The mission
In this mission you and your squad was send out to scout the military presence on an enemy island in preparation for an invasion. But your squad got captured by local layalists and you are now held in an improvised prison awaiting enemy officers to arrive for questioning. But friendly insurgent managed to hide a backpack with weapons in your improvised prison. Your task is now to overwhelm the guards, escape the prison, find a map of the island, make contact with your HQ, reach the designated evacuation zone and escape the enemy island!

The mission is fully dynamic. Every playthrough will be different. Also the mission is quite hard to beat completly. You will definitly fail at the first try. But the mission is meant to be played more than once (infact our squad plays it serveral times the week).

About the mission

Escape was first devloped by Engima of Östgöta Ops. for ArmA2.
At that time me (NeoArmageddon) and Scruffy ported the mission to different islands and began customizing the mission.
When ArmA3 was released, Vormulac and HyperZ made the effort to port the mission over to ArmA3. From that point on Scruffy and me improved and fixed the mission to the current state.
Most of the scripts are replaced and were updated to A3 standards (but there is still some more room for improvements).

The the official version of this release is 1.9

Terrains and Mods
We ported the mission to the following terrains: Altis Stratis Chernarus (CUP TP) Chernarus Summer (CUP TP) Sahrani (CUP TP) United Sahrani (CUP TP) SMD Sahrani Porto (CUPTP) Takistan (CUP TP) Bornholm Celle2 Podagorsk Isla Duala Esseker Isla Abramia Al Rayak Tanoa Winthera Lingor Dingor Malden (CUP TP CWR) Everon (CUP TP CWR) Kolgujev (CUP TP CWR) Nogova (CUP TP CWR) Malden 2035 Thirsk + Winter Australia Clafghan and more.... I lost track...   For A2 terrains AiA TP works but I strongly suggest using the newer CUP TP!     Also there are serveral flavours of the mission with different unit sets. At the moment there is a version without any mods called "Vanilla" (except the terrain you are on)
and the following mods:
RHS CUP APEX Massi (only mission release) We tried to compose a unitset for every terrain that match the scenery.

We plan to add more mods and terrains in the future but we also want to release the tools to port the mission.

Release notes
To port this missions with more than 11 different mod setups to more than 29 terrains (overall we have produced 287 missions) we used an autocompiler that merges one codebase and the different config files.
With this huge amount of mission we were not able to check every mission. When one of the missions seems to behave different (broken start, missing units, etc) please post the missionname here in the thread
and we will fix the problem ASAP.   This mission was build for dedicated server use! I will not guarantee it will work in SP or locally hosted servers!   For statistics and improving this mission at the end of each session (fail or win) the result of the mission is stored anonymous on a server. Version, terrain, playercount, session length, servername and type of mission ending is sent. No personal informations like IP, player names, etc are sent or stored. This function can be disabled in the parameters.

Download Mirrors   IMPORTANT: The workshop release is not packed as single mission but as an addon/mod with multiplayer missions in it. If workshop files (or addonfiles from complete pack) are used on a server, all players need the addon files. The missionfiles from the complete pack are the recommended DS installation and are downloaded automatically to all players connecting.   Complete Pack 1.9  co10 Escape (Complete) 1.9 I recommend checking out the more up-to-date development version on Github (click here)   Steam Workshop Addon Release 1.9 Workshop release without mods Workshop release with Apex
Workshop release with CUP
Workshop release with RHS     Complete Pack 1.8.1 Hotfix co10 Escape (Complete) 1.8.1   Complete Pack 1.7.5 @ Armaholic
Armaholic Mirror (Version 1.7.5)     Bleeding Edge/Development Version:   The newest development version are in our Github (format Dev_Year-Month-Day): Download latest development archives     Keep in mind that the versions that are builded automatically are considered bleeding edge versions. That means the changes are completely untested (actually we use those versions for our internal tests), may break the mission, arma, your PC or even the world. When you use this versions, make sure to read the changelog and contribute feeback and bugreports.   Repository and Issue Tracker:   For discussions, help and support you can join our official Discord Server:   We host an issue tracker and repository of Escape in Github over here: Everybody is invited to create bugreports, issue and feature request.     Changelog from 1.9

Screenshots and Videos  

Please submit your screenshots and videos and share your Escape stories with us!

Known bugs
You can drown while unconscious.

From now on, Scruffy and me plan to release updates on a more regular basis. We want to port the mission to even more mods and terrains and have a lot of ideas for new features.
Also we want to continue to update the missions scripts to A3 standards.
For the next month we plan among other things: Fixing the drowning issue (partially fixed). Reworking the roadblocks. Reworking the boats (also we want to add civilian boats) Adding different base layouts for ammo depots and comcenters. Adding the crashsite start. Merging more scripts from the 2.0 branch (Ambient Inf, Military Traffic, ...). Adding the new DLC. More awesome stuff   Tipps, Tricks and Tutorials   Port to another terrains by Scruffy Replace Revive with ACE by belbo     Credits Original Mission (Arma2) by Engima of Östgöta Ops.
Mission ported to Arma3 by Vormulac and HyperZ.
Continue devlopment by NeoArmageddon and Scruffy.
Island ports and unit configs by Scruffy.
Additional scripting and fixing by abelian, dystopian1, FrozenLiquidity, DPM, Cyprus Additional ports and configs by 
SurvivorOfZeds (IFA3+LEN)
Nils5940 (IFA3)
CRCError1970 (Malden and Kolgujev)
supercereal4 (Malden 2035)   Mag repack script by outlawled   Testing: Armed-Tactics (Maikeks, Darcy, Memphis Belle, Aurelia, Freshman, Lunatic, Joshi) 
The Flying Monkeys In Space,
Roy and many more.   The official co10 Escape mission for Arma3 is currently developed and maintained by NeoArmageddon and Scruffy.

Please post all feedback, bugs, ideas, request, etc here in this thread.