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Daily News


Information :

Feel free to share and discuss ( for any kind of content )  , about News associated with Ravage Mod , Announcements & Info.

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Hello there to everyone !


Vandeanson ,

is currently working on making an addon , with his Dynamic Spawn Scripts !


Here is a video about :



Just a great addition for Ravage !



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Hello there to everyone !



Today i was talking to Neoarmagedon and

i told him if it's possible for me to create a Ravage edition of his escape mission , which is maybe the most well known played mission ever in arma 3 and he was positive.



I told him that i want to do this ,

in order to "boost" Ravage mod and our Community a little bit , so that more guys to see the Ravage features and more people to get in our Forum.



So in the near future will be available . . . !


Ravage Escape


Stay Tuned !!!

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1 hour ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:
  • GF Ravage Uniform Fix Script-Mod-Not Released Version
  • a temporary solution , before an official Fix


This Script - Mod ,

will attempt to fix the uniform issue with the Ravage Function
and if it's not initialized , it will spawn a random loadout automatically , based on the loaded Server Mods.




Download :


GF_Ravage_Uniform_Fix_Script-Mod-Not Released.zip

Expires in: 4 Weeks   |   Size: 47.6 KB   |  31/01/19 https://uploadfiles.io/




This code , is part of my original Script  :



I would like also add  that ,


this is our new BI Forum Ravage Club , it is an open Club and everyone is welcome !

Check our topics , be part of the Forum !



Thanks everyone , enjoy and Have Fun !

1 hour ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:

Here are some pictures ,


NOTE : there might be this error, if you are using MCC mod , but it's not something .







6 minutes ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:
1 hour ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:



  • The attemps will be always the number set from the options.
  • It will cycle all the attemps , but even if it cycles and loops , the code it will initialise once.
  • If the Ravage code never initialized after the attemps , the alternative script will run.



Thanks everyone , enjoy and Have Fun !




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Hello there to Everyone !


For those who knows about , follow or not  :



This is a not published project that i was trying to add a HUD and i had in mind to create a new Scipt - Mod similar to the Status bar and Ravage Status bar.


It works differenlty , with drawIcon3D.



18 minutes ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:

If there are guys interested about tell me to create a Ravage Version of this .

It will be way more configurable and easier to use , just by selecting everything from options ,


example :

//________________	Settings	________________
//________________	Set true or false	________________

GF_Hud_Rank 					= true;

//________________	_Rank	________________

GF_Hud_Rank_color				= [1,1,1,1];
GF_Hud_Rank_position			= [16,13,25];	
GF_Hud_Rank_width				= 1;
GF_Hud_Rank_height				= 1;
GF_Hud_Rank_angle				= 0;
GF_Hud_Rank_shadow				= 2;
GF_Hud_Rank_textSize			= 0.05;
GF_Hud_Rank_font				= "PuristaMedium";


Since it says above Rank , i wanted also to add  that there is also an

unpublished Rank Script - Mod - Custom Experience -score promotion based on Kills.


Thanks !







Zoomed in :



Thanks !

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On 2/11/2019 at 1:34 AM, haleks said:

Hello Ravagers!


It is time for an update, and this is a special one.

Ravage 165 introduces a new SP showcase on Malden called Ghost Hunters, and several improvements. This new mission is very different from the other showcases, more tense and action-packed, and yet also more conventional (it has a briefing, and an ending too!). I thought it was time to let you have a look at what I'm working on these days; the work I've poured into them zombies is being put to good use with these "ghosts". Like I said earlier, this might even lead to a new mod, standalone from Ravage...

I hope you'll have as much fun playing it as I did making it. Don't hesitate to leave your feedback on the forum!

The changelog ain't long, but I reckon you'll like the latest changes :



* Replaced AI DirectionRelative callouts by DirectionCompass : if you're familiar with the Arma games, you'll know it's a tradition to have the AI say "Contact, left", when in fact it means "Contact, west". I don't know why BI bothered making sounds for relative direction callouts since Arma wasn't designed to use them. I took the afternoon and fixed those; those fixes will be applied to the Discipline Mod soon.

** New showcase mission on Malden : Ghost Hunters. Quite different from the other showcases, I think you'll like this one. Some advanced tips to make it through :

- Ghosts can walk through objects. They'll often surround your squad in a matter of seconds as a result. Take your time to progress.

- Squad Formation is extremely important. When overwhelmed, having your men tightly grouped together can make a huge difference. The "FILE" formation works best in both Stealth and Combat modes, your men will always stay together. You don't have to worry about AI friendly fire : your squad mates can't kill each others (but do watch your fire!).

- Keep an eye on your mine detector : if you spot an unaware ghost, throwing a flare can be a good way to lure him out in the open.

The Credit section in the OP has been updated : The "Ghost Hunters" showcase uses VFX based on aliascartoons's work for his Strigoi concept.


Ghost Hunters is only a teaser for future projects, so keep an eye on the workshop and this forum, 2019 should be interesting. I'm working on something big. 😉



Like always, if you enjoy what I'm doing, donations are welcome :



Download Link : Ravage v0.1.65




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On 2/13/2019 at 2:30 AM, haleks said:

Small update!





