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  1. Ben@Arms

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    I appreciate your beautiful work, spunfin. Thank you again for updating this powerful tool! Your next beer is on me 😉
  2. This is a very handy script! Do you plan anything to implement panic behaviour on the civilians?
  3. Ben@Arms

    [Terrain]: Archipelago

    This looks amazing! =) And I really like Trenches! Lots of them!
  4. Hey Phronk! Thanks for giving the scenario designers a great tool to reduce the needed time for finetuning a mission! Is there a thing one can do for you to support this great project? Greetings Ben.
  5. Don't want to bother you with that, but I once talked to a former IDF soldier and he told me, that the optional crew compartment takes up space needed for ammunition and stuff. And I like to add, that NATO needs a NATO main battle tank indeed. Because the Merkava unfortunately isn't and predictably won't be a NATO tank in the near future.
  6. Splendid job so far! One thing though ;) The Nyx (Autocannon / MK) could use a bit more ammunition. The real counterpart already carries more rounds with it. Other than that, you rock!
  7. Ben@Arms

    Enhanced Trenches

    Thank you for creating this =)
  8. Ben@Arms

    Bad ArmA Trends

    In the german military we wore the "BIV Lucie-Tragegestell", when we did not wear our helmets. Soldier with LUCIE Tragegestell
  9. Ben@Arms

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    It is free, i think it won't be inside an EBO-file. So i guess you could open it up and play around with it. But don't quote me on that :D
  10. Ben@Arms

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    Yes, mankyle was faster than me :D Here you go: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=910238572 Its enough for a tiny bit of crates or something you need. No elevator, no storage. Ai can walk and drive on it. Even land on it. Its a pretty decent addition to the game.
  11. I would like to see this development continued, too =)
  12. Head -> Table... Definitely overlooked this one! Thanks for your helpful reply major_shepard!
  13. Ben@Arms

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I would like to see some custom fortification objects like the trench systems from the IFA3-Mod or smaller segments. Anybody came across something like this?
  14. Hey major_shepard. Can you help me with a question about the download? Everytime we have a repository update, all the changed .pbo-files get downloaded in full size. That means we are downloading whole mods instead of the changed pieces. Maybe i am overlooking a setting... We have A3Sync installed on our dedicated rootserver, the repository is setup via filezilla hosting-software and the users connect via autoconfig. So the whole downloading procedure is perfect, fast and working. Could you give me a hint regarding my issue? Thank you in advance Ben
  15. Thank you for your work on this, Psycho. And thanks to the others helping him! As a guy, who designs and plays singleplayer missions as much as multiplayer sessions i humbly thank you =) Keep up that good work of yours!