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  1. Hi, is there any current tutorial for setting up VCOMai MOD on a server? Thanks.
  2. Percipio


    Hi, first thanks for Ravage mod. I just downloaded Ravage mod for a look in the editor. Enjoying the mod so far. Just wondering of the mod developer has any plans to make Ravage mod compatible with @KSS Kurt's Survival System? Similarly to how Ravage is compatible with RHS, CUP, Iron Front, etc Thanks.
  3. Hi Flinty, thanks for your comment. At the risk of going off topic, I still use playwithsix since about 2014 til now, and I find it stable if not completely intuitive, mainly because I prefer to have the option of managing the mod versions. I do not get any download throttles, and there is a vast collection of mods up there. I have only downloaded a small number of mods through the steam workshop and those were hidden in files in the Arma directory in Steam. So in short I just find playwithsix easier and more convenient so that I can manage my mods separately from Arma. Thanks again.
  4. Thanks for reply crazy mike, Is this mod indexed with ALiVE mod to allow functioning ALiVE Military Placement Modules? I am guessing by your previous response that all (or many} buildings are enterable, cheers haha. Just another question, are there any plans to put this mod on playwithsix?
  5. I am looking forward to seeing this map. I was just wondering if this map is compatible with ALiVE mod, Open Chernarus Project and Jbad? Also is there any chance of a non-apocalypse version so AIs can drive on roads? Thanks.
  6. Hi All, Thanks a lot anfo, for this great thread. I will use these ideas and advice to see if I can get the FPS up from 12-18 client side on my modded server. Cheers,
  7. Hi All, Firstly, thanks for the C2 mod. Since the CBA and ACE 3 update where Ace3 modules are now in the CBA menu, I cannot see the keybinds dropdown menu for C2. in the Options>Controls>configure addons, I can see the ALIVE controls and the CBA accessory functions but not C2. So I cannot modify the keybinds for C2. Is anyone else having this problem? Is there a solution? Edit: I was trying to open C2 keybinds menu in the Editor but it can only be opened from within the game. So problem solved! Thanks for reading.
  8. Percipio

    Ai Skill Settings?

    Hi All, Thanks terox for that informative post. So if I create and add to mission folder: AI.sqf class CfgAISkill { aimingAccuracy[] = {0,0.2,1,0.9}; aimingShake[] = {0,0,1,1}; aimingSpeed[] = {0,0.2,1,0.6}; endurance[] = {0,0,1,1}; spotDistance[] = {0,0.2,1,0.45}; spotTime[] = {0,0,1,0.55}; courage[] = {0,0,1,1}; reloadSpeed[] = {0,0,1,1}; commanding[] = {0,0,1,1}; general[] = {0,0,1,1}; }; Then do: [] execVM "AI.sqf"; //AI SKILL in Init.sqf Will this assign skills based on the unit skill slider (and the above values) in Zeus or the editor, to all AIs? Thanks.
  9. Hi All, I didn't understand this script, then I had a scotch and ginger ale and it all became clear. Thanks again.
  10. Hi All, Thanks xjoker_ for your reply and your script. So if I wanted to do say Bandage x5 and Morphine x2, Would the script look like this... { for "_i" from 1 to 5 do { _x addItemToUniform "ACE_fieldDressing"}; for "_i" from 1 to 2 do { _x addItemToUniform "ACE_morphine"; }; } foreach allUnits; Thanks
  11. HI All, I have a quick question. Everyone (players and AI) in Chernarus knows that there is going to be a big fight but ALiVE mod only gives AI units one bandage and one morphine each. So, I want to add a loadout.sqf to my mission file. The purpose of the loadout is to add 4x basic bandages and 4x morphine syringes to all units spawning (ALIVE mod) all factions only at the beginning of the scenario. My loadout.sqf looks like this: forEach allUnits; {_x for "_i" from 1 to 4 do addItemToUniform "ACE_fieldDressing";}; {_x for "_i" from 1 to 4 do addItemToUniform "ACE_morphine";}; Added: call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "loadout.sqf"; to init.sqf I could be barking up the wrong tree but I have not written a script before and perhaps could use some help for this one. I am using latest version of ACE3 and ALiVE mods among others. Please help with this loadout.sqf script. Thanks
  12. Percipio

    Zee Identity Pack

    Hi All, She looks like a Robyn. Have you considered red or auburn hair? I have been watching your mod development for some time with keen interest. I always thought that ARMA was missing female characters, I went looking for female character mods and found @zeealex. I have tried out @zeealex in such maps as Altis, Tanoa and Chernarus in the editor and on my modded server. I use such mods as ace3, ALiVE, CUP, mef, command and control and a few others However I noticed that sometimes previously chosen male identities were (randomly?) replaced with female heads, and heads on female bodies were replaced with default male heads. This immersion breaking occurence forced me to remove zeealex from my mod set. I would like to try zeealex again. SO I was wondering if this happenstance has been fixed or even noticed by any other admins. If so, is there a fix? Thanks for reading.
  13. Hi, Teamspeak is now up to Version 3.1.6 (64-bit). Are there any plans to make task force radio compatible with the latest version of teamspeak 3? Thanks,
  14. Hello, Please see the ALiVE mod wiki here. The supported factions link. I was wondering what is the code for this faction (VME_PLA_A3), for example BLU_F is the code for NATO faction. ALiVE mod is an awesome dynamic battlefield generator allowing use of modules in the editor to create detailed factions as well as many functions in game. Many unit mods have compatibility with ALIVE mod, for example @CUP_UNITS mod has codes for their factions such as CUP_B_USMC is the US Marines, CUP_O_RU is the Russian Federation troops, or CUP_I_NAPA is the "NAPA Chernarus" independent faction. Thanks.