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Copyright 2018 hcpookie.  This item is not authorized for posting on Steam, except under the Steam account named hcpookie


After (literally) years of work Version 1 is finally ready for play time.  Don't forget this is version 1.0 and will *certainly* reveal things that need to be tweaked!  😉


This is an amalgamation of my previous Soviet AF mods - my Bomber Pack and Flankers pack, and some Rangemaster aircraft together with some A2 stuff, all up to Jets DLC standards. 


Released on STEAM! 



... and my OneDrive for those who can properly install mods 🙂




>> AN28 is now standalone due to original author's request and is available for download here: https://onedrive.live.com/?id=5B54FC51A7917265!158884&cid=5B54FC51A7917265


CUP and FAP Units versions also available...





1.6 GB total content so please be patient with the downloads!  😉




  • Mukcep for importing original freeware planes into A2 from various sources (mostly MSFT Flight Sim addons)
  • Citizenship for IL-76, A-50, Mig-23, Mig-27 models
  • Su-27 model and textures are ports of the ArmA1 ACE edition (thanks to [cede]aushilfe for the info)
  • FRL Myke for allowing continued support of his Missilebox; Eggbeast for sharing Missilebox updates via A2 Rangemaster.
  • Mig-21: Model by Ivan Jurcaga Imported by Nightintruder Conversion and development by Eggbeast and TeTeT



  • Physx compatible
  • Jets DLC pylon placements and presets
  • Vehicle-in-Vehicle transports
  • Cargo parachute function
  • Speed-triggered Mach vapor cloud function
  • Randomized MP-compatible numbering function
  • Ejection seat support for multi-seat planes (!!!)
  • All planes compatible with LESH Towing mod
  • Large range of Soviet-derivative weapons
  • Attempts to avoid "bomb trucks" and simulate realistic weapon loadouts
  • Working drogue parachutes for supported planes
  • Working sonobuoys that reveals underwater targets (via Tu-142)
  • Support for air-dropped water mines from pook_Boats pack
  • Automatic swept-wing function on specific aircraft
  • Enhanced flares on larger aircraft
  • Adjustable Russian-language "bitching betty" low altitude function
  • Fuel tank siphon and drop functions (carry extra fuel!)
  • Limited GPS targeting functionality for certain TASM's (Tactical Air-Surface Missiles)
  • Function to support for beyond-visible range (BVR) anti-radar missile (ARM) targeting of enemy SAM radars (based on my pook_SAM ARM scripts)
  • Function to support missile jammers (both on-pylon and internal) - based on my pook_SAM jammer scripts






FIX: missileExplosion popup error
FIX: Sonic boom sound popup error
FIX: Typo in weapon classnames causing some script misbehavior
FIX: Config issue limiting weapon explosion damage
FIX: Su22 preview pics
FIX: An-22 RPT error
FIX: Sonic Boom effects calibrated to in-game boom speed (1188kph)
FIX: Missing eject action in some planes
FIX: Numerous AGM missile behavior errors
FIX: Errors in some loadout menu descriptions
FIX: Errors in TASM script
FIX: Sonobuoy script errors
FIX: Ka27, Ka29 turrets and gunnerviews
FIX: Ka29 cockpit texture error
FIX: IL-76 control animations
FIX: IL-76 texture maps
IMPROVED: Hardpoint loadout settings
IMPROVED: Sonic Boom behavior synched to Jets DLC settings
IMPROVED: Removed keyboard shortcuts for ARM (ELS scanning) user actions
IMPROVED: Air-Air missile performance
IMPROVED: Updated in-game Field Manual entries
IMPROVED: Radar detection settings
IMPROVED: Eject script now adds inflatable raft for water landings
 - raft spawns at pilot location
 - raft only spawns over water, not land
 - raft contains first aid kits
IMPROVED: Sonobuoy behavior
NEW: Rescue raft!
NEW: Instruction sections added to Field Manual
NEW: Yak-38 VTOL aircraft
NEW: Mig-21 aircraft



v2.0: 1/5/2019
FIX: Numerous config issues
FIX: Get-in positions on fighters
FIX: Missing radar settings
FIX: Missing OPFOR planes
IMPROVED: Added Tu-22 ladder at get-in positions
IMPROVED: UPK-23-250 gunpod sounds
NEW: Zeus-compatible groups
NEW: Mig-23, Mig-27 (3D Model Credit: Citizenship)
NEW: An-148, An-158 passenger planes
NEW: An-178 cargo transport




