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co30 Domination! One Team

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Domination! One Team

Version 3.70 available

Free the island from all SLA/US troops.

Game mode: MP, coop 1-30

Addon's required: None

Respawn: Base (Paraiso Airfield), mobile respawns (delay 20 seconds)

Side: RACS, WEST and EAST versions available

Features: Revive, AI, ACE, Ranked versions and more

Your goal is it to free randomly picked targets (up to 21) from all enemy forces.

Changes in version 3.70:

  • Fixed copy and paste error in x_setupplayer.sqf, error message when setting a chopper to 2
  • Fixed copy and paste error in x_arifire2.sqf
  • Players don't loose a point in the ranked version now if they die (default now)
  • If a player gets killed by another player no need to check for the side of the killer (non TT versions)
  • Fixed, transporting other players gives the driver/pilot now actually points in the ranked version. It doesn't matter at which point on the map a unit enters the vehicle, only the transport distance counts.
  • Added pre 3.50 handling of ammoboxes (dropping from MHQ or chopper) again as an option
  • If a wreck doesn't reach the wreck point because the lift chopper got shot or the pilot released the wreck a new wreck marker at the current position gets created now
  • Added enhanced player markers support. It's now possible to show the marker with name, without name, with role and health of the unit.
  • Fixed, place base marker at correct position
  • Replaced the building in side mission 4 in the Uhao version with a lighthouse (was an object from editor update)
  • Fixed typos in Uhao sidemission four
  • Corrected direction display for static weapons
  • Fixed, reduced unit placement radius from 50 m to 0 m on top of Pico de Perez
  • Added markers for player AI in the AI version
  • Respawn any of the inital base vehicles when they land beyond the defined map area (after 10 minutes)
  • Don't display a killed by message and don't subtract points if a player chooses ESC->Respawn
  • Remove and recreate stuck island defense groups
  • All looping server scripts will now stop if all players left the server (persistent)
  • Rewrote group state machine, more performance friendly now
  • Somehow ArmA updates broke climb over obstacle, fixed
  • Added turret fix for reload script from zGuba
  • Many, many, many other small fixes and optimizations
  • and so on and so on

Changes in version 3.61:

  • fixed server RPT errors introduced in 3.60 (Bug #1060)
  • fixed some rpt warnings in some bonus missions (Bug #1046)
  • fixed a typo in air taxi (Bug #1047)
  • fixed position of air dropped objects (Bug #1054)

Changes in version 3.60:

  • fixed bug in sidemission 5 (spawn was used instead of call to get the result of a function, doesn't work)
  • fixed missing addAction command for choppers in TT version
  • added some experimental code that gives artillery operators points if they kill enemy ai with a strike
  • changed initial placing of units and reworked random position generator
  • added more nil checks for d_sm_p_pos (it could happen that a JIP player got an error message in x_sidemissionwinner.sqf)
  • fixed copy and paste error in x_vrespawn2.sqf (Truck5tRefuel) and added a variable in i_common.sqf to change those trucks (d_own_trucks)
  • removed airdefense and replaced it with isledefense. Instead some static Shilkas/Vulcans there are now patrols driving around the island, attacking players when they find them
  • replaced a last remaining bmp string with APC string in secondary target information
  • all repair stations ("Land_repair_center") can now repair vehicles if the player is the driver of a damaged vehicle (choppers/planes get repaired if the player is about 15 m over a repair station, can be disabled)
  • fixed typo in d_allmen_W (it's SoldierWMedic not SodlierWMedic)
  • added code for ranked AI versions that gives the players points when an AI of his group kills an enemy AI unit
  • added some checks here and there that turns off vehicle engine if a player enters a vehicle, gets kicked out but started the engine.
  • fixed typo in beam_tele.sqf (missing =) in Revive version
  • added removed civilian code again (disabled by default, eats up to much performance)
  • time until the next sidemission gets created now depends on the number of players (can be changed in i_server.sqf, d_time_until_next_sidemission)
  • reworked complete code for removing placed mashes/mg nests and markers of leaving players (not running in a loop anymore, gets handled in onPlayerDisconnected now- )
  • fixed placing of ammoboxes dropped by air drop
  • !!!!!!!! as really nobody seems to read what I write when a new Domination version gets released, really nobody, Domination should now also run in a hosted environment. Though I do not promise anything, some things might still only run on a real dedicated server.
    (STOP PLAYING HOSTED. You can run arma_server.exe on your own machine side by side with ArmA. If ArmA crashes you can connect again, if the same happens hosted and you are the host, everything is gone).
  • fixed a typo in ranked x_weaponcargor.sqf (normal version)
  • fixed flanking code (now really works, scary)
  • fixed, max arti distance gets now computed correctly
  • added two new sidemissions where you have to rescue pilots (enemy AI also try to get to the crash site, they will arive after some time and probably kill the pilots)
  • some kind of state machine is now running for each AI group, handling patrolling and group behaviour when an enemy is near the group (flanking, etc)
  • in the A.C.E. version engineers do need a rucksack now to repair/analyze and refuel vehicles.
  • added a settings dialog where you can change viewdistance, gras layer and player markers and which also shows mission settings (including points for ranks). It can be accessed from the show status dialog ("Settings" button).
  • fixed, JIP players will see the ruins of the support buildings now (if destroyed)
  • fixed, no to backback action menu if the player has no primary weapon
  • fixed, swapping the primary weapon from the backpack and getting killed resulted in a respawn without a primary weapon
  • fixed, if starting without a primary weapon backpack didn't work correctly
  • changed, use displayname in action menu instead of type name for backpack weapons
  • changed, if an armored enemy vehicle gets hit it spawns smoke (if available) and trys to hide somewhere.
  • changed, start point of base infiltration troops can be about 800 m away from the base now.
  • added correct soldier types for recruiting AI in the A.C.E. AI version
  • added ACE Map support (default: disabled). If enabled you'll need an ACE map for various things (like calling arti, air drop, etc)
  • attached vehicles get moved behind a lift chopper (should finally fix the annoying midair crashes, thanks to CarlGustaffa)
  • engineers tried to cheat in the ranked version by repairing vehicles in the base again and again, not possible anymore
  • implemented improved flare artillery from CarlGustaffa
  • added A.C.E. East Ranked version
  • updated some of the bonus missions
  • and so on and so on

