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  1. Hi there. If you're still having this issue tonight, I'll help you out. I'll be home from work around 5pm London time. Teamspeak:
  2. Ahhhh I see. I was thinking about trying to just take the existing model and rotate and transform the position but of course every movement is going to be made specifically for the vertical placement. I'll give it a miss and hope that a better solution comes along in ArmA 4. Thank you for your time and advice.
  3. Good evening, all. I am wondering if anyone could help me with something. I am trying to work out the logistics involved in changing the position of the launcher to be like this: As opposed to slung over the shoulder. It's clearly possible to reposition it... Thanks for any information anyone can provide me with!
  4. Steel UK

    Welsh Defence Force Mod (WDF)

    Interesting idea. Now I have an opportunity to finally shoot at the Welsh in game
  5. Steel UK

    Lowlands Warrior

    That map looks like a beautiful training ground. Is there a coastline at all?
  6. Steel UK

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Thank you so much. I really appreciate your support. This is the best mission framework I have ever come across and really hits home with my late ArmA 2 Patrol Ops/MSO cravings.
  7. Steel UK

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    I am struggling to get WEST factions to work as the enemy faction. I have searched around for an option to switch myself to OPFOR or something but apart from putting down playable GUER and EAST units and setting the GUER to enemy, I have had no luck. I have tried with WEST factions from three different mods. Any ideas? Thank you again!
  8. Steel UK

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    I THINK (massive emphasis on think) that the error is being caused by grouping friendly units together as opposed to having them as individual units as is default. Is this a possibility at all?
  9. Steel UK

    [MP] =BTC= Hearts and Minds

    Good afternoon and thank you for creating this beautiful mission framework. I have just discovered it and I am hooked. I am attempting to make some edits for my community so that we can have our own slots and vehicles etc. I am having an issue where after running it a few times in the editor, all of the scripts will just stop working. No arsenal, no side missions, no spawning. Nothing. There doesn't seem to be one specific thing causing it. For example, it will sometimes work with friendly AI. Sometimes not. Sometimes it will work with the default units there. Sometimes it will stop working if I move them.
  10. Steel UK

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Hi mate there is a lovely one in the US Equipment and Accessories mod which is a World War 2 based mod. Would definitely recommend checking it out for the other stuff too especially if you're a Band of Brothers/WW2 US Airborne Fan. That is the Teamspeak 3 IP for an amazing World War 2 US Airborne community. I am not a part of it but it's gorgeous as a group.
  11. 42 Commando Royal Marines - Professional and Authentic Royal Marines Simulation - www.42commando.org.uk Introduction 42 Commando (Pronounced four-two commando) is an ArmA 3 simulation community who follow the layout and style of a modern joint maritime operations and standing task commando. Our focus is on providing a hub for members of the ArmA 3 community who wish to take part in authentic and serious Royal Marines simulation without the hassle of members who aren't motivated towards the same goal. Why Join 42 Commando? Our community is run by experienced members of the ArmA community and the original founder of 42 Commando back in 2013 and we take ArmA and make an effort to use it to its full potential when playing. Our training is realistic and has a purpose but most of all, we have serious fun. Our Events In favour of large scale, high quality events, we play every other Friday at 19:00 BST. Although it may seem that once every two weeks is not enough for commitment to a game series, we find that people are far more likely to be in attendance and because of this, the experience is much better. Members are free to be a part of multiple communities if they wish to play more ArmA. We advise all potential members to come and ask us about the benefit of bi-weekly engagements. Our Wider Community Focus Also, in favour of large scale, high quality events, we actively engage in joint engagements with other communities. Professionalism We pride ourselves on being a professional and respectful community of Royal Marines enthusiasts who work towards the same goal of creating the best possible experience for all. Get Involved If you would like to find out more information then please visit our website at www.42commando.org.uk
  12. Steel UK

    Norwegian Forces Pack

    Ken jeg få et egg. My girlfriend is Norwegian and is a good teacher of the language as you can see.
  13. Steel UK

    BHZ Parachutes

    Very creative and nice.
  14. My apologies for reviving an old thread but I just wanted to say that 4 years later, your post, iceman77, has just helped me figure out an issue and get something working which I am excited about. Thank-you!
  15. Basically, I am trying to create framework for a sector control mission with AI where one spawnpoint's AI groups focus on one sector and another focuses on another. However, it appears the AI will simply just move to the nearest "not captured" sector regardless of syncing etc. This is not practical as I would like to have the AI all start in one area and then split off to their designated objectives as opposed to having just one big blob run through all the sectors in order . Any help is greatly appreciated!