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  1. Maybe because if we can convince them that they can do BETTER for us, they can change their decision. It happened before with Activision. Yeah believe it or not, but the greedy Activision. The brazilian price of Deadpool was more expensive for us than other countries. So after the fans sent a lot of e-mails to them, they changed the price. And thats what we are trying to do with BIS, we are trying to let them know that the price is expensive for us, due to our economic power. It's not like we have the same salary as an american or EU citizen. What i don't get is why is this bothering you? If BIS decides that they can lower the price over here, this won't affect you. And if they decide to keep it, it wont affect you too. So why bother to even read this thread? Best regards
  2. Maybe you should read from begining to understand the issue. If you still can't understand, unfortunately theres nothing that i can do about that. Best regards
  3. So today i received and e-mail from BIS, about Dayz price over here in Brazil. And i was really desapointed about their decision to convert our price based in EUR, instead of US Dollar. "Hello, there is no difference as the original price is not in US dollar but from EUR, please try that, the price will be the same. Thank you for understanding." After being a loyal client and fan for years, i fear that it's time to stop supporting BIS. Best regards folks
  4. No, the Real is stable now. If we use today currency the game should cost R$ 69.90. I've sent an e-mail to BIS, i hope this to be just a mistake. best regards
  5. I wasn't compaling about Arma 3 price, since its almost the same for everyone, but what is BIS thinking about Dayz? € 23.99 $ 29.99 » € 21.81 (-9.09%) £ 19.99 » € 23.64 (-1.46%) руб 999.00 » € 22.06 (-8.05%) R$ 77.99 » € 24.46 (+1.96%) $ 29.99 » € 21.81 (-9.09%) We have the most expensive version. Whats going on BIS? Best regards
  6. Not true at all. There are a lot of brazillian customers that didn't buy it yet because of the price and they do complaing about it in the brazilian forums. If they knew about this topic or other way to express their opinion they would be doing so. Still i guess it wouldn't make a difference since BIS games have the same price everywhere. Best regards
  7. Not sure how it works in Arma 3, but in previous arma games, you could edit the AI skill and precision. Best regards
  8. Same here. Just sent them an e-mail. ---------- Post added at 11:40 ---------- Previous post was at 11:36 ---------- Same here. Just sent them an e-mail.
  9. Alpha here, i would like to buy the supporter version, but i'm low on money =(
  10. anc

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Made my year =D
  11. anc

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    I just hope that if its really Arma 3, that they have made expressive changes in the engine. If not i would rather have another expansion. Best regards
  12. anc