Changes in version 3.51:

- fixed nasty bug in x_sideprisoners.sqf which led to a server crash

- CarlGustaffa added support for statics to use vehicle hud and direction indication

- clients are not sending their score every two seconds to the server anymore (server can handle it itself)

- removed more unit types that can get spawned (hopefully solves performance problems)

Changes in version 3.50:

- dropping an ammobox from a chopper or mhq is now only possible if you've loaded one into the chopper or mhq

*(load it at ammo point at base or load a dropped one again into the vehicle, though you have to wait about 5 minutes

*before you can drop or load a box from/to the same vehicle again)

- added a dialog for the MHQs and the lift choppers (action menu "MHQ Menu" and "Chopper Menu").

*It will let you create a vehicle or teleport from MHQs and gives you the possibility to drop and load an ammocrate if you

*are the driver/pilot (all others can see if an ammocrate is loaded). Reduces the number of action menu entries for these vehicles.

- fixed the annoying "can't get anything out of an ammobox" bug. Ammoboxes are now handled locally on each client

- splitted init.sqf in 5 files. You have to edit init.sqf and the i_* files, too

- sidemissions are now easier to add, see x_missions folder, I've included a small howto in that folder (hopefully easier),

*still WIP)

- artillery can now fire more than one salvoe but it will take some time before the first shell hits the target

*(somehow more realistic, flight time, reload time, etc, for salvoes the artillery reload time can also be changed,

*d_arti_reload_time in i_common.sqf)

- time until artillery is available again depends on the number of salvoes fired

- players can now see the artillery messages only if they are about 15 m away from an artillery operator.

- artillery operators now have to be max. 500 m away from the artillery target

*("line of sight", default 500 m, can be changed in i_common.sqf, d_arti_operator_max_dist) otherwise no artillery

*strike will be executed, you'll see a yellow diagonal marker which indicates the max distance.

- same for players that are able to call in an air drop, they have to be 500 m near the drop point to call in a drop,

*you'll see a yellow diagonal marker which indicates the max distance.

*("line of sight", default 500 m, can be changed in i_common.sqf, d_drop_max_dist)

- enemy troops will now recapture allready taken towns (totally random which town and when).

*Does only work if there are human players on the server. Mission won't end if those towns don't get captured again by

*the players.

- chance for a main target counterattack is now down to 10% and it doesn't depend on the number of resolved sidemissions

*anymore (got sick of it)

- rebuilding a wreck at a wreck repair point will now take some more time (depends on the type of vehicle, plane,

*helicopter, other)

- changed HALO jump height from 888m to 8888m. It'll now take some time to reach the ground making players think twice

*about not moving a MHQ to the next target (HALO height can be changed in i_common.sqf, d_halo_height)

- instead of HALO jump flags that get created at a main target once it's cleared you can now also change it to create

*a vehicle, no HALO parajump will be available then, instead the player will be put into a vehicle. Simply change

*d_jumpflag_vec in i_common.sqf and add the vehicle you want, for example: d_jumpflag_vec = "UAZ";.

*Default is still HALO jump.

- players get kicked out of air vehicles (bonus vehicles for sidemissions or main targets) for the first 30 minutes

*when they join (true for all players, even those that joined at mission start). This will prevent players to havoc

*those vehicles that others have won when they join later during the mission. Can be turned of by setting

*d_player_air_autokick to 0 in i_common.sqf (if for example ArmA crashes in the first 30 minutes after joining the

*mission that time will get subtracted from the 30 minutes so you don't have to start all over again).

*You'll get a message displayed if the 30 minutes are over.

- because of adding the above... the player score gets saved when a player leaves and if he joins again later he will

*get the same score as before. Players that kill other players will be punished by adding a -10 score, if you die your

*score drops -1. Your rank gets updated similiar to the score in Evolution (in the status dialog you will see your

*current rank in the middle of the dialog)

- reinforcements at main targets will now only start to occur if players were detected by the enemy, a message gets displayed.

