76 buildings
  4. DonTheDev

    Rangemaster belt texture

    I know but i made a backpack from it but i can' t find texture of it
  5. I wanted to make backpack from rangemaster belt but I can't find texture of it. Do you know where this is?
  6. DonTheDev

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I would like to see some custom police vests for RP servers.
  7. This map would be great for RP mods
  8. Thanks for sharing. I used it in my reskin mod.