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  1. halveridian

    Suicide Bomber and Carbomb Addon

    any chance we can put this on steam?
  2. halveridian

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Let me know if im crossing any kind of line. My community has itemized many different aircraft types to throw into our mod list. Many are excited for when your update will drop and will likely replace it. My question is more geared toward what is getting updated. I understand revamped systems will be implemented but curious as to whether visual updates will occur on existing models, if new assets will be added damage models so on. I have tried to run through the thread but its pretty long and didnt know if there is that information readily available in one spot.
  3. halveridian

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Hi Genesis. I have been having issues trying to get Hold waypoint to force Garrison in VCOM using script side. I don't know what is wrong. I was hoping its something fixable. I always hoped you could make some form of module in editor and Zeus. that can control that. Please let me know if you have this problem too. I was placing the waypoint on some bunkers on Malden in bunkers and houses. and nothing.
  4. halveridian

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Is there only certain mine types that can be placed that will be used by vcom. For instance the rhs mines or the newer mines made by Idap dlc
  5. My guess is this abandoned
  6. My guess is this abandoned
  7. halveridian

    [CTI-COOP] Dissension

    Another thing I thiink would be useful is for those communities that use ace medical. If ace medical is loaded it uses that rather than the one in dissension currently. I don't know if it is already designed like that but if not it would be helpful to put in that check on the init.sqf
  8. halveridian

    [CTI-COOP] Dissension

    Something that wasn't touched on that I would think is interesting. Are their civilians on this. If not can we have a civilian presence and some option down the line for an insurgent commander. Not to sound to much like alive cause that's definitely not what I want. But I do like the thought of area relations with civilians. You kill too many civilians as collateral your relation goes down in the area. And get less resources as a result or chances of hostile civilians down the line. With that you would probably have to implement or create a script of run and hide for civilians so you don't have random civs running through a gun fight. Things that could make this interesting, an artillery commander may have poor relations well cause of the collateral damage caused by artillery if they assault a town. You can't have a town, city, or other assets on the terrain without anyone inhabiting it.
  9. This may have been answered already, but is project opfor not supported. Also forgive me for not trying to just test it out again, but last time I created a mission some of the randomly generated missions were very buggy. For example I would get a team of guys to come with me to go secure some outpost and the outpost would literally contain 1 enemy infantry. Consistently wasting the time of my team. This happened pretty often. I also noticed when running ace if ace medical was on for the enemy and we kill that enemy, the objective wouldn't complete till he fully died even though he was deemed neutralized.
  10. halveridian

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Cancel my the first suggestion. I was able to use hold waypoint in zeus while using ares-achilles expansion. I did notice they respond better on the vanilla maps of Stratis, Altis, and Malden, but Tanoa has issues due to the design of some of the buildings and CUP maps seem to act a little funny as well when units garrison the buildings. seldomly could I get the units to go to the second story of a building. I also noticed when the Hold waypoint command was given as soon as a squad got to the waypoint they broke up into individual squads for each unit.
  11. halveridian

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    I know that has been requested for a long time. I have hoped for a medic system that functions in AI mods. To be honest if we are in a situation where we are fighting AI and then we disengage but remain within eye sight of the AI to try and medically assist it's wounded then the AI will probably stay in combat mode and not try and pick their guys up. They would have to know to throw smoke have someone, medic or other infantry, drag them to safety to work on them. If that could be achieved that would be awesome. probably have to implement ai types for base game and some of the more popular mods such as medics for each faction in rhs, project opfor, and Syrian conflict, and CUP. I have an idea that may be equally as difficult but I know it has been done before. An AI mod that has long since been abandoned and was way subpar in terms of AI combat behavior had a couple awesome features, that I believe would enhance gameplay for mission creators. 1st- A zeus, and eden module for command that is vcom specific, for garrison and patrol. -The Mod I referenced had a command to garrison separate from ace or ares garrison, which would have its own ai garrison and switch garrison positions every 15/20 seconds (you chose setting) within a building, essentially causing them to patrol within the building. The problem I see is the garrison command can tend to ignore the AI mod that is being used in terms of combat effectiveness. you already have an awesome search building feature with AI it would just need to be adjusted I imagine so they don't leave their designated Garrison location and have some realistic dynamic movement throughout the building/buildings, and make a very zeus/mission creator friendly module placeable/syncable. I don't think there is a need to replace the search then garrison that ares provides. -The patrol command I listed was also a feature that I saw, that if you set a unit to patrol an area it normally stuck to roads and followed them automatically, randomizing there routes accordingly in some way shape or form. so clicking on a building surrounded by main roads and sidestreets and setting the patrol radius would cause the AI to go on a patrol. If it was a building that was the center of the patrol it would patrol around the inner surround streets and occasionally side roads and if the radius was far enough the outer roads of the patrol area.
  12. halveridian

    ASR AI 3

    my community is running Asr ai we don't run rhs saf but we do run the rest of the rhs mods. the rhs config seemingly requires saf. I was wondering what exactly the config files do for each of these factions.
  13. halveridian

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    This may have already been asked but will this mod ever be officially put on steam? My community tries to contain use of mods to steam for ease of access and I would like them to take this mod into consideration.
  14. halveridian

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    I was wondering if there was a way to get some or at least part of this mission completely mod dependent free. such as the requirement for CBA removed for players logging into the host/server. I want to put this on my public server for completely new and vanilla users to be able to load in. also I like every feature in this for what I want to use it for but I noticed that when I host I am pretty much immortal as I can get shot repeatedly while only flinching. As a public server I would like the FOB feature to be taken off so when no one from my group is on public players can't join in and start Spawning craziness Forward operating bases. I can easily see this overtaking the popularity of Invade and Annex if it had full vanilla support.
  15. halveridian

    AiSS - Feat of Arms V2.0.0

    the modules populate in zeus but don't seem to work any ideas as to why?