- admins can now specify the order of main targets (predefined routes) in the server lobby (random targets are still available,

*ordered routes are only available on Sahrani).

*("Random 1-21","South Route","North West Route","North Middle Route","North East Route","Complete, ordered")

- teleport back to base disabled. You can now only teleport to mobile respawn one and two (if the player dies he

*can still respawn at base)

- you can turn off player marker names (shown on map if enabled). Simply set d_show_player_marker_names to false

*in i_client.sqf. Direction indication for markers (vehicle markers, playermarkers) can be turned off completely.

*d_p_marker_dirs and d_v_marker_dirs in i_client.sqf. You can also specify which player markers get used, change

*d_p_marker in i_client.sqf

- instead of 28 scripts running for boat respawn there's now only one script that handles the respawn of all 28 boats.

*Same for all your choppers, MHQ and trucks at base. Means, instead of 45 scripts that were running now only 3 scripts

*are responsible for vehicle respawn.

- fixed, now only engineers can board the Salvage trucks (in AI version still everybody can get in)

- changed markers, a lot warfare markers get used now

- fixed, when one of the warfare aircraft factories at base were destroyed new JIP engineers couldn't rebuild a

*destroyed factory

- fixed, in all normal versions (means all version != A.C.E.) artillery operators didn't have the "Call Artillery"

*action menu entry after respawn anymore (forgot to include x_macros.sqf in x_playerspawn.sqf)

- new enemy air attack planes and choppers will now only show up over main targets if players were spotted and the

*radio tower at a main target is not down.

*(choppers and planes that were allready over a main target will still progress to the next main target, kind of

*following the players). Illumination at night at main targets will only start if players were spotted.

- added experimental air taxi support in the AI version (though not fully tested). It uses mando heliroute. A chopper

*will come to your position, waits until the player has boarded and flys back to base (available via radio).

- added Domination! A.C.E. East version

- added ranked versions, somehow like in Evolution (A.C.E., West, East, RACS). Though you can setup the points

*a player gets, looses or needs for a promotion for allmost everything (see i_client.sqf at the bottom of the file)

- fixed rescue prisoners sidemissions

- changed lifting code, midair collisions shouldn't occur anymore

- removed vehicle HUD in A.C.E. versions from tanks and strykers. Interferes with digital compass in 1.06

- jet service/reload only triggers if the speed of the plane is below 10 km/h

- enemy choppers that drop paratroopers don't get deleted immediately anymore when hit or destroyed

- changed all special player variables like d_artillery from class based to slot based (instead of d_artillery = ["OfficerW"];

*use d_can_use_artillery = ["RESCUE","RESCUE2"])

- if parajump at base is enabled it is now possible to time limit the parajump (d_para_timer_base)

- changed respawn position at MHQs

- it is now possible to create an A.C.E. AI version just by changing parameters in x_setup.sqf

*(AI will follow you when parajumping or teleporting)

- teamkillers will loose 10 score points (in every version) and a message will show up on all clients announcing the killer

- instead of creating ranom units in a group (could happen that you had to fight against a group of medics) groups are

*now spawned with the same units everytime. Which groups gets spawned is still random

- lifting capability can be removed from the four choppers at base now without loosing the ability to load ammo boxes

- creating a vehicle at an MHQ is still possible, but you have to wait some time before you can create a new one

*(adjustable in i_common.sqf, d_remove_mhq_vec_time, default 1800 seconds = 30 minutes)

- added new A.C.E. weapons and vehicles

- A.C.E. missions released as a standalone package are now part of the complete Domination! package again

- A.C.E.ified revive scripts in the A.C.E. missions that use revive

- many internal scripts changed, much new stuff added.

*For example, boolean variables are no longer being transfered packed into an array to a new connecting player in

*onPlayerConnected but get converted into a bit array which itself gets converted into an integer number. So instead

*of sending 17 variables (default version, TT 25) over the network when a player connects only one integer variable

*gets transfered

- fixed many more remaining bugs

- etc., etc., etc.

Changes in version 3.28:

- removed A.C.E. version

- fixed as many bugs I could find

Changes in version 3.23:

- fixed a script bug in the halo code

Changes in version 3.22:

- added HeinBlöds code from GDTModTracked. Prevents AI tanks from falling on their top or flying through the air (thanks Hein).

- fixed airki, after the first attack planes or choppers got shot down no new were created

- complete rewrite of the network code (finally I've found time for this, massive reduction of publicVariables)

- artillery smoke, etc, now uses A.C.E. viewblock in the A.C.E. version

- you now have to get a parachute pack before choosing parajump at the jump flags in the A.C.E. version

- made some enhancement in the call drop code again (hopefully the AI driven choppers will now really come to the drop point)

- added IRStrobe to the crate in the A.C.E. version

- added more radio variants to the artillery operator radio check in the A.C.E. version, calling artillery is now also possible inside vehicles (as long as you are not the driver/pilot)

- in the A.C.E. version Alpha and Charlie team leaders can only call in an air drop if they have a radio

- added M2HB, tripod and magazines into the ammo crate in the ACE version

- added M1014 shotguns in the A.C.E. version

- added SU27 as attack plane in the A.C.E. version

- added extra bonus mission co@24 Attack [ACE] (needs FDF_Isle1 aka Podaga, ACE and Queens Gambit, required by Podaga island)