    ArmA 2 site hacked

    Mine: `_. ______.______ ._. =Dpqy;, ,uL_, `.._LuyyyywyyqqayyuL_yqqaqD%bbM' .qpqaL__` 3qpqWmqWQBQQQBbQ8Q8B8#hkhMP"jWyL_. .. `y8Bppqqet` *TfTTll0%MP$M9$RlhqhhHaaewayWN$NMF _sus+_. "*T%QWpDL_.._L, 3aGGqEweHyyMSaSaOGKqQWf?fXsL____, *fyjAUa_.___,. -f98bZuSqpQQE. lGNNGKweea%ffqa5WpqQmWL<EwKwaKqqC. '*TP7ssussas` _;__.(tFtXkZ$QQ#f` ?NNNNGGNHeawqpMjQQQ#9Rf3qqaaKf9#ku_ `*yjUU[yZL;.'TfwjqfcVtffSqp*` `__.,__ :GNNqOGEeeee0Mh4DqWqffCapBQpE'7uuauLLL+++<ye?fKKf"ff" `'"""Tssscqf5L;__,.` =EFLcaWy. 'GNN0eGGGNEeHaay#N8Bpy;""*lT" <qqf[4nnn1qB#G;(3L` `_+_. `_cuusaP]jAUXyCjGsLc0Nq6r"hf" `3NNGGGGGekaEe$M9pQQ#eZ` `'"'"jaayFfffGr!Fl...=yQqL`_=ss]F5fF3F5Xo4faPoyoqP0qC '''' ($OeGNOh0EGwaeayqRhPSycL_ `?f?^!"""""""""">\Tf3fLV]xx][2Vxusx4AAuyqEwwWFl[7~___. ^HGGNNOaqEwwaeee#FSayowaC.yqyyy; ``_><;_. . _ssc}t{yuxu]]CtuyuakyFjqQMPyqRyqRL ``` "fG0NNNG0OeH0kSwSwaMAZX4scyffP9F J3F2s3,.=cLss}TTcnf]11s}yafzoX1zyPhPwSodr`***!. '"*lffeGGGeeeawa9MSwyyyaMuuuGs;~_..TffKkarl[suppqyyyssxx1uxfozXXyaKwaywwwaP' '"7?ffeNweyyywFs5ffKeaajy>^*"|^^/!*^7(aQ8bpQPKHyu[31xs3yaaWMoaGaaeKqr `'"?T5SPOeayyy44fffF>;;LL>>L;____wP9%MPwywaayyjsyqpmbfowoPKKKa#' ``''*?lfPNOGeaaqFzyyyyjaawyySSwaawSqKaKeeGGpQbMGMowKwwwwwak,_.` `'*?TfPflTffPPZ1jwwZSwSGeawkwaKEeHG6kwaEaaeeEaeeHQ7'``` `""*^^^73awwwyawSwhHHHKSeaNaekHKHGEeeEaGeeeKR. '""""*lffwNGGeawwaaweGMGGEwaeeaaeKaNGGEqk^^;_. `"";;;;_,. `'"*?TffHKqkHeGGGheaKeaWOGGaaGGEdC__.` `-!|^^^^^^;_,. `'"7?fhGGGeqEaaaGGGOGGNOem>^^^;;____;;^^^^^^^^;,.. `""7lfh0GOGNGaEGNGqk>^^^^;___~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. `"?TfPH$PHGEdF^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^;|^_,. `"""**7lfPf7^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^;^ `""*^^^^^^***|^^^^^;;^^;^^^^^^^^ `'"*^;^^;.'*^^^^;"""""^|^^^^^ '*|^^;;__^;^^^;_. `""**** '"^;^^;;~""****"' `""*^^^*:` ``
  13. anc

    Isla Duala

    Portuguese. lol Best regards
  14. The artifacts are random, sometimes they are red lines, red triangles, etc. Thje form and color are random. They appear all over the screen. At first the game just crashes and i get the artifcats. But the sound keep on going normal for some seconds, after that it crashes. And i can only reset manually the computer. It happened to me while i was using mods and without anymods. I'm not saying that it is overheating. But i think that it is strange that it only happens with Arma. The last time that i had it, i was in a MP lobby. Had'nt even played yet. Sometimes it happens with 5 minutes of game, other times with 1h. It occurring randomly like this that makes me think that it cant be related to temperature. But i can be wrong and the vga really be dying. I just hope that this isn't the case. Instead of just cleaning the vga i will change the thermal paste and i will post the results. Best regards ---------- Post added at 09:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:12 PM ---------- Alsmot everything set to normal. I couldn't test the temperature with arma, because for some reason the rivatunner cause freezes in Arma. I tested with other game and the temperature was high, 75°c. I will buy a new thermal paste and change mine to see if the temperature go back to normal. Thanks for the help folks, sorry for any misunderstand that i have cause. Kudos :D Best regards
  15. I'm not ignoring what you guys are saying. I'm just using logic. I DO appreciate all the help. But i have reasons for saying that it can't be overheating, as i clean my vga every week. But as you said its better to measure than just assume. But i keep thinking that it isn't related. For the following reasons. 1- The game crashes randomly. It can crash after 2 minutes of entering the game(even in the looby), after 3 hours of intense gameplay. 2- It doesn't happen with other games(Arma isn't the only one that demands a lot of the hardware). 3- I always clean my computer. And before playing i increase the vga speed to 70%. All that i'm asking is, can it be another reason for this? Best regards