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  1. are you ACEers really working on mortars? i've seen a screeny on armaholic... if so, hell yeah! rock on... btw. i served in a mortar company, so if you need tipps, infos or testing i'll try to free some time for it... will it be klick on map or actuall direction, elevation and charge with the need for an observer? saludos
  2. Mike Miller

    Switzerland Mod for Arma2

    owesome or supergeil! ;) cant wait for it. i loved the SIG series in arma1... great work läppli!
  3. thinking about all our AI encounters in MP this makes perfect sense!
  4. i really like this idea! but as soon as you move it should be set back. as soon you fire it should alert AI on longer range e.g. 200-300meters, but they should have still problems to spot your excact position, but could try to surpress the area... i remember a excercise in my army days where i took about 15min. to put branches, grass, dirt and leaves on my regular camo so that i would blend into the forest better. my hunters passed me on 5meters and didnt see me. then i got them from behind and even the referee who saw me earlier was surprised. so yes the longer you "dont move" could equal setting up perfect camo and less visability!
  5. totally agree. this game and its community is totally unique! can't wait for the first desert maps and other goodies modders will produce. together with the core game its going to rock our simulation hearts so cheers to bis and all modders for making our game-expierience unmatched and top notch exciting!!!
  6. Mike Miller

    AXEL'S ARMA IDEAS and dudes comments.

    have you been watching too much starwars? ;)
  7. Mike Miller

    Muzzle smoke is cheap

    The AI behaviour has nothing to do with this thread and i guess there are tons of AI behaviour bug reports and suggestions. Evetually it will be tweaked by bis or different mods. Weapon smoke was the same in ArmA1 and for visual ppl. like me or realistic grafic-fans its a important detail. shure there is stuff more important than this. but when i play the game and im amazed about the action and visuall effects' date=' this just bothers me big time. of course i hate to be spotted from 700m through the gras, tree, wall. but that has nothing to do with this thread. just vote and you see what ppl. like and what not! The issue for me is that A2 is a NEW game and the weapons smoke is pure A1! [b']Also since fireing a infantry weapon might be one of the most used actions in this game! So in this regard it deserves to look better muzzle flash and smoke wise! ;)[/b] Again just to delete it might already do the job, since modern weapons dont produce much smoke! Except in wet weather like rain, hot weapons start to steam. Adjusting the muzzle flashes with variables and attach smoke partices would be just right i guess...
  8. Mike Miller

    Muzzle smoke is cheap

    i care and maybe others as well. just observe a squad shooting. the puffs from the rifles are just a pain in the eye, since the rest of the grafics are owesome!
  9. Mike Miller

    Muzzle smoke is cheap

    The smoke coming from rifles and MG's looks extremly cheap. Just a few round puffs are coming forward from the muzzle. Since the rest of the smoke/dust in A2 is owesome or e.g. the smoke coming from a tank looks stunning, im missing a improvement on rifle and MG's smoke. In RL if a weapon is cleaned well, without much grease left, there is not much smoke coming from it. So a adjustment not only needs more realistic smoke but also less amount. although the duration should last a bit longer. Hope you agree and vote for improvement.
  10. Since the new AI is quite a challenge in spotting us early, i was wondering if the Snipers with their Gillie-Suits (extra camo) have better camo values towards the AI than regular models? Do the snipers actually get less spotted, especially prone than the rest of the units? Would be nice to know for those extra stealth sneaky demo missions! thx, mike
  11. Mike Miller

    Make Mortars more User-Friendly

    http://www.arma2.com/artillerie_de.html i would welcome deployable 8.1cm mortars (like the static ACE weapons) or 12cm heavy mortars on APC's like the m113 or other. or the 12cm can also have some kind of cariage on 2 weels that can be towed by any vehicle. i agree that a aiming system with like azimut(direction)/elevation/charge would be not be too easy to use and more imersive than like one where you just click on the map where to fire. but a rangechart (like in RL) on the elevation/charge would be helpfull. on the other side a support system on directly observed targets with the lasermarker used by a FAC/Observer would be also nice. hard to implement so if the mortarcrew gets a request with coordinates they have to check the map for the own and the targets position. establish direction and distance to target, check the rangechart for elevation and charge and set it on the mortars. if a observer is available, corrections radioed on distance and lenth should be possible e.g. longer 100m, to the left 200m. something similar would be nice for artillery. easier to implement have the observer mark the target with the lasermarker. firerequest to mortarcrew via radio. mortarcrew needs to choose ammo and manually fire it. if you need more info on mortars, just ask me, since i was a Forward Mortar Observer in the army... btw. i already love A2. the bugs are in no relation to the imersion and fun! cheers bis
  12. Mike Miller

    Razani, North Waziristan Map

    owesome work! cant wait to fly a uh-60 over it
  13. Mike Miller

    Blackhawks and seahawks

    again Blackhawks lovers will be stoked with that great work! any news or pics on the WIP?
  14. Mike Miller

    Blackhawks and seahawks

    Owesome work, you make every blackhawk fan happy! I was wondering how soldiers-cargo will work (players who get into chopper). How would they sit in the chopper since the chairs are missing? Will it be on the edge of the cargo box or fully inside?