- in the A.C.E. version the artillery operators (Rescue and Rescue2) are only able to call in artillery strikes when they have the AN/PRC-77 radio. Otherwise the action menu entry will get removed

- fixed, the nice A.C.E. vehicle explosion effects didn't work because if a vehicle got destroyed it was deleted immediately and then replaced by a new destroyed vehicle

- reduced the content of the ammo crates, now only west weapons in the A.C.E. version are available. The ammunition for M109 and Javelin is reduced too

- merged the ACE changes into the base code

- merged CSLA code into the base code

- added HuntIR, Medical and Rucksack box in ACE version

- in the ACE version you'll see a black screen and don't hear anything when you die until you respawn

- it is now possible to spawn more than one enemy attack plane or chopper that will fly patrol over the main target (d_number_attack_choppers, d_number_attack_planes)

- it is now possible to create more than one vehicle at a mobile respawn (in the ACE version you can create an ATV and a bicycle)

- replaced the A.C.E. ammo crates with standard ArmA crates to fix the "JIP as seagull" bug, the ArmA crates get now filled locally with weapons and ammunition on each client

- changed AAHALO in the A.C.E. version, it now uses ACE Halo

- removed the depot from base, respawn location now surrounded by hesco walls

- many, many internal script changes!

Changes in version 3.14:

- fixed stupid copy and paste error

- in the A.C.E. version players didn't respawn with weapons, fixed

- changed the position of the base respawn a little bit

- fixed the position of the ammocrate at base (after some time the ammocrate was placed outside the depot building at the main base, specially in the A.C.E. version)

Changes in version 3.12:

- better handling for adding "Incoming" eventhandler in versions != Mando

- references to arrays do now get removed as soon as possible for better memory handling

- fixed a typo in x_bike.sqf

- added option d_lock_ai_armor, d_lock_ai_car, d_lock_ai_air. If set to true enemy AI vehicles will get locked (default = false)

- wreck markers get now transfered to JIP players

- mash and mg nest markers of disconnected player get now deleted (the abandoned mashes and mg nests too)

- replaced the wreck chopper with the UH60 MG/MI17 MG again. Instead you'll get a welcome message when entering a chopper as pilot that tells you what kind of chopper it is (welcome message can be disabled by setting d_show_chopper_welcome to false in init.sqf).

- added a chopper lift hud (to turn it of set d_show_chopper_hud to false in init.sqf)

- increased the wreck lift height

- fixed a bug in the creation of civilians

- fixed the side missions where you have to rescue civilians and hostages at main targets

- removed more vehicle inits

- removed the "Choose Parachute Location" action from the flag at base again (can still be activated by setting d_para_at_base to true in init.sqf). Makes the MHQ more important again.

- replaced the 5to trucks for the engineers with Warfare salvage trucks

- fixed a bug in the getin handler for the engineer salvage trucks (now only engineers can drive such a truck in versions != AI)

- ammo/humvee drops are more accurate now

- engineers can now analyze a vehicle before repairing/refuelling (they see a hint with the vehicle status and estimated repair time)

- engineers can now only repair and refuel a vehicle once. They have to go back to base to restore their repair and refuel capabilities (if they have a salvage truck near them (< 20 m) then they can repair and refuel more than one vehicle)

- it is now possible to specify more than one type of enemy vehicle that will get spawned. For example, if you want T72 and T90 on enemy side just change the first element of d_veh_a_E from ["T72"] to ["T72","ike_t90shtora"] (randomly chosen which type will spawn)

- added more warfare static weapons

- reworked placing of static weapons from engineer salvage trucks. You now get a preview mode (static object is created with createVehicleLocal) to place the object exactly where you want it.

- removed the "bring back a truck to base" main target mission

- fixed the "kill the officer" main target mission

- fixed a bug where enemy paratroopers could still jump over an allready cleared main target

- if d_arti_check_for_friendlies is set to true in init.sqf (now default) a check for friendlies near the artillery target will be done and no artillery strike will be executed if you fire HE or DPICM

- added a welcome message to some special vehicles (currently mobile respawns and engineer salvage trucks). Can be disabled by setting d_show_vehicle_welcome to false in init.sqf.

- fixed a bug that removed all static objects of the same kind in an engineer truck when one weapon was unloaded

- randomly spawned civilians get now created in some cities, if a player is near that city (busses, cars, pedestrian, disabled by default, you can enable it by setting d_create_civilian to true in init.sqf)

- there's now a support building near jet/chopper service and wreck repair point. If the corresponding building is destroyed, you are not able to service or repair vehicles. Engineers can rebuild the support building (takes some time).

- fixed the position of the player ammobox at base (sometimes it could get moved a few meters away from the correct position)

- fixed a small bug in x_water.sqf

- fixed the name of the recruit hut marker in the AI versions (didn't get drawn)

- added d_no_para_at_all variable in init.sqf. If set to true you want get any parajump flags at cleared main targets and base.

