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  1. Inkompetent

    INKO Disposable

    Thank you, Foxhound!
  2. Inkompetent

    INKO Disposable

    Updated to 1.2! Due to Dropbox errors DevHeaven is the one alternative now: http://dev.withsix.com/projects/inko-disposable-a3/files Changes: - Fixed "undefined variable _unit" error spamming RPT - Fixed AI selecting pistol over rifle after firing due to what seems to be a bug in selectWeapon command
  3. Inkompetent

    War Thunder [MMO]

    Dang, Dwarden! You are dangerous in that Zero!
  4. Inkompetent

    INKO Disposable

    Neat :) Wish I could help with the bouncing though, but models really ain't my thing, so no idea if anything at all can be done without new modelling tools. I'm just delighted the NLAW worked from the start.
  5. Inkompetent

    INKO Disposable

    Any link to those issues/conflicts? As for adding an AT4 I will not do it. I only plan to support weapons native to ArmA3. Then it is up to other people to either add support for this addon in their weapon-addons, or if someone makes their own compatability-addons for other weapon-addons to make use of this, despite lack of official support from that addon-maker.
  6. Inkompetent

    INKO Disposable

    The weapon is not field-reloadable like a Carl Gustav, RPG-7, or SMAW. It is however factory-reloadable, like the AT4, although I do not know how many firings a tube is expected to last for.
  7. Inkompetent

    INKO Disposable

    Thank you, Foxhound!
  8. Inkompetent

    INKO Disposable

    Apparantly the download refused to work at Filefront, so I am using Dropbox for now. This time the download should work!
  9. Inkompetent

    INKO Disposable

    Version 1.1 is out! See the main post for changelog and updated download link! This is the 'old' 1.1 that I was working on. The new changes that I am working on are over my head (an area of modding for ArmA that I've not touched before) and it'll take a while until I manage to get that to work, so until then you'll get this one to enjoy!
  10. Inkompetent

    INKO Disposable

    New release will be delayed because I will attempt to reduce the script load caused by the addon. Should hopefully be much lighter than the current version, and potentially free of the CBA/XEH requirement.
  11. Never heard of VAC. That I need to try!
  12. Inkompetent

    INKO Disposable

    Thanks to Ohally there might be a partial solution to the ammo-problem. He seems to have found a way to load the weapon like in ArmA2 thanks to changing the config for the magazines. Doesn't make the linked tracker ticket in the OP less valid though! Edit: Having tested his solution everything seems to be working as good as it could right now. Still waiting for some additional testing before releasing 1.1.
  13. Inkompetent

    INKO Disposable

    INKO Disposable Version 1.2 is out! Information: I have attempted to replicate all basic functionality found in INKO Disposable 1.2 for ArmA2. This addon for ArmA3 Alpha makes the NLAW man-portable anti-tank launchers disposable as it is in real life. After one shot the tube is spent and cannot be reused in any way. The spent tube can be thrown away after firing simply by switching weapon (default key: F). AI throws it away automatically shortly after firing. DUE TO LACKING SCRIPT FUNCTIONALITY I HAVE LIMITED CONTROL OVER THE WEAPON'S INTERNAL AMMUNITION BOTH FOR PLAYERS AND AI. PLEASE VOTE ON THIS TICKET TO HASTEN PROPER FUNCTIONALITY FOR MANY ADDONS: http://feedback.arma3.com/view.php?id=4853 The addon has full Extended Eventhandler support (and requirement). Purpose: Aside from being a simple addon for a slightly more realistic game it is in great part designed for other addon-makers. The code has been kept as simple and as modular as I have the wits to make it for the simple functionality it has now. It is fully possible to make this work with disposable launchers in other addons by adding a few variables to those launchers's config and should require no tinkering with INKO Disposable at all. Version history: v1.2 (2014-01-11): - Fixed "undefined variable _unit" error spamming RPT - Fixed AI selecting pistol over rifle after firing due to what seems to be a bug in selectWeapon command v1.1 (2013-04-02 [Alpha]): - Automatic ammunition management: No longer need to pick up missiles from boxes or the like. If you have an unused launcher you have ammunition. (Thank you Ohally!) - Code cleanup: Should use a little less resources and be more reliable. Probably not noticeable for end user. v1.0 (2013-03-15 [Alpha]): - Disposable NLAW: One use only. Throw it away when you want to by switching weapon. - Thrown tube is physical object in the world (thank you ArmA3 physics for not making it a bounce-machine!) !!! IMPORTANT !!! This addon requires the Extended EventHandlers found in CBA! Download CBA here DOWNLOAD MIRRORS: DevHeaven
  14. Inkompetent

    Random task at the Start

    Loyalguard's post is generally good, but please, do not under ANY circumstances whatsoever, ever, use 'null' or 'nil' or any other existing variable/value as script handles. It is terribly bad practice. Instead make up something else. For example 'foo' is a common variable name for dummy-variables.
  15. Been trying to get BIS_fnc_taskSetState and BIS_fnc_taskHint to work, but to no avail. I can't find any functions module in the module mode/placer/browser, and I cannot find any other way I'm supposed to initialize the BIS functions module. Is it always on, or is there something that need be done to activate it?