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    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    I found a couple of typo's in Evolution Red... 1) In the Hints, it describes the SLA officer uniform when it shoud describe the BLUFOR officer's uniform. 2) If you play in the 500 men mode and lose, it says that US forces had to leave the island, when it should say that SLA had to leave the island.
  2. Kenbow

    Sahraniville Thread: UPDATED 04/09/07

    I would like to say that I just learned about this mission today, and I cant believe more people haven't caught on to this great rp map. I read some of the posts about the Admin issues and that the police choose what your fines will be. I wanted to throw out the idea, for RP and gameplay, if the Admin was actually titled "Judge" and would be the one who actually determines what amount the citizen should pay for his fine, if any fine at all (not guilty verdict). The "Judge" would be voted into office and would make all rulings as Admin and amount of fines. The Judge's term only last so long, and you could have an auto-revote say every 15 minutes (or whatever is reasonable) to RP when a Judge's term is over. The presiding Judge can run for second term, but if he was an a$$ to the community, he probably won't get re-elected by player votes. This would encourage the player who is "Judge" to be fair, so that he will get re-elected when the auto-vote comes at the end of his term. On the side, players could try to "bribe" the judge to get favorable rulings, or players could donate to the judge's campaign fund to help him get re-elected. Well, I think you see where I am going with this. A Judge could not be a police officer at the same time. So for RP purposes alteast, maybe it would be better to call the Admin-by-vote the "Judge" instead. When a Judge kicks you from the server, he is exiling you from the island for a crime you commited. When an officer charges someone, a display screen would appear on the Judge's screen with options of what penalty range he can give for the violation that occurred, or the Judge can rule "not guilty" for no fine or jail time at all. He can listen to both players sides and make a ruling. If you want to make the role playing even a step further, designate the Server Admin as a Federal Court Judge who is appointed for life and whoo's district covers the island. Anything the Local Judge rules on can be overturned by the "Federal Judge". When the Judge chooses the penalty for the citizen, he can hit the "appeal" button, which creates a pop-up screen for the Server Admin/Federal Judge to either "affirm" the ruling or "overrule" it. Anyways, again, I think you see where I am going with this. Just throwing my 2 cents in to help with the roleplaying aspect of the game. Its late at night and I'm tired, so I hope this post makes sense to more people than just me. PS: Look at my above post about the police car addon. It has a working red/blue lightbar and siren, that supposedly works in MP. There is a demo video of the car in game on the link, which looks really good IMO (especially at night). Could definately be a good addon for this map.
  3. Kenbow

    Sahraniville Thread: UPDATED 04/09/07

    Here is a police car Addon with working lights and siren. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=1230 Would something like this, or something equivalent, be good for the map?
  4. Kenbow

    co30 Domination! One Team

    Excellent news! 40 side missions, wow! Very nice.
  5. Kenbow

    co30 Domination! One Team

    Hey Xeno, This is a really great map. My Arma unit has been trying it out and we really like the features in it. Question... How does the HALO script work? I read that you have it in the mission, but I can't seem to figure out how to active the HALO jump while I'm playing the mission. And, It would be really nice if you could update the US & RACS JOINT COOP version from 2.04 to your most recent version.
  6. Kenbow

    Realistic co-op missions

    I have to correct this: I mean not the "intel initialising.. " but the "Syp sattelite initialising"-information. What is this good for? There is a satelite script that gives you a live video feed in a downward view from the sky of any part of the map (from the satelite). You can scan over the map, zoom, and use nightvision to spot enemy movement. Some missions limit it to certain units, usually officers, and some missions limit it to being in a building or tent for use. If you are getting that message at the begining of the mission, it probably has this satelite script in it.
  7. Kenbow

    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    Kiljoy, Been testing your mission, and it is excellent. I got a script error during a HALO jump, but everything continued to work fine. Also, if you didnt already know, the Mercenaries (6 of them I think) in Queen's Gambit are actually under the BLUFOR soldiers list. This means that you could easily change out some of the US soldiers for the mercs, if you wanted too. Wasnt sure if you were aware of that, so I just wanted to throw that fact out there. Overall, very nice mission.
  8. Kenbow

    Evolution V3.0

    Kiljoy's newest version of Evolution is out !!! Evolution Blue & Red
  9. Kenbow

    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    EvolutionB.Sara = you playing as US forces EvolutionR.Sara = you playing as SLA forces (start in Pita) EvolutionB.Sara_dbe1 = Queen's Gambit version for US forces EvolutionR.Sara_dbe1 = Queen's Gambit version for SLA forces The Queen's Gambit version is on the new Sara map. You have to switch to that map first to see those missions if you are looking to load the QG missions on your own server.
  10. Kenbow

    Evolution (Red+Blue)

    YES!!!!! Finally, I can't wait to try these out!!! Congrats Kiljoy on your great missions!
  11. Kenbow

    Has Anyone Got Queens Gambit?

    When is this coming out in the U.S.? Went to Best Buy today, and it wasn't in. I guess the release date of Sept 28 was for the EU and other countries, not US. Anyone have a US release date?
  12. Kenbow

    Evolution V3.0

    Kiljoy, How is Evolution 4.0 coming along?
  13. Kenbow

    Evolution V3.0

    Kiljoy@ Have you considered at alll putting Especas troops in the cities? One thing I noticed with Evo 3.0 is that there are no Especas troops at all in the mission. I was thinking you could add a variable that spawned 1-3 teams of Especas troops in addition to the regular troops. Was there a particular reason they are not in the 3.0 version?
  14. Kenbow

    XAM 1.3 Released

    Any word on English launguage Manual for this mod yet?
  15. This was posted in the sticky post. Does anyone know how to get this to work?