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  1. Hi there, i'm making up a mission that requires a module to be synced to the player in order for the mission to work, the issue I'm having is that after the player gets killed and respawns the module is no longer attached to the player, how do i go about making sure that the module syncs its self on respawn?
  2. Thanks for the link! I wonder why I couldn't find that, must have been a bad google, anyway this 0.25 * ( count ( allDeadMen select { _x inArea thisTrigger && ( [getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeOf _x >> "side")] call BIS_fnc_sideType == east ) } ) + count ( thisList select { side _x == east })) >= count ( thisList select { side _x == east }) worked for me, here is the original post
  3. hi there, need some help, actually, I need a lot of help but that's for local mental health services to sort out... any way. I'm looking for the most simple way to set up a trigger that fires when any given percentage of the units are killed/not present, ie, area trigger for opfor over a town, finding every last opfor is time-consuming and boring, I need the area trigger to pop the "clear the village" objective trigger when only 50-75% of the opfor are dead. I want to try and do this inside the trigger avoiding external scripts if at all possible. any quick and dirty ways to go about this? oh and it will be run on a dedicated server cheers guys
  4. that's what I had hoped! do you know how they are used? what each line means, where do the skids or wheels go etc? worth a shot!
  5. we use a slightly different system, through some tricky sqf's we have managed to make a "respawn tent" it is a tent that can be packed and unpacked and moved around, the respawn marker stays at the last location the tent was placed until it is placed again
  6. it still begs the question, what is happening with labelling and changing the icon that it works for a second and then goes to a different look completely
  7. cool, ill take a crack at it. i allready have a mobile respawn point in the game using the normal set up you showed, will doing this effect that?
  8. ok interesting, but how does that cope with the hight change? when I used a respawn set up like your example the units would spawn in the water, with the bi module it lets you adjust the hight and snap the module to the floor that they are spawning on
  9. updated the pictures to ones that work, hopefully now you will be able to see what i mean and have an idea what each marker is for
  10. thanks for letting me know about the images, I have uploaded through imgur, you should be able to see them now, the pictures will help to explain what I'm trying to do. ill try agan to explain it, i do not want the flag marker to be there, i want to use the standard bi respwan module (shown in the first picture) and the "marker" it creates on the map (in mission) to be the flag marker
  11. that's weird because the BI Module that I'm using has an init, and it has worked flawlessly in the like this for 20 missions now (minus the inti text that's in there - that is what I'm trying to get to work) here are some pics of the issue, I tried to put a gif up but that didn't work, so here are 3 pictures, the problem happens within a second (after the first change) this is how it looks from startup (its the lowest marker) then when the missions init.sqf (the same lines of code are in the mission init.sqm) fires it looks like this (this is the way I want it to look) as you can see the lowest marker changes to resemble the other marker then one second (maybe just under 1 second) this happens it reverts to the normal marker but retains the text I'm buggered if I know whats going on or what to do Any more ideas?
  12. 'hi there, I'm trying to cut down marker clutter in my missions and I have struck a bit of a conundrum (5 coffees today, big words are no problem) I currently have a marker set up with the New Zealand flag and the text 'HMNZS Kaiwhiwhi', I have the standard BI respawn module placed nearby and set up as the main respawn point. the respawn point is set up correctly and has been functioning flawlessly for the last 20 missions. my problem is that I want to make the respawn marker do both jobs, so be the respawn point and also the 'HMNZS Kaiwhiwhi' marker with NZ flag. I first tried these in the init of the marker... "Kaiwhiwhi_Spawn" setMarkerColor "Default"; "Kaiwhiwhi_Spawn" setMarkerType "mas_ukl_add_Marker_uk"; "Kaiwhiwhi_Spawn" setMarkerText "You are here."; ...no joy so I moved them over to the init.sqf, here is where it gets weird.. it does not start labels correctly but after a few seconds the init.sqf gets to the line and it works! perfectly! (flag marker and text in white) for one second then it flashes back to the blue circle with the x (the standard infantry respawn marker) and the text, except it's in blue.... not the idea here I thought it may just be in the editor that this happens so I chucked it on our dedicated server to check... the marker doesn't show up at all!!!! what am I doing wrong here? I want to have the flag and the text is the marker for the respawn point from the start. so when players load into the map screen they see it and it stays there all mission, the standard bi module has no options for this kind of set up any ideas?
  13. awesome! that goes some way to what I'm looking for... next step is to id the markings and how they are used... once this is all done ill put up a top-down of the CV with everything marked properly with descriptions and areas, the link you sent through was very helpful. but I still have questions obviously, the big stripy runway looking markings are the landing area but its the other markings I'm interested in. the large areas with thin yellow and red lines here are for the elevators but what about the smaller areas with thicker yellow and red markings what are they for? Also how many aircraft would be parked here and what way would they be parked? would aircraft be parked on the elevators? How do these lines work? (the diagonal white line and the t shaped line with the 8) same for these lines also, how does the aircraft or helicopter park/land on these lines? the rest of the markings in question are the T shaped markings with the numbers, they stretch down the side of the deck across the cats and up to the front (pic's for good measure) what are these and how are they used, what are the little boxes for etc obviously the T's with the numbers are all the same, but does there location matter, are certain things only using certain markers? am sorry for my ignorance I'm hoping you and your superior knowledge of these things may be able to help me and others to understand the basics of the flight deck :) cheers again
  14. Hi there guy's and gal's I'm looking for some wisdom and guidance... I want to learn what all the markings mean on the freedom, how to read them, what they mean and most importantly how to populate the fight deck with aircraft, choppers and any vehicles that may be on the flight deck at any given time. I have found this image from @jarrad96 on another thread which has helped to get the CWIS placement correct... Now I need to understand what the other markings mean, what they are for and how to place the aircraft on them correctly and where in general things should be placed. Hopefully, you can help me with this, I googled and BI Searched and was unable to find the information I am looking for, fingers crossed that some of you out there will be able to point me in the right direction! Cheers
  15. hope I've come to the right place. I need to terminate a script that is part of an add action... the script is... pickupaction = PC1 addAction [("<t color=""#cd0000"">") + ("PICK UP") + "</t>", "MissionScripts\CALLER.sqf", [false], 1, false, true, "", "Player distance PC1 <3"]; and in another script, I have tried... terminate pickupaction; and it does not work, any ideas?