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  1. Thanks to all!!! I run some test and I saw that using for with sleep, have delays in busy servers. I'll try this solution:
  2. Yes, I count for a few minutes, to long waits. It's will be used in different situation in parallel
  3. Some people told me that Arma 3 can kill process if it are in a long waiting loop. I don't know is that is true. This was the reason to my question.
  4. I need that a process wait 2 hours for start. Meanwhile the mission is running It's possible? With that code that I wrote before, the code never started to run after those lines.
  5. Hi, I tried that an scripts start running 2 hrs after game started. This code is from EOS script if (_pause > 0 and !_initialLaunch) then { for "_counter" from 1 to _pause do { if (_hints) then { hint format ["Attack ETA : %1",(_pause - _counter)]; }; sleep 1; }; }; They code after that never started. Is there any way to wait for long period? Regards
  6. I don't know about your script. I used to put the damage to 0.9 in an ambush. The vehicles caught fire and exploded in a short time. Try changing the value 0.9 to 0.8 to see if it solves your problem
  7. Is there any way to use this in a windows server with TADST?
  8. I found this code in web a time ago. I made some little changes. // update marker as long as map is open (works for uav stations as well) J_myGPSEH = addMissionEventHandler ["Map", { params ["_mapIsOpened", "_mapIsForced"]; if (_mapIsOpened) then { ((uiNamespace getVariable "BIS_UAV_DISPLAY") displayCtrl 112410) mapCenterOnCamera true; //hint format["%1",mapGridPosition player]; _markerstr = createMarkerLocal ["markername",player]; _markerstr setMarkerShapeLocal "ICON"; _markerstr setMarkerTypeLocal "mil_start"; //_markerstr setMarkerTypeLocal "a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\islandmap\iconplayer_ca.paa"; _markerstr setMarkerDirLocal getDir player; switch (side player) do { case west:{ _markerstr setMarkerColorLocal "ColorWEST";}; case east:{ _markerstr setMarkerColorLocal "ColorEAST";}; case civ:{ _markerstr setMarkerColorLocal "ColorCIV";}; case Independent:{ _markerstr setMarkerColorLocal "colorIndependent";}; }; _markerstr setMarkerTextLocal format["%1",mapGridPosition player]; // no sheduled environment -> create one /* Triggered when map is opened or closed either by user action or script command openMap. */ /* [] spawn { waitUntil{ hint format["%1",mapGridPosition soldado]; }; };// */ } else{ hint ""; deleteMarkerLocal "markername"; } ; }]; This code work fine. They put an icon in map when I open it. The problem is that icon is static. If I moving in a vehicle always is in the my position at map open. Is there any way to actualizate the payer position when map is open? BTW: Where I can find the iconplayer_ca.paa? This line don't work _markerstr setMarkerTypeLocal "a3\ui_f\data\igui\cfg\islandmap\iconplayer_ca.paa";
  9. I'm sorry but I can't follow you. I'm just start to learn about scripts
  10. ok, to all. I hope that someone who has knowledge of MP comment about it.
  11. Thanks for everyone's response. I'm going to try this code. Where does this code go? In the initServer?
  12. Thank for your answer. But I'm looking for some solution that not depend of good will of player. Regards
  13. Hi guys, I'm interested in any way to hide the GPS screen when the player is aiming, like the compass or watch. Any idea? Regards,
  14. Here is my final code (for now) The logic is: Player is covered (setCaptive true) If player fire inside trigger area go to uncovered (setCaptive false) If not enemy close or player(s) kill enemies near him in a certain time, go to covered status again. (in the future) If player kill someone, is activated a radio check timer trigger, that do something Setup Made a group (or more) of infiltrate players. In the init of the group put this sentence: {_x setCaptive true;} forEach units this; (image) Make a trigger to cover the enemy area. Activate by player and you can use presense or detected by in activation type. In activation put this code nul = [] execVM "scripts\detectado.sqf"; Use your name and path. (image) Add this to initServer.sqf //initServer.sqf stealthStatus = "undetected"; publicVariable "stealthStatus"; Finally put this routine: //scripts\detectado.sqf player addEventHandler ["FiredMan",{ params ["_unit"]; player setCaptive false; //systemChat "Si escucharon ese disparo perdimos la cobertura"; [] spawn { _radiusPlayerDetected = ["RadiusDetected",100] call BIS_fnc_getParamValue; //Radio de detección _detectedTimeLimit = ["TimeToCallInContact",20] call BIS_fnc_getParamValue;//Tiempo de reacción _run = true; _timePlayerDetected = 0; _tiempo = 0; _playerDetected = false; _playerNotified = false; while {_run && (stealthStatus == "undetected")} do { //systemChat "_run"; if (alive player) then { _playerDetected = false; _listEntitiesNear = (getPos player) nearEntities _radiusPlayerDetected; _listEnemiesNear = _listEntitiesNear select {side _x == east}; { if ((_x knowsAbout player) > 1.4 && !(_playerDetected)) exitWith { _playerDetected = true; //systemChat "Algo sabe el enemigo"; }; } forEach _listEnemiesNear; _tiempo = diag_tickTime; call { if (_playerDetected && !(_playerNotified)) exitWith { _timePlayerDetected = diag_tickTime; //systemChat "Los enemigos sospechan que estamos cerca (>1.4)"; _playerNotified = true; }; if (_playerDetected && _playerNotified && (_tiempo >= _timePlayerDetected + _detectedTimeLimit)) exitWith { _run = false; //systemChat "Hemos sido descubiertos. Ya no estamos encubiertos"; player setCaptive false; stealthStatus = "detected"; publicVariable "stealthStatus"; }; if (!(_playerDetected) && _playerNotified) exitWith { _playerNotified = false; _timePlayerDetected = 0; //systemChat "Estamos seguros. No hay ningun enemigo cerca que sepa de nosotros"; player setCaptive true; }; }; } else { _run = false }; uiSleep 2; }; }; }]; You need to play with RadiusDetected and detectedTimeLimit values to adjust to requirements. Maybe 50 m and 30 sec. will be good for closed spaces. To adjust this parameter in game put this to description.ext //description.ext class Params { class EmtpyLine1 { title = ":: Parametros de Misión ::"; values[]={0,0}; texts[]={ "",""}; default = 0; }; class EmtpyLine2 { title = "..............................."; values[]={0,0}; texts[]={ "",""}; default = 0; }; class RadiusDetected { title = "Radio de detección de los enemigos"; values[] = {3,5,10,15,20,50,100,150,200,500,1000,1500,2000}; texts[] = {"3 metros","5 metros","10 metros","15 metros","20 metros","50 metros","100 metros","150 metros","200 metros","500 metros","1000 metros","1500 metros","2000 metros"}; default = 100; }; class TimeToCallInContact { title = "Tiempo que se tiene para recuperar la cobertura una vez detectados"; values[] = {5,10,15,20,25,30,45,60}; texts[] = {"5 segundos","10 segundos","15 segundos","20 segundos","25 segundos","30 segundos","45 segundos","60 segundos"}; default = 45; }; };