- integrated the uhao version into the base code

- it is now possible to build different versions in one version. For example, change d_version from [] (default version) to ["REVIVE","MANDO"] to get a version with revive and mando stuff

- removed the Team Status action menu entry. You now have a new button in the status dialog (Show Status) for the Team Status Dialog

- added a small map to the Status Dialog. It is now possible to show the main target or sidemission position in that map by clicking on the caption "Main Target:" or "Side Mission:"

- added a dialog with a map control for the parajump feature. The dialog shows up as soon as you choose the "(Choose Parachute Location)" action menu.

- it is now possible to change the number of vehicles/soldiers and groups in init.sqf that get spawned at main targets (maximum number of groups, minimum number of groups that get spawned and the number of vehicles per group)

- ruins of spawned buildings now get correctly deleted after some time

- you have now to solve the main target sidemission also to clear a main target

- added a Warfare depot at base where the player respawns. Makes it a little bit safer now.

- you now have to specify some basic settings (own side for example) in the macro file x_setup.sqf (use setupcopy.bat to copy the file into other mission folders)

- changed the AI recruit hut to Warfare barracks in the AI version

- you now get sidemission bonus vehicles after you've cleared a main target. For resolving a sidemission you get the previous main target bonus vehicles.

- the chance for an enemy counterattack is much higher now if you do not solve sidemissions. This also affects the number of attacking groups and vehicles.

- rewrite of the respawn and teleport dialog, does now get updated every second as long as the dialog is open

- brought back the Two Teams coop version

- fixed a bug in the arrest sidemission

- added terrain slope fix in revive versions

- added Spooners and Lokis cool light effect for radio towers at sidemissions (default turned off, change x_setup.sqf)

- fixed a small bug in the backpack stuff

- updated Dr. Eyeballs TeamStatus Dialog to version 1.3

- fixed remaining bugs

- added settings for ECS client and server

- if you use six_sys_suppression on your server Domination doesn't use its internal suppression scripts (it's the same script from ROMMEL)

- revive call out sounds didn't get played, fixed.

- new Mando missiles 2.35 beta added (tv cameras for attack choppers and planes)

- many internal script changes because of the Two Teams version

- changed the name of the Uhao and Schmalfelden version to co@30... to show that they need extra addons

- added One Team - CSLA

- added One Team - A.C.E.

- and like allways many more things that I've allready forgotten

Other mission changes...

- fixed getin message in Sahrani Battle

- added missing char animation in Sahrani Battle

- EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA NEW bonus missions: co33 Revenge (with revive), co35 Red Alert 1, co35 Red Alert 2 (with revive), co17 Wings of Steel, co18 Southern Comfort (with revive), co18 Green Holidays (with revive) and co16 Leviathan Rising (with revive) EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA

- co20 High Mountains updated

Changes in version 3.09:

- fixed script error in x_checkkill

- corrected wreck repair point position in Mando version

- added new bonus mission co25 Enemy at the Gates (Corazol)

Changes in version 3.08:

- fixed calculations for airki positions

- bigger radius for air patrols over main targets

- fixed the "jumping mobile respawn marker" bug in the revive versions

- there is now only a 30 percent chance that you will see an attack plane over the main target (instead a light attack chopper like UH60MG will appear)

- more use of DMSmokeGrenadeVB if available

- enemy artillery observers do call smoke strikes instead of HE strikes if their own troops are to close to the arti target

- fixed a copy and paste error in d_ltd_weapons_array

- changed the main target parahandler code (the choppers now do not come at once but with a light delay, workaround for the parachute getout server bug)

- added a little special effect to the tank smoke system

- changed the mission name to co30 Domination! XXXX instead of co30 Domination! One Team - XXXX, so it's better readable ingame

- respawn not possible at mobile respawn if the position of the mobile respawn is in water (also in revive versions)

- replaced the wreck chopper with ffar version

- reduced the number of choppers and reinforcements for the main target again (sigh)

- some internal changes

- and of course, like allways, some other changes that I've allready forgotten

- added a new bonus mission called co20 High Mountains and an Uhao Edition of Domination

Changes in version 3.05:

- changed number of spawned air defense groups from 14 to 4 (if you want more edit d_with_airdefense in init.sqf)

- fixed: air defense shilkas do not spawn in or near the base anymore

- fixed arti target height

- added random height for HE artillery

- player AI now gets deleted if the player creates a new group or joins another group (AI version only)

- players now do not get transfered to their (human) leader if the leader parajumps or teleports (AI version only)

- player AI will now also parachute if you choose AAHALO

- added d_do_delete_empty_main_target_vecs option in init.sqf. If set to false empty vehicles at cleared main targets will not get

*deleted after 25-30 minutes (default = true)

- fixed: player did stay captive (setCaptive true) if he was killed during intro cam

- fixed: stupid copy and paste error in x_helilift_wreck (now the wreck chopper is able to pick up destroyed bonus vehicles again)

- increased the range for helilift (means, action menu entry appears earlier now)

- a marker now shows where a bonus vehicle got destroyed (gets removed once it will be transported to wreck repair, not JIPd)

- increased the range for the repair wreck point

- no "Waiting for new orders..." will appear once the last target is cleared (and no parajump flag will get created)