Tweaked :
Various improvements to the Ghost Hunters scenario.

Fixed :
Fixed an issue with the maxGlobalZeds variable.
Added missing pistol ammo in the Ghost Hunters scenario.
Fixed several issues with extraction in the Ghost Hunters scenario.



The chopper would sometimes wave off before landing again during extraction. I've also adjusted the ghost population to better fit each phase of the mission. Enjoy guys!

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On 2/12/2019 at 3:10 PM, haleks said:

What one can see with the naked eye :



What's really there :




As you can imagine, this little trick makes ghosts extremely hard to survive. They'll be visible to all when they're chasing a target too, but even with that, they're terrifying opponents.

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21 hours ago, Vandeanson said:

Hello friends,


I have finally been able to release my script pack as a mod.

It was made with Ravage in mind and I hope you will find it useful as a tool for your ravage mission making;)


Vandeanson's Apocalypse


Subscribe if you like, and adjust the settings via CBA3 right in eden editor while setting up your ravage mission.






More news for Ravage !


Vandeanson's Apocalypse

A "plug and play" mod that will spawn various sites and AI, fully randomly placed that will be dynamically de and respawning for ongoing survival action!




Thanks to Vandeanson's Great work and Haleks Ravage Mod , we can spend more time playing and wandering , to our lovely fields of the ARMA apocalypse theme !!!



This is just a great addition , especially for Ravage Mod and a must have in missions !



A "plug and play" mod that will spawn various sites and AI, fully randomly placed that will be dynamically de and respawning for ongoing survival action!

Never again will it be pointless, dull and boring to run around in armas beautiful forrests, just because all the loot and action is stuck in cities and other remains of civilisation!

My mod spawn in bandit camps to raid, small survivor hideouts to find and loot in the deepest forest, crashed helicopters that should definitely be searched before other survivors get there, ferocious packs of wild dogs that will jump you in the dark or animals to hunt for survival. Find a tame horse as a compagnion and tie it up next to your homebase while setting up barricades and boobie traps to fend off attacks against your newly claimed home.

You will never rest easy, knowing that your steps may be watched from far and the moment you get too comfortable at a place, bandits pick up your trace and hunt you down!


- random position finder for all features
- sites de and respawn
- Bandit Camps
- Hideouts
- Shipwrecks
- Crashsites
- Tradercamp
- AI Patrols
- Spawners for Boats, Planes, Helicopters
- Medical Sites
- Zombie Infection Script for the RAVAGE mod
- JBDOG feral dog spawner
- DBO Horses spawner
- loot spawns at all sites
- Max Joiners melee weapon mod is automatically included in the loot economy and player equipper. AIs wont spawn with melee weapons however. This requires the max_melee weapons mod. No dependency is created.


- dynamic symulation is enabled for all spawned AI and structures. Simulation is enabled based on your view distance settings minus fog, plus scoped view distance to save FPS
- automated loot arrays based on active mods (e.g. CUP, RHS,... will be integrated into the features)
- blacklist items
- exclude Arma 3 Vanilla and DLC items from loottable
- exclude various mod sub content (e. g. CUP Uniforms, or IFA3 Backpacks...)
- adjustable AI equipper
- adjustable player equipper
- CBA3 Settings to tune features in Editor
- possibility to add blacklist area markers for land sites (e.g. Bandit Camps) and coastal sites (e.g. shipwreck and boats)
- adjustable spawn ranges and despawn timers
- MP compatible to my best knowledge, please report any issues
- the default currency is the ravage money, fyi. Without ravage mod active, it will just not spawn without error
- adjust the amount of sites/features that at spawn to your needs or disable specific features if you dont like it

- plane spawner: the only feature that requires you to place markers, check the CBA3 settings for it. 4 markers are pre defined, you may add as many as you want and place such markers at airfields. All placed markers will be a potential spawn position for planeds


I have quite a bunch of ideas for new features and plan to improve and extend the mod going forward, no ETA gor such features however.

AI Spawner:
- Ai scavengers that move from house to house in a city and then return to a hideout z nearby to drop off loot, then go back to scavenging
- AI spawner in case players spend a lot of time at the e same place (e.g. Looting a city)
- chance for AI groups in any feature to be military grade geared, rather than random low quality ity survivor gear

- some sort of simple basebuilding, crafting and ressource gathering feature

- a mission generator

- optional loot economy (to fill buildings with loot)

- option to include heroes survive

- option to include zombies & demons (e.g. A ambient Z spawner)

- fake underground sites such as bunkers or caves


- not all arrays are automated (automated means, items or structures of active mods are put into category for use in my script)
- automate heli, plane, heliwreck, boat arrays based on active mods
- automate inventory items


Note that this mod requires CBA3.
CUP Terrain Core is also recommended, as some structures from it are used. There is no dependency however.

Ravage has been the inspiration for the mod and this mod is made with Ravage in mind.
There is however no dependency, you can use the mod with our without Ravage.


