Sullen Skies tweaks the Cloud and Overcast system for various Arma 3 terrains.  Features: Darker, more turbulent clouds,                   No cloudless skies,                   Lower base cloud. Media:  Sullen Skies collection on Steam Workshop.     Ambient Birds adds crows and eagles to the Ambient Animal System for various Arma 3 terrains. Media: Ambient Birds collection on Steam Workshop.     Arma 3 Animals Module - Extended: This small modification takes the existing Animals Module and adds:
Crows-Eagles-Kestrels-Bees-Houseflies-Dragonflies-Fireflies-Mosquitoes-Dogs-Cockerels-Rabbits-Turtles-Cat Sharks-Mackerel-Mullet-Ornate-Salema-Tuna-Snakes.
It creates a group of animals and handles their basic behaviour.  Hopefully it will help add a little more finer detail when creating missions/scenarios/screenshots etc. Media: Arma 3 Animals Module - Extended on Steam Workshop.