- added d_no_sabotage option. If set to true no enemy AI specops will attack the base (default = false)

- boats do now only respawn if they are destroyed

- more paratroopers will now appear over the main target as long as the main target radio tower is still up

- no teleport or respawn to mobile respawns when they are driving

- vehicles in spawned vehicle groups do not spawn on top of each other anymore

- enemy patrols near sidemissions now

- fixed: you now really get your weapons back if you loose them while swimming

- fixed: if a player is in a vehicle markers don't have the correct direction

- added d_airki_respawntime in init.sqf. You can set how long it takes for enemy attack planes and choppers over main targets to respawn

- fixed: reload for vehicles without turrets (like AH-6)

- added plugable action menu entries for specific player types like SoldierWMiner, OfficerG, etc (d_action_menus_type in init.sqf)

- added plugable action menu entries for player units like RESCUE, delta_1, etc (d_action_menus_unit in init.sqf)

- added plugable action menu entries for specific vehicle types like UH60mg or M113_MHQ (d_action_menus_vehicle in init.sqf)

- fixed: disconnected unconscious player markers and bodys didn't get deleted (REVIVE version)

- action menu entries now get added and removed in x_playerspawn.sqf (previous x_playerweapons.sqf, setup in x_setupplayer.sqf,

*x_checkkill.sqf will now only remove dead player body and check for teamkill in AI version)

- changed chopper lift code

- if you use DMSmokeGrenadeVB(.pbo, serverside) then enemy AI view will be blocked if enemy tanks throw smoke (invisible viewblock,

*for serverside AI units that throw smokeshells it's done automatically by DMSmokeGrenadeVB)

*(DMSmokeGrenadeVB is available in JTD_SmokeEffects_MP. Hint... if you use DMSmokeGrenadeVB on clients, then enemy AI view will

*be blocked too if a player throws a smoke grenade)

- changed enemy aa units (like shilkas) lock range in mando version (from 4000 down to 2000)

- added mando init stuff to normal scripts (it's now possible to make a mando version by just setting d_version="MANDO"; and copy mando

*scripts into the mission folder and changing description.ext)

- if the player is the commander of a tank then he is able to throw smoke (if you are using DMSmokeGrenadeVB on clients and on the server

*AI view will be blocked)

- rewrote the para handler code, parachutes now get spawned near the chopper and the units get moved into the parachute instead of using

*"eject" action which caused millions of "xxx is allready in the landscape" messages in the rpt file and could lead to server crashes

*(didn't happen before 1.14/1.12)

Changes in version 3.04:

- rewrote some internal scripts for better array handling

- fixed the parabug fix

- fixed the vehicle reload script (thanks to CarlGustaffa)

- fixed spelling (it's dpicm not dpcim :wink_o: )

- fixed Mando missiles (AAHALO jumpers shouldn't be a target anymore)

- changed air AI handling

- added d_with_qg_anims option for the revive versions. Disabled by default. Adds new QG animations for revive if you set it to true (in init.sqf)

- added two new missions as a bonus, co30 Hill Defense and co32 Returning Home

Changes in version 3.03:

- Complete rewrite of the scripts. Only one code basis for all versions, uses addPublicVariableEventhandler and other new stuff (so you need ArmA 1.09 or better now)

- Easier to modify, allmost everything can be modified by changing variables in the init.sqf file

- Removed a lot editor triggers, only six are left

- Many scripts are now precompiled and kept in memory for better performance

- Enemy choppers can be repaired and you can use them after repair, they don't get deleted anymore

- Added Rommels suppression scripts

- Added Dr. Eyeballs Teamstatus Dialog

- Gras layer (terraingrid) can now be changed in the Status Dialog

- Switching on/off player markers is possible via Status Dialog

- Members of team Bravo (specops) can "climb" over obstacles like fences and walls (uses Kronzkys KRON_Strings)

- The leaders of team Alpha and team Charlie can call in Air Drop. A chopper will drop an ammocrate or a vehicle.

- Enemy groups have different sizes now and more groups are patrolling now (rewrote that part, needs now only one script for all patrolling groups instead of one script for each group)

- The two 5to trucks can now carry up to six static weapons

- Beside the attack chopper an attack plane is now patrolling over the main target

- You have to destroy a radio tower at the main target. As long as the radio tower is still up, the enemy will send reinforcements (paratroopers)

- Made all sidemissions where you have to destroy a building or something else a little bit harder now. You have to get 20 m near that building before you can blow it up (the same applies to the radio tower at the main target)

- New sidemissions (51 now). Some missions changed, for example, missions where you had to destroy a vehicle are now changed to steal that vehicle and bring it back to base

- 25-30 minutes after a main target is cleared a script will remove all empty vehicles and empty static weapons that are still there

- Added wreck repair point at base. If you put a destroyed vehicle, that you've won in a sidemission or a main target mission, on that point you'll get a new one after some time

- Chopper 4 is now Chopper W. It can only carry completely destroyed vehicles, that you've won in a sidemission or a main target mission

- The type of vehicles that can be transported by the remaining three choppers can be set via variables for each chopper sepparately

- Paradrop is now allways available at base (flag)

