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  1. PSYKO_nz

    co10 Escape

    @NeoArmageddon are you able to add a “disable map shift click” option to the game settings? sometimes we just do a quick escape where we use the map shift click marker other times we want to do a bit more of a difficult escape where we make a gentleman’s agreement not to use the shift click map marker, it would be awesome if we could disable it in the mission settings before we start.
  2. I can't find any concise information on using the race modules, I've unPBo'd the BI Missions and while I can edit and modify those missions for what I want NONE OF THEM has the "start" module, they all have the finish and checkpoint modules no form of start. and the SP time trials use triggers, not the modules! I'm trying to create a UAV race for my mates and I want to have a start point so when everyone is ready we can all start and race each other to the finish line all other posts on this subject are all really old and out of date and have no useable information has anybody made any progress on this since the karts DLC launched?
  3. ok so this looks like the script that is handling the killed enemy (I think) but I can't find _killer anywhere, I also did a full search of the mission folder and couldn't find _killer anywhere in it the script is called "Handleenemykilled.sqf" here is the content here's the mission in trying to get to work with it event handlers are way out of my depth and I'm trying to learn about them but I'm a bit slow haha thanks for your help guys 🙂
  4. PSYKO_nz

    co10 Escape

    just a quick update on this, we rolled our cba back and everything started working again
  5. Any update to this? did you find a way around the ace issue?
  6. hi there, I'm having some issues with my expansions showing up red mods when they are exactly the same, how do I know there the same? i uploaded them to the server myself, I've also re-downloaded the mods from the server in hopes of fixing the problem and this still persists., the mods were green before but we needed to update them so I went through and removed them and uploaded the new ones, now there is a mismatch. I have no idea why and I've tried everything I could think of to get them to match but they won't! again they are exactly the same and all other mods on the server are matching up fine! I'm stumped. how do I fix this issue? in the server admin so I can do what is needed thanks in advance for the help 🙂
  7. Hi there, I'm looking for some help or even some wisdom. my team and I really used to love playing the Random Deploy Defend mission from the 3rd SFG and we are trying to get back into it. however, there some issues, a few things in it are out of date, the last update was 2014 so its a bit behind. THE BIG ISSUE IS MAKING THE KILL COUNTER/SCORE THING WORK WITH ACE currently, the kill counter (which is also your score AND the currency you use to purchase things in the mission) only registers a kill if the OPFOR unit is shot in the head and killed outright in one shot, all other kills of multiple shots are not counted. this makes it hard to play the game the way it's intended to be played. I'm hoping someone out there may know how to fix it? Below is the link to the original post and the Armaholic link OP: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/171160-coop-25-~-random-deploy-defend-v13-~-by-the-3rd-sfg/?mission=rdd Armaholic page: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26392
  8. PSYKO_nz

    co10 Escape

    strange, because it was working fine up until a week or 2 ago. the wartorn mode, patrol size, and a few others also have stopped working recently as well. I'm sure I haven't changed anything at this end, we always play with the same settings. I'm wonder what it could be? also WOOOHOOO can't wait for zargabad! i am much excite
  9. hi there guys, as it says in the title, I have just sorted a dedicated server for my team to use as a backup. however, they can only join through the IP method, it does not show up in the server browser. any idea why that is? when they connect through IP they get in and can play no problems and I can access it through lan but none of us can see it in the general browser
  10. PSYKO_nz

    co10 Escape

    I'm having the same issue, the easy way to test is to set grass to no grass but when we start there is grass and none of the other settings work either. none at all, it just always plays the default settings, it also does not matter which map you are on the glitch is consistent. up until last week this didn't happen also, an escape Zargrabad would be awesome, any chance it's on the books for a future mission pack? UPDATE: the problem is also happening on our second (backup) dedicated server, exactly the same. However, it is not happening when I host the mission and others join, settings launch as normal
  11. does anyone have an up to date server.cfg that runs sweet? the one from https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/server.cfg is hopelessly out of date and is missing half of the new commands and variables that have been added I'm looking for a really clean simple server.cfg that's got all the new goodness and is easy to update and tweak. I'm currently using the one from the wiki and am a little confused where to put in some of the new codes any help or .cfg's would be really appreciated. like, REALLY APPRECIATED. cheers guys
  12. next time please make this sort of thing OPT-IN this been a constant annoyance for our team while we plan during the briefing phase, which has always been the point of the briefing screen, to read briefings and tasks and plan the execution of the mission which normally means people sitting idle listening to the plan etc, so to mess with that was just a pain. also, today was the first day I have had a chance to fix this stupid time out thing on our server due to a busy life and work schedule, and to find this post has taken a lot of googling to get me where I needed to be. about the only time, most of us get to do this sort of thing is on our days off. so for the past few weeks, this has been a problem, affecting mission-critical scripts and the like. this is a good feature for SOME servers but NOT ALL, so, please make things like this opt-in in the future. save people who don't need it the hassle of turning the damn thing off (also please make sure it can actually be turned off when implemented, not after the community begs you to make it so)
  13. Hi there, I have a weird problem with TFAR. When we use our normal mods set we have no trouble with TFAR however when we use our ww2 mods pack we get the "no TFAR deployed on this server" message. we are using the same TFAR mod for both sets, any idea what could be going wrong? I have tried it since the latest update as well and we are getting the same message it does have TFAR in it, I put it there also it used to work fine, we have been using TFAR with it for months now with no problems, this issue has only just started in the past weeks. @Tfar is in the command line and it uses the same tfar files. I have tried everything I can think of, starting TFAR in different spots in the load order testing on normal bis missions, nothing works, I always get the same message. below are some screenshots of the issues any help would really help. thanks in advance
  14. Oooooo I was so close!! when I was trying it before i asked in the last post I was doing -0.5 instead of - 0.5!! thank you so much for your help :)
  15. working great so far! please forgive me but what numbers should I change or add, I'm getting so close to this being spot on, how would I delay turning the addiction off by 30 mins for sunset and make it work 30 mins earlier for sunrise (in-game time not real world)??? if it's not possible that's ok, 5 am to 7 pm is a good set of business hours for a local company haha