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  1. I am on a pc, as are all my mates Had the same thing last night, "works fine on mine" got sick of hearing it, so we eventually stopped what we were doing as each of us tried it, 7 were on the game (Inc me) 4 had no issues with click and drag, 3 had issues as described above
  2. Like it says, i cant for some reason double click or click and drag on any of the items in the inventory, either in my gear in the box or on a dead opfor, X does work but none of the click buttons do, i have reset my controls to default many times and verified my game, no improvement at all It has previously worked fine for me My friends and I did some minor testing and the 3 of us that are having the issue have joysticks and button box interfaces while the ones its working for do not, they just have normal setups It doesn't matter if it's played mp, dedicated server, sp or even the tutorial the whole system doesn't work, I can click to select the item but I can click and drag, or double click items, I also can't open up items on the ground like backpacks, me and the other 2 players have exactly the same issues
  3. By default there seems to be a ban system in place on the dedicated server for things like team killing, however I don't want any form of ban on my server as its just a private one for me and my mates, is there a way to disable banning? Because using #unban just sucks in the middle of a mission
  4. Hi there Is there a way to make the reforger missions persistent? As it stands now the mission (the default mp mission in the server set up) does not save the progress so every time we start our DS we have to start again, is there way to save progress?
  5. hey all, hope you are well. I've had a bit of an interesting day today... so I thought id do some router maintenance today, taking a look at my connections and some strange IP addresses were showing connecting to the internal IP address of my computer that's running the small dedicated server I run for me and my mates through port 2303, the pc wasn't on at this stage, so I thought I would do some checking.. udp x.x.x.x:2303 udp x.x.x.x:2303 udp x.x.x.x:2303 udp x.x.x.x:2303 I tried to search the is of a few of them, couldn't find anything but I accidentally connected to one of them, (wasn't looking where I typed it and hit enter) it came back saying "if you see this page nginx has been successfully installed" then links to nginx.com and nginx.org. then i freaked out i have no idea what it is, who it is or anything after freaking out i went back to work, I stopped searching these IPs and just went to virus total and scanned them, nothing came back as malicious WHY AM I POSTING THIS HERE? because, I decided to turn on my router packet reporting and then closed all my ports but 2302 (the main port) did some testing with friends, turns out I can run it like that and they can just directly connect to the server when we play when checking my ports I was getting slammed by connections trying to connect to 2303, which made sense as this was what was already happening, these connection attempts were coming through every couple of seconds. so then I decided to see if I could run arma through another port, so picked a port near but not in armas range. booted the server as expected the main port came up as expected and the steam query port (usually 2303) came up as the port +1, all happened as expected and people could connect HOWEVER immediately upon the server working, I started getting slammed by those same IP addresses on both 2303 AND THE NEW PORT kernel: DROP IN=ppp0 OUT= MAC= SRC= DST=x.x.x.x LEN=53 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=48 ID=4673 DF PROTO=UDP SPT=44846 DPT=2303 LEN=33 MARK=0x8000000 That's what the router tracking looked like. (DST was my external ip address, redacted for obvious reasons) so I shut it all down, server pc off etc etc etc after getting back from a coffee I checked the router traffic, and again, every few seconds I would get a hit from the IP addresses, the main one being the one posted above, alternating between port 2303, and then the next attempt would be to the new port I had assigned it. it hasn't stopped and its been an hour. TLDR MY QUESTION? what the heck is happening? the new port is not used by anything else anywhere on my network, and it started getting hit immediately after the arma server assigned it as the query port im so confused and a bit worried. can someone please help me understand what is going on? is my network compromised? is arma 3 server compromised? is this normal?
  6. Yes, unfortunately I found all the same dead ends 😞 It's annoying as all hell. I live in a prety hilly/mountainy place and I regularly find my self up the top of them, and I can honestly say there's no point at which on a still day it sounds like your standing in a formula 1 wind tunnel when your at the top I wouldn't mind it if the effect was at a more reasonable volume but it seems like to quote an old radio promo someone "turned it up to 11 and ripped off the knob"
  7. Tanoa Rocky hills south east of the tanoa sugar factory A mission I'm currently building
  8. hi there, I'm hoping somebody can help me, I have tried everything I can think of and nothing is working I am set up on the top of a hill overwatching an area, all weather conditions are set to zero, however in the position I'm in it sounds like a cyclone, its not only blowing hard but louder than every other sound in the game, its supposed to be a quiet overwatch and it sounds like I'm in the blow dryer stage of a car wash how do I get rid of this wind or at least turn the volume down? to be clear I want all the other sounds in the game so enableEnvironment [false, true]; won't work for me. those commands turn all the sounds off I'm hoping someone here can help me, it's blowing my hair out!
  9. I have an ArmA 3 server up and running no trouble, however, I would like to know if it's possible to host one without having it listed publicly? in other words, is it possible to host a server that the only way to join it is by knowing the IP address? just curious cheers guys
  10. PSYKO_nz

    co10 Escape

    can confirm this works, ill be honest I was a bit skeptical and nervous, something I trust says its bad and some guy on the internet says hey, bypass it like this, not traditionally a good thing. but you were spot on, I also scanned with MBAM at every step and it looks like all is well looking forward to trying it out!
  11. well, bugger. any workarounds?
  12. hi guys, a bit of a curly question I guess, how do we make RHS and ArmA Vanilla vehicles and AT play together properly? I've been digging all day and all I can find at this point is this post Red Hammer Studios September 19, 2015 · For those who always wanted to play with or against vanilla units, there always was a compatibility problem between our damage model and the one of vanilla units (especially vehicles). But no more, as with the 'Real Armor Mod', maintained by our fellow members Bakerman and OldsRAM, you now can effectively fight against Vanilla units using RHS, and viceversa. Download: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/161885-real-armor-mod/… the problem is that this post was ages ago and most of the host files are not there any more except for the ArmAHolic one, it's not even hosted on the steam workshop. has anyone got a more up to date mod or link or file or how-to or anything? or is it just tough luck?
  13. PSYKO_nz

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    hi there, I have been running a unit for my small gaming clan for many years now, I have never had any trouble acquiring the unit data until today, I have tried everything and nothing will work it also seems like the units website takes ages to load and when it does load it doesn't show anything in the units area or throws a non-descript error. what is going on?
  14. +1 I'm still getting nowhere with trying to make this work like that, will we ever get the option back to have the basic style ace medical? it's really frustrating Altho it seems to trough our testing that if you bandage then epi then CPR until the option for CPR disappears they come back to life shortly after more epi makes it faster. better than it was, but still not perfect for the speed and ease of the old "basic" settings but better than it was
  15. AWESOME!!! thank you so much for the link, ill give it a go, hopefully it works, ill let you know 🙂