- Added an ammocrate at base (local for every player, get's refilled every 20 minutes)

- Added medic tents at base

- Added vehicle repair point at base

- Wrote reload script, that will repair, rearm and refuell any vehicle that is available for ArmA

- Enemy artillery observers are now patrolling at the main target. As long as they live you can get hit by enemy artillery (if you are lucky and get one special sidemission and complete it, you will not see them anymore)

- Droped ammocrates don't get deleted after 8 minutes anymore, they will now only get deleted if the vehicle which dropped the crate will move more than 30 m away

- Sometimes you'll find Stinger or Strela in the ammocrates now

- It takes now a little bit longer for an engineer to repair and refuell a vehicle depending on what type that vehicle is (the old version is still available, simply change a variable in the init.sqf)

- You can now add as many bonus vehicles as you want, simply add them to a special variable and provide a spawn position

- Added a new artillery type

- You can now specify in the init.sqf which vehicle will be created by the mobile respawn (old "Create Motorcycle, default is still a motorcycle)

- The specops that infiltrate your base every now and then now will scan the area for valuable targets like planes or choppers and will try to blow them up

- Enemy infantry groups will now only throw smoke if one group unit has a smoke shell

- Wrote a backpack script. You can now carry two primary weapons

- added a new script that returns the weapons back to the player if he looses them in the water

- added air defense that gets randomly spawned on the island

- added illumination over the main target at night

- it is now possible to limit the weapons that a player will find in an ammocrate (init.sqf d_limit_weapons, depends on the type that the player is)

- added d_drop_ammobox_time to init.sqf

- fixed air drop of static weapons like M119 or D30

- player markers can now be completely turned off (d_dont_show_player_markers_at_all)

- changed markers (each player group has a different color) and vehicle markers are now arrows that show the direction of the vehicle too

- some more things that I've allready forgotten (man, I'm getting old)

- merged TurokGMT's mando missile changes into Domination, available as co30 Domination! One Team - West Mando

- added co25 Sahrani Battle v3 to the mission pack. Based on Domination but for the flyboys out there (a mando version is also available)

- and so on and so on...

Domination is available as a mission pack. It includes the following mission:

co30 Domination! One Team - West

co30 Domination! One Team - West AI

co30 Domination! One Team - West Revive

co30 Domination! One Team - West Ranked

co30 Domination! One Team - Racs

co30 Domination! One Team - Racs AI

co30 Domination! One Team - Racs Revive

co30 Domination! One Team - Racs Ranked

co30 Domination! One Team - East

co30 Domination! One Team - East AI

co30 Domination! One Team - East Revive

co30 Domination! One Team - East Ranked

co30 Domination! One Team - West Mando

co@30 Domination! One Team - West Schmalfelden Edition

co@30 Domination! One Team - East Uhao Edition

co@30 Domination! One Team - CSLA

co@30 Domination! One Team - A.C.E.

co@30 Domination! One Team - A.C.E. East

co@30 Domination! One Team - A.C.E. Ranked

co@30 Domination! One Team - A.C.E. East Ranked

co30 Domination! Two Teams

co25 Sahrani Battle v3.22

co25 Sahrani Battle v3.22 Mando

co30 Hill Defense 1.61

co32 Returning Home 1.37

co20 High Mountains 1.83

co25 Enemy at the Gates (Corazol)

co33 Revenge 1.17

co16 Leviathan Rising 1.36

co17 Wings of Steele 1.63

co18 Green Holidays 1.03

co18 Southern Comfort 1.43

co35 Red Alert 1.0

co35 Red Alert 2 1.71

co@24 Attack [ACE] 1.75 (needs QG for Podaga island from FDF)

co@24 Attack [ACE] 1.75 Revive (needs QG for Podaga island from FDF)

co@20 Big Chance 1.89 [ACE] (QG for Podaga island from FDF)

co@20 Big Chance 1.89 [ACE] Revive (QG for Podaga island from FDF)

co@20 High Mountains 1.86 [ACE] Revive

co@33 Revenge 1.23 [ACE] Revive

co@25 Battle for Avgani 1.07X [ACE] (needs Avgani)


Domination! 3.70 Mission Pack



- 21 main targets (you can select 4 up to 21 targets, 10 is default). Each time the mission starts target order gets picked randomly.

- 22 side missions. Resolving a side mission brings your team extra vehicles like A10, M1, Cobra, etc. (randomly picked)

- Small main target missions (destroy something, free some hostages, etc. Your team can get a Stryker or Humvee)

- 2 Mobile Respawns (medic MTW)

- Mobile respawns and the support trucks can be transported by by your blackhawks (essential feature, fly over it and select Lift Vehicle in the action menu)

- 2 engineers who can repair and refuel the blackhawks and the mobile respawns

- Artillery operator who can call artillery strikes every six minutes

- Rescue operator who can rescue hostages and bring them to your base)

- The driver of a mobile respawn MTW or the pilot of a blackhawk can create/drop ammocrates

- Blackhawks, mobile respawn MTWs and the support trucks respawn

- You can teleport to the mobile respawns or the flag at base if you choose "Teleport" in the action menu if you're near them

- Sometimes if a main target is cleared the enemy starts a counterattack

- Enemy KA50 and Mi17 sometimes appears. The Mi17 drops paratroopers

- A status dialog is available at the mobile respawns and the blackhawks that shows some information about the current target and sidemission

- Some small AI features like dropping smoke if they get attacked and more

- etc, etc :smile_o:

It takes some time to clear all 21 main targets. :smile_o:



Edited by Xeno
Added 3.70 Release

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New Domination! One Team version (2.16) is available, see first post.

