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    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Found it. I only had one EOS marker so it didn't work (y tho) AND it was named with a number.
  2. SpacePilotMax

    Enemy occupation system (eos)

    I have copied the EOS files into a different mission and got to the point where it gives me an error in Line 4 of eos_core.sqf - Type Number, expected String. Anybody knows why that is and how to get rid of the problem? EDIT: has a |#| in front of the markerpos in this line: _mkr=(_this select 0);_mPos=markerpos(_this select 0);
  3. I'm playing through the campaign, and when I auto-rearm at the equipment boxes in Adapt it gives me stupid amounts of GL flares despite having no launcher. Any ideas on why and what for it is?
  4. SpacePilotMax

    Sound Problems: Shots/Vehicles only hearable on left earplug..

    Try to reinstall the headset drivers. I'll add more once I remember exactly how I did it.
  5. SpacePilotMax

    Arma 3 Currency?

    It's probably Euro or some sort of Altian custom currency.
  6. SpacePilotMax

    Uniform uses basicbody model

    Improper uniform class. That's it. As for the carry capacity, you have to define it in vehicles and then assign to the uniform in weapons, as such:
  7. A uniform I made appears in the arsenal, has the defined carry capacity and weight, but does not have a model (and the character I linked the uniform to does not appear anywhere in the editor). Anyone knows why this is and how to fix it? I have encountered exactly the same issue twice in two separate projects. P.S. A helmet from the same config is also missing from the arsenal. I have made functional headgear and uniforms before. Config: Thank you.
  8. SpacePilotMax

    Arma 3: Community wishes & ideas- NO DISCUSSION

    I want the main menu to be customizable. Specific server instead of quickplay, music, etc...
  9. SpacePilotMax

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    Wait a second. Shouldn't the damage be the same everywhere? Also, it may be wise to move this discussion into a separate platform, like Discord.
  10. SpacePilotMax

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    @RCANTEC.RyanD Do you know if Exile overrides the vanilla medical system completely or adds to it?
  11. SpacePilotMax

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    If there's a way to check if someone is ACE dead, it should be possible to Exiile kill them with a simple script when that happens.
  12. SpacePilotMax


    As for modding, I recommend you start with retexturing a vanilla asset. It's simple to do and can teach you how to use configs. Videos will help even if you don't understand the language because you see what is actually going on.
  13. SpacePilotMax

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    Or, there could be an item that sets a player's Exile medical stats to 100, takes up literally no space, has an infinite number of uses, is sold everywhere for free and the player spawns with it. That should be separate from ACE medical, which would still work as usual?
  14. SpacePilotMax

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    I wonder if it's possible to cut out the Exile medical system and redestribute it as a separate addon (with permission of the Exile devs). If I'm not mistaken, it doesn't affect anything else.
  15. SpacePilotMax

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    I suggest we get back to the original question. @linuxmaster9 what do you need and what are your problems with the stuff suggested by @RCANTEC.RyanD?
  16. SpacePilotMax

    Are the default classes locked?

    @meatshield did you actually build an addon?
  17. Why only change that for Apex owners? As far as I know, there isn't a way to get your hands on a black MX in the campaign so that wouldn't be a problem
  18. Crashes nearly instantly after opening after displaying an error message in upper left corner. Custom saved p3d models can be opened. Anyone knows why this is and how to fix it?
  19. SpacePilotMax

    O2 unable to open vanilla models

    Sounds like it. I was trying to open the basicbody model to export it and use as size/pose reference for modelling my own uniform. Is there a reference avaible?
  20. SpacePilotMax

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    @linuxmaster9 So, what do you need from Alive? If it's for zombies or to simulate ragtag groups of survivors, there probably are simpler ways to do it. Also, Alive may behave weird with players scattered all over the map.
  21. SpacePilotMax

    Help to find a good Texture Program

    Krita is OK, and is free.
  22. SpacePilotMax

    Are the default classes locked?

    If you built the mod and loaded it with the launcher, the vanilla things just took priority over the changed things.
  23. SpacePilotMax

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    @Grumpy Old Man Ryan's Zombies and Demons are the "industry standart", it also adds zombie AI and modules. I have also set them up to use default ALiVE with a tolerable preformance drop once. If the OP needs randomly spawned hordes or something similar, a script would probably suffice. Maybe a grid of triggers that get a bunch of zombies to spawn and give them a waypoint to player's location if one stays in the zone for over 15 or so minutes? Alive seems like overkill in this case, zombies don't need an HQ to steer them around.
  24. SpacePilotMax

    Script alternative to ALiVE?

    Exactly what do you need ALiVe for in Exile?