Thanks to all the great guys on the BI forum for their help and advise.
With special thanks to George Floros GR, Johnnyboy, Mr H., Larrow, pierremgi, Haleks, Grumpyoldman, Gunter Severloh, the Ravage folks, all followers of my topic thread and anyone i might have forgotten right now.


Please subscribe, rate and let me know any issue that might occure, I would appreciate receiving any feedback that helps me improve the mod.

Join the thread on the BI forums:





Thanks to all the great guys on the BI forum for their help and advise.
With special thanks to George Floros GR, Johnnyboy, Mr H., Larrow, pierremgi, Haleks, Grumpyoldman, Gunter Severloh, the Ravage folks, all followers of my topic thread and anyone i might have forgotten right now.



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On 2/21/2019 at 10:18 PM, haleks said:

Hi folks!

I'll be away from my computer for the next couple of weeks, so I'm pushing a little update in case Arma 3 v1.90 goes live before I come back.

Here's the changelog :




Tweaked :
Dirty materials used for zed uniforms were too shiny.
Reverted changes on AI DirectionRelative callouts (fixed in A3 v1.90)*.

Fixed :
Fixed an error with rvg_fnc_equip.
Airport Lamps were still emitting light.
The Ghost Hunters showcase now fails when player's rating drops below -2000.



* Arma3 v1.90 is already available as a RC build :


The AI callouts fix is a huge improvement, so give that RC a try (also, I like thinking I played a small part in it ninja.png).


I will upload a preview build of the MyST project on Patreon soon after I'm back home (reminder : most of my screenshots are from various projects I'm working on 😉 ).

Have fun guys!

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Update: 28 Feb @ 7:43pm

-Random Loadout at respawn fixed


Vandeanson's Apocalypse Mod has received a couple of updates recently:



- Multiplayer issue resolved, clients are now able to join a client hosted/dedicated server

- loadout at start fixed, works for all clients now

- loadout at respawn fixed, works for all clients now

- random respawn position finder fixed, works for all clients now. Still requires a basic respawn setup (plus the VA setting enabled of course;). For example below description.ext:



respawn = "INSTANT";
respawnButton = 1;
respawnDelay = 5;

respawnOnStart = -1;



unresolved issues:

- addactions only visible to host (if not dedicated), this affects: Hideouts, VA Custom Traders for explosives, ravage respawn tents and attachments, Helicrashsite cargo storage. A fix is WIP.


I am very happy that the essential MP hurdles have been taken and i ll get a fix for the addactions next.

Please feel free to test the mod and let me know how you like it.




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Hello to Everyone !


A new Script - Mod  Zombie Spawner is now available ,

working with Ravage , Zombies and Demons and Max Zombies , as presets  or custom ( by adding manually the classnames ).

It will work automatically and populate every Map , with enemies on infinite.


more info here :

9 hours ago, GEORGE FLOROS GR said:


GF Auto Population Zombie Script - Mod



Thanks !

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Hello there to Everyone !


This is  the new Terrain - D41_Ruegen :

( mainly for survival missions like exile etc. )



51 minutes ago, Cosmo_D41 said:

Special features of this map:

  • 3 airports/fields
  • many passways for boats between the islands (might be even faster then going by car)
  • tide-system with changes of the waterlevel up to 3m (lowest water at noon, highest at midnight), offering and closing some passages for cars and boats depending on the time
  • some hidden locations and caves
  • some military and rebell outposts (Polizeikaserne Parow, military airport in the north) throughout the map
  • 2 castle ruins
  • 1 prisson island with underground levels (might be good for roleplay, but AI has problems with that part)
  • 1 highway crossing nearly the whole island for a fast travel but with reduced possiblity to get offroad
  • crowded forests filled with bushes etc. to improve life and hiding of infantry
  • Second Version of the island "Scorched" included in these files containing lots of additional wrecks etc. mainly for survival missions like exile etc.


Screenshots from the map (and all the progress from the beginning on...):
till 27.04.18: https://imgur.com/a/nWqjt

from 27.04.2018 on: https://imgur.com/a/B0Myw3i


More info here :

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Hello there to Everyone !


This is a new addon for Mission Makers ,

12 minutes ago, pierremgi said:


by PierreMGI

15 minutes ago, pierremgi said:

Adapt silencers to stealth/combat situation

No video

SP/MP compatible - all mods

  Reveal hidden contents


The shift for fitting existing silencers is made when group/unit falls in combat or stealth behavior. In other words, the aware situation doesn't change the mounting of the current weapon.

Parameters : decide if that concern

  • all AIs in played groups (not for players)
  • whole played groups (so including players who will see their weapons automatically fitted with existing silencers or not)
  • all units (may be more resource demanding if many of them)


NOTE: If the silencer is not on weapon or in unit's items, there will be no added equipment. The mod doesn't interfere with existing equipment.



Advanced locations

See video

SP/MP compatible - all mods


  Reveal hidden contents


Most of the maps have locations. BI sure, CUP, UNSUNG also... Sorry for some "exotic" maps, without any location.

The aim of this module is to create at once, some disputed areas on locations. See the video for the use of the "trigger tool" in 3den.