I forgot to mention the last time, that this mission is completely scripted but it's optimized to not stress the server and have a very fast JIP.



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Fixed a stupid bug. Now enemy choppers appear again. Sorry for that. See first post.



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Version 2.19 is available now. See first post.



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Just have to say that this is the best that's the coop map market! Good to see new map modes developing to give us increasingly better play!

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At first i would like to congratulate you for this great mission notworthy.gif

It would be cool if you could add the revive script, instead of the respawn.

This way people wouldn't play like rambo anymore, since if they die they would have to wait untill some one could revive them, or wait like 5 minutes to respawn at base again.


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Hi xeno,

Great Map to play / i luv it.

Just a request can u make a domination map with just infanty only with no armour!! It will be great paradrop in the middle of a town during night operation just doing infantry battle..



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Hi xeno,

Great Map to play / i luv it.

Just a request can u make a domination map with just infanty only with no armour!! It will be great paradrop in the middle of a town during night operation just doing infantry battle..( A revive script with it will be nice)



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Revive is an option, I'm thinking about it...


You can do the changes by yourself... Just edit x_scripts\x_createguardpatrolgroups.sqf and change the values of the _number_tank_xxx, _number_bmp_xxx (and so on) variables to whatever you like. This is for the main targets.



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Hey Xeno,

This is a really great map. My Arma unit has been trying it out and we really like the features in it.


How does the HALO script work? I read that you have it in the mission, but I can't seem to figure out how to active the HALO jump while I'm playing the mission.


It would be really nice if you could update the US & RACS JOINT COOP version from 2.04 to your most recent version.

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How does the HALO script work? I read that you have it in the mission, but I can't seem to figure out how to active the HALO jump while I'm playing the mission.

HALO is available after you've cleared a main target (that means a city). A flag then gets created at a random point in the city. Go near it and you can choose parajump from the action menu.

It would be really nice if you could update the US & RACS JOINT COOP version from 2.04 to your most recent version.

As soon as 2.2 is out I'll update the other version too (with 40 side missions then smile_o.gif)



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this missions great there where a lot of people playing tonight. I see you have a version where you have both sides fighting against the third side, but how about a version letting opfor humans controll the forces occupying the cites with this same system - could be fun.

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As soon as 2.2 is out I'll update the other version too (with 40 side missions then smile_o.gif)



Excellent news! 40 side missions, wow! Very nice. smile_o.gif

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Congratulation Xeno this is a excellent map.....

The Aussie's at ArmA OGN Server loved the map and I say will be on the server for a long time for them to enjoy... The scripting and setup in this mission is "A 1 "

For the ppl that haven't played this mission I will suggest to download it and get a few friends to play it.... because this is the True Team work that ArmA can offer....

For Team work and Competition recommend Version 2.04

For Team work and enjoy playing ArmA.. version 2.19 wink_o.gif


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this sounds great!

What servers are running it?

[EDIT] I found a few servers running it, but there wern't enough players to make it good!  It's a fantastic idea, but no one was playing.. Come on guys! get playing.

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I was playing this the other day and some of the action was really quite intense. Because of the way that the mission is scripted the whole team is working TOGETHER for once. I urge everybody who has had enough of evolution to try this.

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This is such a great Mission!

Its imho the only competitor to Evolution.

However, i played a slightly modified version of a clan which sound like "303st infantry" or something like that which i liked a bit more than yours - it had some minor "cosmetical" improvements and uses strykers as mobile respawn....

Regards, Christian

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This is such a great Mission!

Its imho the only competitor to Evolution.

However, i played a slightly modified version of a clan which sound like "303st infantry" or something like that which i liked a bit more than yours - it had some minor "cosmetical" improvements and uses strykers as mobile respawn....

Regards, Christian

I agre, but no ones playing it!!

Every one still hooked on EvoBlue and Red, great mission, but Domination is fab too. They don't all ned to run Evo do they?


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thats not true ive seen quite a few servers playing this mission.


I havn't. Last time i looked it was all Evo (I do filter the searches though, to look for pings lower than 90).

I hope to find some soon, i have some time off work coming up, so ArmA will be played to dealth...!!! pistols.gif

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New version 2.21 available, see first post.



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Hi There Xeno!

Tq for the new version! will play this map on our server this weekend!!

Just a request on your future version, we wish a script to call for ai reqruitment just like killjoy Evo.. We luv and play both maps domination and evo but your dom map had more side missions and depths!! My team just a small community arma lovers in Asean so the AI reqruit will greatly help us to explore the domination map! tq Bro! help.gif

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Thank you,thank you, thank you,we play this about every night and we love it!!!!!!!Version 2.21 would be great to have the apache and chinook helicopter and this

if possible.Thx

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