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    Gendarmerie Re-Armed

    Police and Gendarmerie Forces are two distinguished units in several countries, it won't be realistic or logical to use a Gendarmerie Skin and put 'Police' on it. Also, this is not what the author is trying to do...
  2. SovietPanda

    Gendarmerie Re-Armed

    Sure, but if he gets the authorisation from the mod author he could directly include the weapon (and only what he needs) in his own mod. ^^
  3. SovietPanda

    Gendarmerie Re-Armed

    1. Well for the Famas, the Battlegroup XXI made a pretty good model here : https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/192928-bg21-french-equipment/ If you ask kindly, I'm sure Tyranos will give you the authorisation to use his work, he's a nice guy ! Worth trying ! 2. About the names, I could help you if you need it ! Just PM me. 3. For the vehicles, we sadly lack french used vehicles in ArmA III. The most accurate ones would be Vans or Sedans with the generic Gendarmerie pattern, I don't really know what you could find. Get some ideas here maybe : https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gendarmerie_nationale_fran%C3%A7aise#V.C3.A9hicules
  4. SovietPanda

    Gendarmerie Re-Armed

    Nice idea, maybe you could give them a good old french weapon like the Famas ! Since they are of french inheritance...
  5. Haha, nice picture ! Tanoa is a great place for amphibious assaults with that kind of "projection ship".
  6. Great work ! The french community will love it, for sure. It's such a wonderful ship ! I don't really see the point of doing a Russian version, considering that the two boats were sold to Egypt after the Crimean Crisis (just like Minidou said). Anyway, if you plan to do it, I guess Russians will be happy to have them at least in ArmA III ! :lol:
  7. SovietPanda

    BG21 French equipment

    I won't download any of this if there's no VAB ! :angry: Still very nice, though...
  8. SovietPanda

    CBA - Community Base Addons - ARMA 3

    Nice ! Thank you for the quick update !
  9. SovietPanda

    War Sim Studios

    Hi Knight ! It's a really nice work to make this many ships ! I know that you are very busy, but I do have one question, though. I remember that you've made a poll to select the next nation you'll be working on, and Germany and France won it ex-aequo. I don't remember which ships you were planning to make for these navies, so do you already have ideas ? Thank you for your time !
  10. Nice, the last model before the Alpha ! I'm pretty excited ! Great work on the details, I love these rims...
  11. SovietPanda

    War Sim Studios

    Yay !
  12. Well, the colors are nice but I think you should change the font of the text. Plus you could create a French-named company to fit into the LORE.
  13. SovietPanda

    Map Kidal - Mali

    Well, I think our Regiment is going to reenact Operation Serval...
  14. Wow, that's something. Great project and really good ideas ! Looking forward to test it with the community !
  15. Wow, this is great ! French are always under-represented in historical games about WWII.
  16. SovietPanda

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Work is still going on, don't worry.
  17. Wow, I'd love to make this kind of video to present the modification in french if you'd like. Our community is so eager to play with it and to play massive PvP ! I'm sure you'll have a great success !
  18. SovietPanda

    Arma 3 : Underground

    Great idea, could be really interesting in some scenarios or PvP game modes ! :P
  19. It's not that easy to merge such mods. Each one has its own methods, teams and objectives. Besides, plurality can be a good way to stimulate the community and create more content... I understand that people would love to see a WWII modification released soon, but I think it's better to give them some time and let people do what they want first. Anyway, if they feel the need to work with other mod creators, they will probably do it by themselves. :)
  20. SovietPanda

    Kunduz, Afghanistan [10km] v1.20

    Why should it be ? Isn't it finished ? :huh:
  21. SovietPanda

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Anyway, they already seem to have a decent 3D model. operation-frenchpoint.com/ec-665-tigre/ Since they restarted from scratch, I guess they prefer to use their own model instead of asking for someone else's. But someone will probably answer your question soon enough !
  22. SovietPanda

    Operation FrenchPoint

    Isn't the FFAA Tigre from Opération Frenchpoint on ArmA II ?
  23. SovietPanda

    [WIP] Renault Trucks Defense VAB

    Sacrebleu ! Se pourrait-il que nous puissions enfin conduire un véhicule français digne de ce nom prochainement ? Great work as always, can't wait to test it. Considering the fact that our regiment is about to start a new campaign on Takistan, I'll tell you if it's really rocket-proof. :P