Triggers are automatically created for these areas but you can change/reedit all fields you want. the default settings are spawning 2 to 3 or more groups, depending on how many triggering units (generally a player's group) will penetrate close to the trigger. The side and even the composition of the group(s) are parameters, pre-defined or at your convenience. Especially, you can link you own composed group(s) to the trigger(s) to make them spawn instead of the randomized groups of a defined faction.

Last point: The spawned groups come from existing factions or customized edited groups but their side will depend on the parameter for the trigger area.
That means the side is not limited to the usual one. You can spawn any existing group on any side.

Let's see parameters:

Parameters on module:

  • side: You will spawn areas of this side, while dragging the trigger tool on the map, till you decide to change for another one (look at the color of the tool and the areas);
  • By default, the tool is searching for 2 types of location: Local names (nameLocal) & villages (namevillage). That's the more current. But you can add all other working locations on Arma3 (Note: "Mount" are not present as their positions are unstable) . Furthermore, you can change their preset radius.
  • name on temporary markers is just for editor, if you want to see the exact coordinate of the location or its name.
  • trigger height is the height above surface for any trigger areas. By default set to 20 m, that means all aircraft flying above this height will not trigger the spawn for nuts. On the other hand, some hill areas must have an higher volume, the cylinder collapsed inside the hill. The best bet is to check the volume in 3D and adjust the height. Important: The trigger starts at -100m depth, so it's Z thickness must be added to 100. Example: for 20m (as default) you will read Z =120.
  • Now, you have a set of 3 trigger presets, one for each side. You can find the same fields as for a trigger: condition, on activation, on deactivation. I didn't use deactivation even some scripts occur when the trigger is deactivated... It's a choice. The default codes for condition and on activation are fine, spawning groups, more or less randomized in number and composition, but you can spawn/execVM what you want from here. You are on server trigger repeatable and you can change everything you want on a second time. I will add more details about created triggers below.
  • Mark the contested areas: You can choose to display or not the area along with the balance of the sides in any contested area (the side with the more present units is the leader of the area). You can mark the area by a colored disk (color of the leading side), so you have an idea where to find near enemies. Or you can mark the center of the area by the flag of the leading faction... or no display at all (but cleaning the area could be tricky without any hint).
  • cool down for triggers:   Last but not least, each triggered area will wait to be totally emptied (like at start), then freeze for the cool down time, then recover the possibility to spawn the units. If you let some friendly units inside, the area is yours. If you leave after a victory, the cool down starts. 20min. is a good average if you need to cross the country. Perhaps more in case of few players, or less if you're numerous.



  • Modifying spawned triggers: You can move them on map. The locations are just a way to get automatic coordinates. You can duplicate them.
    All triggers have a trigger text (not a variable name) like: "xx0123yy45678_WEST" . So, the module manages all triggers with "yy" in its text.
    If you delete the module, so the triggers with "yy" in text will be deleted (in 3den).
    WHAT IF you change manually the end of the text which is side: WEST, EAST , INDEP. Then you will change the side of the area, but... doing that manually, you have to write some new codes or words in the trigger fields.
    First of all, you need to keep on mind that all spawned triggers doesn't have further interaction with the module. They are just like you scripted them.
    So, re-writing any part of their code can disable them or throw errors if you don't pay attention. That said, let's try to change side for a trigger, even if I recommend to use the squared trigger tool to delete it and place a new one after a simple change:
    Let's say, you manually change WEST to INDEP . To be consistent, in condition field, replace also the {WEST countSide (thislist - MGI_BLUE_LISTED) == 0}, by :
    {INDEPENDENT countSide (thislist - MGI_GREEN_LISTED) == 0} . Here INDEPENDENT is the side you don't want any unit present prior to spawn some of them. But I added MGI_GREEN_LISTED as an array of non-counting units for this side. For example, you have some edited indep units in the trigger area. The condition will count them at start and the area will not spawn any green before you kill these present ones. So, you need to declare them in the MGI_GREEN_LISTED array to subtract them from thisList.
    Important: If you don't change anything else, and let the on activation field as is, you will spawn west factions, but on INDEPENDENT side!
  • On activation code is spawning an home-made function with 3 parameters:
    first array is for the faction(s) you allow to spawn. They must be present in the cfgGroups (see config viewer from 3den). CfgGroups is divided by side, then clicking on a side you will find the faction names like "OPF_F" (don't forget the quote ""). If you are not sure of your factions, copy/paste their names in config viewer. Important: You can use the default choice (for vanilla Arma), or write [""]. This will be the same as ["infantry"]. Or even write []. The empty array means you don't need any factions but you have to link an edited group instead. If you link some edited, customized groups with the trigger (not the module!), you inform the trigger that you want to spawn one or more of these groups, no matter the composition and the side in editor. These linked groups will be not present at start, just spawned by trigger.
    First array accepts also the names of existing groups. The code will find it. However, the faction names allow to randomize the groups for a better suspense.

