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  1. @Diveyez The perf build is without the profiling stuff, eventhough if i remember its just local logging possibilities(you know GDPR and Stuff)
  2. Interesting how come i had a MP server running modded liberation with ~700 active AI and 15 players. All running at 55 server fps and client side depending on the PC from 40 to 120fps?
  3. The problems in comlicated Engines always exist, just by beeing complicated. RV suffers from that Enfusion will too and other bigger complicated Engines will too. Its just a matter of time till they pop up.
  4. Thats cool that you fix the mods you use but what about the other 99.9% in use right now?
  5. @Diveyez no bias towards BI or anything else. Im not sure if you know what Arma runs on.. its a i think 14 years old engine (RV) that isnt even technically able to run Arma 3 and somehow it runs (not even bad if knowing the quirksin scripting and server administration). So the solution would be a new engine. There already is one in development, its called Enfusion (new in-house Engine). Pros: -Better Performance -Future Proof -New technologies like DX12 / Vulkan Cons: -mod compatibility??? (thats what Arma lives from) -new bugs and quirks ( this is present on any more compicated engine and Arma is heck of a lot more complicated than BF or CoD) -new scripting language , so probably Missions will not be compatible... So we have 2 options A) take what we have . And we got way better performance wise since the Alpha. I personally get stable FPS from 40 to 80FPS depending on the server and mods. I run a Ryzen R7 2700X (all core 4.1GHz) B) lose probably all our mods (many developers moved along, because they finished they work) and there is no one to update them (look what happened with APEX and the Map lighting). there is even 1 option i like the most: Make Arma 4 with the new Engine and make it backwards compatible like Arma 3 to Arma 2, even with performance cost. Thats a tough choice if you ask me, but as of what i play im ok with 40 to 80 fps (Arma is not that fast paced that you would need 200fps like in doom). PS: regarding someone will do it better and faster... someone would need the knowhow that BIS has and i mean not BI but BIS, because BI could ask BIS for help in many situations. Additionaly if there would be someone we would already have a Arma 2 competitor, the only thing we have is Squad, having no mod support and no scripting language at all. So if there is someone out there we like to see what they offer.
  6. @laxemann and @jokoho482 is there any way to get Dynasound and ES to work without CBA? I have problems with a change of direction CBA is going due to actual gameplay changes forced upon players. As an example: I want to host a server that allows your wonderfull mod as an optional one. What now happens is that people using this mod have a advantage over people not doing so.(for example they can load 100rnd Mags in to the MX rifles) So now we are in a position where we have to decide wether we force CBA on everyone regardless of need or remove your all optional CBA mods..
  7. TheMasterofBlubb

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    @mankyle my only number 1 for Arma 4 is NO PHYSX (by Nvidia)
  8. TheMasterofBlubb

    CBA - Community Base Addons - ARMA 3

    Ahhhh the Forum is trolling me. i could get out of the nametag sry for the Spam. What i wanted to write is that if CBA is enabled you can load a 100rnd mag in to a MX/M/C what shouldnt be possible and is not when using plain vanilla Arma
  9. @Malcain im not sure that this "ad"is by CBA if i play on my favorite server i get a different mod+version every time i press ESC
  10. TheMasterofBlubb

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    As i can not get the cursor out of the Nametag: The Wipeout is the most armored plane in Arma 3 and is a designated Anti Tank plane, it has a huge 30mm APHE Cannon and can withstand 2 to 3 AA missiles at times where all other jets are down after 1. The other planes expect the Neophron (almost same ammo as Wipeout) have only HE rounds that can do good damage on planes and helis. So you probably when hitting the Wipepout or Neo with the 20mm HE do modular damage on engine or fuel tanks. Try to see where you do damage when you hit those planes, as sometimes the plane wont land anymore, what is technically destroying it( as after Jets DLC you dont need to blow a jet up to kill it, i have seen this multiple times in PvP where 1 AA manpad can do a luckyshot and the engines are down).
  11. TheMasterofBlubb

    Release Candidate Branch Discussion

  12. TheMasterofBlubb

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    @SuicideKing its not a lock you just need radar to be active. Im not even sure if AI deactivates radar at all.
  13. TheMasterofBlubb

    88th Clan

    http://88th.es/ This is a Clan i recently discovered through a report in my main Gaming community. Their Logos are somewhat reassambling the nazi symbols. They are saying they are an ESports team in Arma 3, with official sponsors. Their logo is literaly used by Nazis. I would like the BI Community guys to talk to them since its not cool to be associated with these kind of people playing this game.
  14. TheMasterofBlubb

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    @SuicideKing when radar is activate1d you get a lead marker for the cannon. So kinda a dynamic target indicator
  15. TheMasterofBlubb

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    I think a good start would be the SPAA, they need some love since the jets DLC.