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Fyi, v2. 15 is now live on steam:) 

NEW USAGE SYSTEM for medical treatment!!
- key to open all addaction for bandaging, blood transfusion, anti virus injector use and anti virus pill consumation: Shift + F
-> requires you to have the respective items and be under the effects of the relevant issues (bleeding or infected)
- press Shift + F again to hide the addactions

Site spawners
- position finder optimized
- no more debugg zone spawns
- spawn ONLY in map by default, no more marker placement needed
-> except Shipwrecks and Boats, where I am still looking for a good solution
- FPS optimized, hidden when noone near
- Bandit Camps, Crashsites, Hideouts and Shipwrecks have an scrollwheel action to scavence for lootbox
- AI FPS saving mechanics
- feral and patrol dog sounds fixed
- you can now chose side (east, west, independent or random) that will spawn at any site

The Living features:

- updated (dynamic animation/animation interruption, bleed effects)
- applied some fixes so bleeding only starts in intendet scenarios

- added autohealing that starts when: not bleeding, above 80 blood, (and if ravage) above 80 hunger and thirst

- option to remove FAKs updated, faks are removed from inventory at spawn/respawn and relpaced with bandages at pickup

-Animal spawner updated (Sheep, goats, cocks and wild-boars hooked to the caching function)
- first iteration of scripted (Event-handler "fired near") fleeing behavior of animals

- Debug notifications added, you will see a hint summary of what has been spawned in.
- Auto recognition of ravage (disables ravage related content if ravage is not active)

- Healing system added: once the player has 90+ blood, is not bleeding and (ravage only) has 80+ hunger and thirst, he will heal every X seconds for Y amount of health. X and Y can be adjusted in the VA - Player settings. The feature can be turned off. I recommend to pair with the feature to disable FAK

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Update :

Mod version : 0.1.778 (2019.09.02)


3 hours ago, haleks said:

Hello Ravagers!


Time for an update! A lot of fine-tuning, plus extended support for Livonia assets and ambient bandit camps as an added bonus \o/. Also, a new entry from EO's Survival Kit catalogue. 😉 

Full changelog :



Fine-tuned the AI Looters system.
Minor tweaks to the AI Driver system.
The Loot Search system now supports objects from Livonia.
Updated survival system to handle more than one tent type.
Updated loot lists with new tents.

Fixed :
Fixed wrong descriptions for several ravage items.

New :
Added 3 new tents by EO.
Added an 'Ambient Camps' option to the AI Module.



This update will be closely followed by another "technical" one. A lot of the scripts in Ravage are executed in the scheduled environment; I think moving most of them in non scheduled environment will reduce the overall execution time for the background systems, that could improve performances in SP & local sessions - SP especially, where intensive scripts are more noticeable framerate-wise.


Have fun guys, and thank you for your continued support!

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Mod version : 0.1.779 (2019.09.05)


4 hours ago, haleks said:

Tiny update time!

Some bits related to sleeping in SP were outdated and needed a few tweaks... By the way, I will update the 'sleeping system' soon to be a bit more restrictive - more akin to what's done in The Long Dark. 😉 




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