    Back to the config viewer for the factions (first array), you can clicking on faction, you will see the type of groups like "infantry" or "mechanized" or "specOps". This is the object of the second array. You can write inside[], all the existing types you want. In fact, the existing types will be compared to your array as a secure check. Keep on mind that mods (like RHS) have very specific names for factions,types of groups and groups. So, here also, a glance at config viewer will prevent some fail to spawn non-existing types of groups. Of course, if yo wrote straight some group names instead of faction, the 2nd array check is useless.

    So, if you didn't link any group and you fail to define any faction/group (+ type of group for faction), nothing will spawn. In this case the area is yours.

    There is a third (optional) parameter, for a single spawn (just one group): TRUE or FALSE (FALSE by default). So if you add TRUE as 3rd param, you will spawn a unique group, instead of something related with the number of players or the radius of the area. This can be fine for some heavy edited group with air asset and vehicles (see video).



Advanced transport

See video
SP/MP compatible - all mods

  Reveal hidden contents


This module doesn't need any link. It allows any player to use all AI driven vehicles as Taxi. The vehicle must not be player driven or the AI driver must not belong to the player. (In this case, you can already order what you want as leader). This module doesn't interfere with BI support Transport module. That's two different things.
Here you can't ask for a taxi to come. You need to jump into a vehicle to get the action on menu. On the other hand, you can use any driven vehicle.
Parameters: none
If several players jump into the same vehicle, the higher ranked (or counter-alphabetic name) will be able to order a destination.
You can change the destination on the fly or ask for a return back to the base (the position at start).
When move is completed, the taxi will return at the base anyway. (No "wait for me" order at this time).



AI can respawn

No video
SP/MP compatible - all mods


  Reveal hidden contents


As you know, BI engine can make players respawning along with some options. All playable units in fact, no matter if played. That's probably because this way lets the AI ready for play in MP lobby. Non playable units simply die... up to this module.

Place it somewhere on map.


  • tick for the sides you want to be concerned by the respawn module. For each of them, you can choose to make AI respawning at start position, or at death position, or even on a specific marker (see the name in option)
  • Min AIs in group: As an advanced option, you can wait for a minimum remaining AIs belonging to the same group until the dead respawn.
    If you set it to 0,  you disabled the respawn system
    If you set it to 1, that means all AI units of the group must die before any consideration for respawn
    If you set it to 3, the group will wait 3 remaining AIs before first dead can respawn.
    The default is set to 144 as a wish to cope with enormous amount of units in group, letting the possibility to respawn the first killed without number consideration.
  • Loadout same as start: If not ticked, the loadout on respawn will be the same as death.
  • Respawn delay: Minimum delay for respawning a unit. This delay is not added to the possible wait for minimum remaining AIs in group (see above). So, if the group is not refreshed at each death, this respawn delay can be skipped.



Civilian life

See video

SP/MP compatible - some known mods


  Reveal hidden contents


Spawning/de-spawning some civilians when players are closing defined areas. For now, there is no vehicle. Civilians enters the houses, regroup sometimes.

Just place one or several modules and choose what population you need. If not linked to triggers, the default (modifiable) area applies. If you link one or several triggers, then the trigger areas apply. It's preferable to multiply triggers than modules.


  • The default area size, orientation if no linked trigger
  • The density of population. possible coef.  are 1/2  1(standard)  2  4. The standard population randomize about 10 men.
  • Spawn them at start. Just in case you would like permanent civilians from mission start. Could be resource demanding for many areas.
  • Enable kamikazes. Decide if you want to spawn some human bombers running at any player or his group and blowing themselves in a short delay. They wear a combat vest with explosives. Most of the time, the short notice in their behavior should be sufficient for killing them before they bomb. But do not fire at any civilian running at you!
  • All possible civilians are split in sub-categories, existing in Arma like Europeans, Africans,... but you'll find some of your favorite mods...



Drop vehicle instead of crate

See video

SP/MP compatible - all mods


  Reveal hidden contents


One of the common request is to enable the supply drop of some vehicle, or even different crate, instead of the hard coded crate of BI module. Here, you need to link my supply drop module to the BI virtual supply drop one.

Then, my module needs some type of helos and dropped supplies (vehicles/crates). These classes of assets are transferred in BI module, so you will just have to use it as usual. Fill the both array fro helos and crates(vehicles) with any existing class, respectively of helo and land vehicle or ship or ammo box.

In game, If you call one of this type of helos, from the BI virtual drop,  you'll spawn:

  • the crate/vehicle with same index as helo if both arrays count the same number of elements;
  • randomly one of the crates/vehicles, if the array lengths don't match.


  • The non-virtual supply drop will not match.
  • You can have 2 BI virtual drop supplies (or a virtual + a real one). I suggest you to make differences in helo classes for spawning usual crates or mod scripted ones.


