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  1. wow been away a while and come back to this thanks Mando. I also have choppy hellfire cam on AH64 but I was running it in a warfare mission with loads of AI, I thought it might be that but perhaps not.
  2. colligpip

    Tank Fire Control Systems

    can we have this in arma 2 will it work? i used to play this all the time.
  3. colligpip

    The Living Island Project

    Oh this sounds great do you need beta testers? Could you PM the mission? not around aus time.
  4. colligpip

    civillian children

    I dont get it you get all upset at the thought of children in the game but you forget about the bunnies. YOU CAN KILL THE BUNNIES..... its sick.
  5. HI Mando I'm available for any beta testing as well. Hopefully I will be able to port all this to warfare like I did in Arma.
  6. I would love a version of this mission that was PVP. SAy OPFOR could be humans that are transported to the target area and have to stop the bluefor team doing the objective. Just a thought Love the mission.
  7. colligpip

    Hunter - Hunted

    yeah this sounds good somebody needs to remake it.
  8. colligpip

    No dedicated server on MW2 as well...

    We need an arma2 mission that plays like the way cod 4 mw 2 does it. Quick infantry rounds with backup up by helis etc. Then we need to push this to all the clans and get Arma2 ruling the roost.
  9. colligpip

    Battlefield 2 in Arma 2

    I had a go on this its really good for a quick blast. Which is about all i can manage at the moment. I hope they update it a bit. I'd like a similar thing but with cod 4 alike missions. Quick rounds that move around the map would be good with heli and tank back up for the quick infantry battles.
  10. colligpip

    Congratulations BI!!!!!

    Yes well done Bi you clearly are the masters. I Look forward to operation Arrowhead. If you can make close quarter combat a little better then it will be perfect. XXXXX kiss
  11. why does this post remind me of the start of 2001 space odyssey?
  12. colligpip

    Elite 25th anniversary

    yeah same here. There is a trading mfd and a orbiter weapons project but as far as I can tell it's not very advanced yet. have you tried freelancer with the discovery mod its quite good very similar to elite. No good physics tho but there are 200 players servers up.
  13. colligpip

    Permanent gray skies.

    do you live in the UK? Arma links to the outside world and downloads the weather data.
  14. colligpip

    Elite 25th anniversary

    I really really wish they could merge elite with orbiter - I really do. I know there have been some attempts at it but i just want elite with orbiters physics come on somebody do it.