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  1. well, bugger. any workarounds?
  2. hi guys, a bit of a curly question I guess, how do we make RHS and ArmA Vanilla vehicles and AT play together properly? I've been digging all day and all I can find at this point is this post Red Hammer Studios September 19, 2015 · For those who always wanted to play with or against vanilla units, there always was a compatibility problem between our damage model and the one of vanilla units (especially vehicles). But no more, as with the 'Real Armor Mod', maintained by our fellow members Bakerman and OldsRAM, you now can effectively fight against Vanilla units using RHS, and viceversa. Download: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/161885-real-armor-mod/… the problem is that this post was ages ago and most of the host files are not there any more except for the ArmAHolic one, it's not even hosted on the steam workshop. has anyone got a more up to date mod or link or file or how-to or anything? or is it just tough luck?
  3. PSYKO_nz

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    hi there, I have been running a unit for my small gaming clan for many years now, I have never had any trouble acquiring the unit data until today, I have tried everything and nothing will work it also seems like the units website takes ages to load and when it does load it doesn't show anything in the units area or throws a non-descript error. what is going on?
  4. +1 I'm still getting nowhere with trying to make this work like that, will we ever get the option back to have the basic style ace medical? it's really frustrating Altho it seems to trough our testing that if you bandage then epi then CPR until the option for CPR disappears they come back to life shortly after more epi makes it faster. better than it was, but still not perfect for the speed and ease of the old "basic" settings but better than it was
  5. AWESOME!!! thank you so much for the link, ill give it a go, hopefully it works, ill let you know 🙂
  6. I have been away for a while, does anybody have any updates on the med system yet? if not does anyone have a link to a rolled back version of ACE on steam? the way my server works with mods I have to have a direct steam download link or it won't accept it because of the DLL's so if someone has a steam link to the last version of ace before the update that's caused all this trouble that would be awesome
  7. correct, and the medical system in general
  8. Its been awfully quiet has anybody heard anything from the devs? or anything about any progress?
  9. any progress on the epi situation in my video?
  10. ill give it a go removed cba_settings.sqf no change here is a video we made showing the issues we are having. the settings are shown first then 2 run-throughs of trying to revive me
  11. doesn't seen to matter if we give pain relief or not. when we first started having this issue we weren't giving morphine, just bandage, blood if needed then epi, we have thoroughly tested with and without pain relief doesn't seem to matter ill take a look for that and get back to you if it works or not
  12. tried all 3. no effect on any of them, even with all set to max. players still just lay there unconscious. they did not wake up after epi and they did not wake up after 15 seconds if it did have an effect, I wouldn't be posting here as we would not have a problem
  13. as are we, everything else is fine but this is a real issue. I would love the option (just for epi) to go back to the way it was, as an option one wounded guy and the game essentially stops for 30 minutes while we try to get him up, do everything, patch every wound fill him back up, kill his pain and then epi, epi, epi, epi, epi, epi nothing. total buzz/immersion kill
  14. Anybody have any update on epi settings yet?