  • Default helicopter: default []. Doe nothing as is. The drop runs with BI module. So write an array of class(es) or link helo edited object(s) to my module (these helos, empty or not, will not appear in game, there are just in editor).
  • Dropped vehicle: default []. default means usual standard crate. Write an array of class(es) for vehicle(s)/crate(s) or link them to my module. Available objects are: land vehicles, ships, ammo boxes.
  • Enable arsenal on vehicle. FALSE by default. If enabled, the generic arsenal (not specific) will be added to the vehicle/crate.
  • Signal on vehicle: TRUE by default. Just some smoke or flare during drop.
  • Marker on vehicle: FALSE by default. Place a marker on map of the player who called the support (this player only). Marker is visible for one minute after the dropped supply touches down. So share the info by your own marker.



Enhanced Turrets

No video

SP/MP compatible - all mods (so far. feedback welcome)


  Reveal hidden contents


That's the module version of my script enabling the AI gunners on cannons to fire HE (high explosive) shells on infantry. The gunner will load back AP (armor piercing) shell if any armored threat. Fighting against infantry, I tried to designate AT units first... Not so evident struggling with Arma FSMs and engine.

Parameter: decide if that concern:

  • Only linked vehicles (editor) . If no vehicle linked to the module the script is disabled.
  • all 3den vehicles. This concern edited vehicles, so at existing mission start, but not spawned.
  • +spawned vehicles. Here you are! but that could be resource consuming somewhere. Just test it.



Flip overturned vehicle


No video

SP/MP compatible _ all mods

  Reveal hidden contents


A simple action on any flipped vehicle.



HALO jump

No video

SP/MP compatible - all mods


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This module allows player(s) to simulate a HALO jump by an action menu. This action is enabled when player(s) aim an object at close position (addAction on the object). To make it work, the object must be named MGIHALOXXX (variable name) where XXX can be what usual characters you want. Or you can link some objects in editor.


  • who can jump: You can choose the player(s) only (solo jump),
    or the player and all subordinate AIs of his group if they are nearest than 100 m from him. If any other player in this group, he will not be concerned and he will have to jump on his own.
    If you choose "both possibilities", we will have 2 possible actions on menu, one for solo jump, one for grouped jump.
  • Jump altitude in meters. Default 2000m. The player (and subordinates) will be teleported to the chosen point on map, at this altitude.
  • Safe opening altitude: Default 90m. Don't forget the enemies: opponents and ... ground.
  • Cool down timer: Default 0 sec. A player will have to wait for this delay before the next jump.



Heal & revive

see video

SP/MP compatible - check for mods... Modded units are not a problem. But some mods like ACE have their own scripts and could be incompatible. Furthermore, I scripted for some conditions about the presence of FirstAidKit and MediKit. This module is complex enough. I didn't grab into mods for exotic classes of items (and I will not). Of course, you can choose to skip these conditions.


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Place a module on map.

First of all, you must define what BROS are. All behaviors are based on the BROS, for each group. that's the guy, played or AIs, able to heal another one.

As BI already set a bunch of parameters for players/playable units in MP, enabling respawn and revive, I didn't alter these behaviors.

So, it's important that you choose the BI 3den parameters (or the param classes in description.ext) as usual. I'll not override them for players!

This module allows much other behaviors:

  • AIs will not die at once. They can fall unconscious like players. They finally dies if not healed;
  • Players or AIs (belonging to Bros) can be healed by bros. That means you can heal an AI and AIs can heal you;
  • But player is not assigned as medic for AI. An AI will be assigned even if there is a player closer to the victim;
  • All AI assigned medics will leave temporarily their group. I didn't find a better way to manage AI medics. So, I added some parameters to avoid an hemorrhage of units in played groups!
  • this code will work also in SP. That means the player will fall unconscious and could be healed instead of dying.


  • The hard coded radius to find a possible medic is 200 m from the unconscious unit;
  • Medics are bros (but bros are not always medic, depending on extra condition you choose in parameters)


  • Heal or respawn some West: Here you must define if you want to apply the code to West units.
      No other West: Means that only linked groups to the module will be bros (editor)
      Important: Do not sync the group icon to the module, but the leader of the group.
      West leader played groups: Any west player, playing as leader of a group will see all his group added as Bros (JIP compatible)
       West Playable groups: As playable units can respawn by BI engine, these groups, played or not, are fine for bros (more bros than previous option)
      All West: Any units of the West groups (edited or spawned) will belong to bros.
  • East, Independent and even Civilian sides have the same options
  • Reaction time: That's a (small) delay during which the possible medics are sorted for assigning the more accurate AI (matching with parameters)
    This reaction time is not counted as bleed out time
  • Respawn Delay: That's the bleed out time for any unit belonging to bros but not managed by BI respawn feature.
  • AI can be healed: If not, all AIs (except playable units) will die without respawning. But they can heal, as medic, players and playable units.
    That way, this option is less resource demanding and could be good enough for simple mission (especially in SP) without "never ending" respawns.
  • AI needs some kit to heal:
      No kit needed
      Need FAK: remember, BI vanilla "FirstAidKit"
      Need Medikit:  BI vanilla "Medikit" mandatory to be medic in bros
  • Ai must be medic:  The trait "Medic" is required
  • Heal Other Groups:
      Heal only group units: To avoid too much dismissed medics, even temporarily, medics are allowed to heal only units of their group;
      Heal group and any other player: Same as previous but medic can also heal close unconscious players on same side;
      Heal all Bros: all AI medic can heal all bros (same side). That could be tricky for group management while medics leave it.
  • Add white flag healing: All medics in action will wear a white flag during this move. Can be fine for preview/play and see how the module works.





