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  1. Hello R3vo, unfortunatelly the units doesent stop the animation after getting shotted.
  2. When VASS Mod is activated I am not able to use "backspace" or "Escape" in Editor for changing codes in a unit init line. It happens in Arma 3 Devbranch
  3. LDF Gear in black/Nato camo would be really nice tho :-D
  4. Is there any possibility to place these weapons with magazines right from beginning?
  5. When I try to do bug report it tells me: "You can not select this edit policy, because you would no longer be able to edit the object." what does it mean?
  6. bug report: Weapons have no weight
  7. Hello, I just wanted to ask wheter there is a chance to fix the shadow bug (sun is glowing on your body even though there should be shadow) which you have in the first perspective while beeing in houses or behind something that should give you shadow? Greetings, Chrys
  8. Military gates seems not to be openable
  9. Here she shadow bug (with buildings) in pictures. As you can see, there is no shadow (of the buildings) on the hand or the weapon.
  10. Hi, I love this DLC. Very nice quality and impressive map. There is on issue that kinda kills immersion a litte. When you enter buildings and you are in the first perspective buildings/objects doesent put shadow on your body nor on you weapon. 😞
  11. Hello, is it possible to include the weapons as objects in the eden editor to create weapon armorys and that kind of stuff. Would be pretty awesome if u could include that little but awesome feature. :-)
  12. Do you mean in an upcomming version or in the actual version 2.5 because I've got the version of 10.09 from armohlic and it seems like it doesen't work there. Doesen't matter how polite I try to form this sentence, it still sounds like an inpolite request. Btw. thank your for the effort your are doing. 3den Enhanced is a really enrichment! ;-)
  13. AI still doesent end animation when get shooted or enemy contact :-(
  14. I didn't play Arma 3 for a long time. Now I reinstalled it again. If I remember right in an old of 3den_Enhanced version the animation of the units auomaticaly stopped when they spottet enemys. Unfortunatelly now they don't. :-(
  15. Bohemia Interactive improved the weird satelite textures that was realy annoying. Till now i could'nt spot any tile textures above the jungle area. :218: