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  1. Hi there, I have a weird problem with TFAR. When we use our normal mods set we have no trouble with TFAR however when we use our ww2 mods pack we get the "no TFAR deployed on this server" message. we are using the same TFAR mod for both sets, any idea what could be going wrong? I have tried it since the latest update as well and we are getting the same message it does have TFAR in it, I put it there also it used to work fine, we have been using TFAR with it for months now with no problems, this issue has only just started in the past weeks. @Tfar is in the command line and it uses the same tfar files. I have tried everything I can think of, starting TFAR in different spots in the load order testing on normal bis missions, nothing works, I always get the same message. below are some screenshots of the issues any help would really help. thanks in advance
  2. Oooooo I was so close!! when I was trying it before i asked in the last post I was doing -0.5 instead of - 0.5!! thank you so much for your help :)
  3. working great so far! please forgive me but what numbers should I change or add, I'm getting so close to this being spot on, how would I delay turning the addiction off by 30 mins for sunset and make it work 30 mins earlier for sunrise (in-game time not real world)??? if it's not possible that's ok, 5 am to 7 pm is a good set of business hours for a local company haha
  4. I've been googling for the last hour or so and I can't make heads or tails of the various ways to sort a cool down for an addaction that came up, I have tried a few but got nowhere. I'm very sorry to repost on the subject, but I'm a bit confused so, here is what I want to do... I want to add a cooldown (duh) to the following addaction. this addAction["<t color='#ff9900'>Skydive Altis!</t>", "ATM_airdrop\atm_airdrop.sqf",[],1,false,true,"","_this distance _target < 2, sunOrMoon > 0.5"]; the cooldown needs to only affect the person who fires the addaction so anybody can come and use it at any time but after they use it they have to wait 5 mins to use it again I want to keep this painfully simple, it has to work on a dedicated server and I want to avoid getting into any unnecessary scripting, simple is good in this case
  5. ok, so my add action looks like this... this addAction["<t color='#ff9900'>Skydive Altis</t>", "ATM_airdrop\atm_airdrop.sqf",[],1,false,true,"","_this distance _target < 2, sunOrMoon > 0.5"]; where would the edited boolean code go?
  6. worked like a charm! is there any way to fine tune it? it's a little too dark when it starts/stops working at the moment
  7. PSYKO_nz

    =ATM= Airdrop [A3] - Beta

    anybody get anywhere with a cooldown for this?
  8. hi there, I'm wanting to restrict m,y addaction to being only available during daylight, currently the player has to be within 6 meters for it to show up but I would like that to be restricted to the hours of 0600 - 1900 as well in other words. the player can only activate it if it is daylight and they are close enough to the item
  9. thank you so much! That was exactly what I needed, it even gave me the dynamic to have the other side continue to fire at them, you sir are a legend. you have as usual, given me some new and exciting tools!!! thank you!
  10. Recently I reinstalled TOH just for shits and giggles and it got me thinking, has anyone been able to port the terrains or choppers into arma3?
  11. this is the final piece of the puzzle for me for a mission im making I need ALL OPFOR to go captive once 75% of them are dead the idea is that they will all stop fighting once enough of them are dead here is what I have TRIGGER: OPFOR Not Present: COND: 0.3 * ( count ( allDeadMen select { _x inArea thisTrigger && ( [getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _x >> "side")] call BIS_fnc_sideType == east ) } ) + count ( thisList select { side _x == east })) >= count ( thisList select { side _x == east }) On Act: {_x setCaptive true} forEach (allUnits select {side _x == east}); but it just won't work, the trigger fires fine, pops the objectives and all but the opfor will not go captive when it fires, they keep shooting at the blufor units I have also tried {_x setCaptive true} forEach (allUnits select {side _x == east && _x inArea IRATrig}) neither of these seems to work, what am I getting wrong here?
  12. one last question, everything is working mean except for one thing, I am using the following to fire off the objective, opfor notpresent trigger condition: 0.3 * ( count ( allDeadMen select { _x inArea thisTrigger && ( [getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _x >> "side")] call BIS_fnc_sideType == east ) } ) + count ( thisList select { side _x == east })) >= count ( thisList select { side _x == east }) on act: {_x setCaptive true} forEach (allUnits select {side _x == east}); however, the on act is not working, they stay active and hostile, I want them to turn peaceful, not surrender, just stop shooting at the indfor and blufor units
  13. I managed to get it to work how I wanted, I had a ; in the wrong place because im special hahaha
  14. AWESOME!!! thank you so much! one last question, after I make everyone captive can I set all player units (8 of them) to go back to blufor without affecting the ai units (opfor and indfor) who need to stay captive? this is going to change the way I build missions, wow, thank you so much! I suppose I could just do this in the init server {_x setCaptive true} forEach (allUnits select {side _x == east}); {_x setCaptive true} forEach (allUnits select {side _x == resistance}); is that right? EDIT: Nope that doesn't work how about { _x setCaptive true; // now captive - note: this command sets side to civilian } forEach allUnits; sleep 2; {_x setCaptive false} forEach (allUnits select {side _x == west}); EDIT EDIT: that did work either :( any ideas?
  15. worked like a charm first time!! does initServer.sqf include dedicated? also is there a way to make just one side captive? ie, turn all opfor captive once a trigger or addaction fires?