Kill punishment

See video

SP/MP compatible -all mods


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Simple module to punish team or civilian killers. The parameters allows more or less penalty time. The transgressor will be renegade for this time and can return back in his group after that. The renegade status makes you an enemy for any AI units. So, this module is not a kick/ban player for dumb asshole, but rather a tool for better attention to "blue on blue" and collateral damage. Compatible with my civilian life module spawning kamikazes (you can kill these civilians).


  • white list: an array of units you can kill with penalty. Useful for scenario with specific target if not enemy.
  • friendly or civilian kills tolerated: some pre-defined amounts for kill clearance. You will not punish up to this number but, on the other hand, all victims will be taken into account if you have to pay the bill.
  • civilian killed:  Default TRUE. If FALSE, the civilian casualties are free of charge... Some scenarios gives to civilians an enemy status.
  • During time for renegade: this is the penalty time which will be multiplied by the number of not allowed victims;
  • vehicle destruction ratio: 0 to 1, 0 by default. On my mind, no vehicle worth a life. So, I decided to give a ratio for destroyed assets but the destruction will not count for the sentence to renegade. In other words, you will never become a renegade, destroying simple vehicles. The ratio will just add some duration if you become a renegade killing too much friendly/civilian souls. Empty vehicle from friend sides are taken into account, same for former enemy vehicles now manned by your friends.




Loot weapons & items in houses

See video

SP/MP compatible - some mods (CUP UNSUNG IFA3 RHS R3F)


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This module will spawn in randomized houses, randomized weapons (+some mags) and/or randomized items. You can choose among some mods, which of them will provide these loots.


  • How many houses: 20%, 40%, 60% or 80% of the houses with building positions (generally enterable)
  • list of mods + Arma you can select for spawning loot. Fail safe if you tick a missing mod.



Marker to Task

See video

SP/MP compatible - all mods

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A simple module changing some Vanilla markers for tasks.

While in game, if a player place a marker, like Objective or Ambush or pick up or Destroy or Join, this one will be transformed as task.

The task will be shared by the same units as those listening on the channel used on marker (MP), or by the player's side (by default) in SP.

In the task menu, you will find a short description but, above all, two links:

  • Go,go,go! for ordering the units on channel for move to the task destination. So don't abuse of that in MP on side channel!
  • Delete task. The easiest way to delete the right task and its marker.

Parameter: none



Respawn vehicles

No video (see an old one about script to have an idea)

SP/MP compatible - all mods


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This module will respawn all vehicles (according to parameters), empty or even AI manned, but not vehicles with players aboard.

You don't need any BI module. This one will replace the BI multiplayer Vehicle respawn. Vehicles and AIs should not respawn in SP? Why?


  • These objects can respawn. That's a simple "read only" field, remaining the vehicles/ammo crates you linked on module. Do not write here.
  • Where these objects will respawn:  Here you need to write for each objects above, the place where to respawn. If you miss some elements or just don't write the position, the corresponding object (same index of array) will respawn where it was destroyed (default = "death" position)
    available strings: "start"  "death"  "anyMarkerName"
  • Respawn AI West vehicles: will respawn all west vehicles (so manned, not empty) if known by server (once again played vehicles are not concerned).
  • Respawn position for West: Specific objects apart, here you have to choose the respawn position for west vehicles/crates. Same strings available but if a marker is used it must be called "MGIRESPWEST". So, at this time, you can use a unique marker if start and death position don't match your goal.
  • same parameters of East, Independent and civilian sides. Markers, if needed, should be respectively "MGIRESPEAST", "MGIRESPIND" and "MGIRESPCIV".
    Note: Here civilian means all driven vehicles by a civilian AI. That doesn't empty, even if all empty vehicles return an empty as side!
  • Respawn delay: time to respawn after destruction. Halved for disabled vehicles after crew leaves it.
  • Disabled vehicles can respawn: Yes, but they will wait to be abandoned  by their AI crew!
  • Empty vehicle can respawn: Here you can decide if empty vehicles, but also crates (which are empty objects) can respawn. Do not confuse with civilian side.
  • Keep appearance & pylons: default: FALSE. If set to TRUE, it's fine for recovering the exactly same vehicle but this can be resource demanding. Check the number of vehicles you want to respawn, the complexity of your scenario and test.
  • Keep action(s) and Arsenal (if any): One step of complexity further. Now the vehicle should be exactly the same.



SP simple respawn

No video

Single Player only


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This module is a light code, more handy than the (SP/MP) "heal & revive" advanced module. Complementary to the (SP/MP) "AI can respawn" module, here the player is concerned.


  • Respawn delay: You will respawn after this due time.
  • Radius area without enemy: As you're alone, it's boring to be killed again and again by too close enemies. sweep the area a little bit and show must go on.
  • Loadout same as start: If you're afraid to be short on ammo. Default: FALSE, means you'll respawn as you died.



Switch ambient lights

See video

SP/MP compatible - all mods so far...


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As soon as you place this module, the code will search for existing classes of "generator". I decided some classes by default but you can designate all terrain objects / edited objects you want as far as you know their classes.

My default generators are : ["Land_PowerGenerator_F","Land_wpp_Turbine_V2_F","Land_dp_transformer_F","Land_spp_Transformer_F"] (all Arma vanilla, so feel free to write your existing ones! Mind for the classes.

These generators will receive an action menu (addAction) according to parameters.

Important: if you link the module to any edited object(s) (so placed on map in editor), the above classes don't matter anymore and the generators will be only the linked objects.


  • Existing classes of generators: As described above. Write classes you want in an array.
  • Module radius: While in 3den, this module will show you (red markers) the available generators which could receive the addAction. Not working if any linked objects.
  • Radius for switching lights: This radius is the active range around each generator for switching lamps and lights, runway ones included (so, mind for the range if you need to switch a whole airport).
  • Start switched off: You can decide to start under the skylight. So romantic!
  • Mark generator(s) on map: all class markers in 3den are just for help you to locate your generators. If you want to keep the generator's) marked in game, tick this option. Default: FALSE.



Tire puncture

No video

SP/MP compatible - some mods


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I duno why I wanted to burst tires (less damage on wheeled APCs), driving on barbed wires...  That's what this "simple" module does.

Parameters: none



Touch of class!

See video

SP/MP compatible - all mods


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Well, that's an 3den tools for finding all terrain objects/ edited objects, with specific class(es) or generic type like house, lamps or vegetation!

Not so easy to sort all that mess. What is an hide object, a building or a house, a lamp for BI devs?

As you can see on video, just drag the module on map and discover the location of these objects.

Note: As is, the module does not display a lot of things because I let a unique class of house:  "Land_Airport_Tower_F" as example, and the family class is set to none.

So, let's play with parameters:

  • Search for class(es) on map (1st param): If third parameter is set to none, you start a search for the objects belonging to the written class(es).
  • Radius if search area: That's also the radius of the module. The broader, the more laggy for huge amount of objects. Default: 300 m, up to 3000 m
  • Show these objects (3rd param): Here objects are sorted by family types:
      Buildings (like churches, piers, constructions),
      Elec. comms and lights,
      Walls & fences,

    I gave out following the exact BI sorting.
  • Remove above classes (1st param array) on map: Here you can write replacing class(es) for any element of the 1st param array.
    Notes: The classes must exist! In theory, it's possible to replace p3d objects by p3d objects but it's a pain in the butt writing their whole paths!
          You can see an example in video, replacing "Land_i_Stone_Shed_V1_F" by "Land_Airport_Tower_F". Of course, this replacement is OK for game.
  • Show general type(s):
      No info on marker
      class name on marker
      display name of marker
      model name on marker

    Remember that many terrain objects like vegetation, doesn't have any class, barely some display name but a p3d model name.



Wear what you want

No video

SP / MP compatible - all mods (not all. Some weird mods don't have true uniforms but some skinned units... Nothing to do with that)


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This simple module allows any player to wear civilian or enemy uniforms. I never understood why BI devs can be so strict for that. You can kill a lot, jump into any (unlocked) vehicle, fire any enemy weapons, but it's strictly forbidden to wear their pants... To avoid confusion on field? What about vehicles then?

Absurd! At least, this should be an option accessible in 3den.

Parameters: none




Have fun!

Pierre MGI



For more info :





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Update :

Mod version : 0.1.68 (2019.03.17)


8 minutes ago, haleks said:

Hi everyone!


Ravage has been updated! This update brings some very much needed QoL improvements and some fixes as usual :




Tweaked :
Players inside Safe Zones no longer spawn zombies.

Fixed :
Wrecks caching system now works with remoteControl UAVs.
Fixed an issue with the Safe Zone modules.
Zombies are now able to get back on their feet.

New :
New module option : turn killed humans into zombies.
New module option : zombie resurrection timer.

Credits :
Special thanks to EO, MurazorWitchKing and Tourist for their support.



The Safezone module should now work without issues, including regarding zombies. Note that it only prevents player from spawning ambient zombies once they're inside the safe zone, so keep that in mind when you set the max spawn distance for zombies.

Manually placed hordes can still spawn inside a safe zone too.


Also, new feature : killed people can resurrect as zombies. You can set it to "always" or "only when killed by a zombie"; it works on all units. Shooting someone in the head - even if he's dead already - will prevent him from turning.

Have fun guys!

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Update :

Mod version : 0.1.69 (2019.03.19)


3 minutes ago, haleks said:

Hotfix time!



Tweaked :
Ambient Zombies module : Sun Influence is set to false by default.

Fixed :
Fixed an issue with the Dirty Uniforms feature.
Fixed several issues with the Resurrection feature.

Credits :
Special thanks to EO, MurazorWitchKing and Tourist for their support.


Thanks everyone for reporting the recent issues!

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