MiG-29SM / SMT = Post-SU Modernization: "Fulcrum-C"
     - Enlarged full-length dorsal spine for extra
       fuel and internal jamming system
     - Glass cockpit
     - Improved A-G capabilities
     - ASM capabilities
     - Improved radar
     - 6x pylons
     - Better engines    
     - thrust vectoring
     - 8x pylons
Mig-25 "Foxbat"    
Mig-31 "Foxhound"

Su-27 "Flanker"
    - two seat MR fighter
    - thrust vectoring version





IL-76 Family
    - Heavy Airlift Transport
IL-78 Refueler (uses Fullers' USAF refuel script)
A-50  Radar AWACS model

An-24 Light Troop Transport

An-26 Light Troop / Cargo Transport

An-28 Light Transport

Be-200 Medium Transport

An-12 Medium Transport Family
    - An-12B: Basic unarmed model
    - An-12BK: Military model with countermeasures
    - An-12BP: Military model with rear ball turret
    - An-12PPS: Electronic Warfare/Countermeasures model

An-22 Heavy Airlift Transport

An-124 Heavy Airlift Transport

An-225 Heavy Airlift Transport






    - G model: "Standard" bomber
    - C model: ASM missile platform





Thanks to FRL Myke, we have the Soviet heritage weapons from the original FRL Missilebox (as previously maintained by Eggbeast within the A2 Rangemaster mod).  Many additional and modernized weapons have also been added!


Weapons support some mods' pylon configuration for CUP, RHS, and some vanilla units.


Also supports air-dropped nautical mines found in pook_BOATS pack. If pook_BOATS pack is present, nautical air-dropped mines can be added to certain pylons.


Guided Air-Ground Missiles

  • Kh-23 (AS-7) AGM
  • Kh-25 (AS-10) AGM (various models)
  • Kh-59 (AS-13) ASM
  • Kh-29 (AS-14) AGM (various models)
  • Kh-31 (AS-17) AGM
  • Kh-59M (AS-18) AGM
  • Kh-35 (AS-20) ASM
  • Kh-38 AGM (various models)
  • Kh-61 ASM


Radar-homing anti-radiation missiles

  • Kh-58 (AS-11) ARM Anti-radiation missile
  • Kh-25MP (AS-12) ARM Anti-radiation missile
  • Kh-31P (AS-17P) ARM Anti-radiation missile


Free-fall bombs

  • FAB-100, FAB-250, FAB-500 HE gravity bombs
  • FAB-500sh high-drag gravity bomb
  • OFAB-500 high-drag HE-Frag gravity bomb
  • ODAB-500 high-drag FAE (fuel air explosive AKA thermobaric bomb)



  • RBK-250 AO 2.5 cluster munition
  • RBK-500 AO 2.5 cluster munition
  • RBK-500 PTAB AT cluster munition
  • RBK-500 SPBE SFU cluster munition


Free-fall guided munitions

  • KAB-250 LGB
  • KAB-500 LGB
  • KAB-1500 LGB
  • KAB-500-SE GLONASS (GPS guided)
  • KAB-500-KR (TV/IR guided)
  • KAB-1500-KR (TV/IR guided)


Anti-runway munitions

  • BetAB-500 anti-runway munition


Incendiary (Napalm)

  • ZB-500 incendiary munition



  • S-8 80mm rockets
  • S-8 SMOKE rockets
  • S-13 120mm rockets
  • S-24 240mm rockets
  • S-25 340mm rockets (various models)


Air-Air short-range IR missiles

  • R-3 (AA-2)
  • R-60 (AA-8)
  • R-73 (AA-11)


Air-Air medium range missiles

  • R-23 (AA-7)
  • R-27 (AA-10) - various models


Air-Air long range missiles

  • R-40 (AA-6) - various models
  • R-77 (AA-12)
  • R-33 (AA-9)
  • R-37M (AA-13)


Support equipment

  • Drop fuel tanks for certain fighters
  • L005S (Sorbtsiya) ECM Pod
  • MSP-418 ECM Pod
  • L-081 ARM Targeting Pod (support long-range BVR engagements for Kh-58)
  • APK-9E Targeting Pod (support long-range BVR engagements for Kh-59)


Cruise Missiles

  • Kh-65 (AS-15) CALCM (Conventional Air-Launched Cruise Missile)
  • Kh-55 (AS-15) Nuclear cruise missile
  • Kh-41 (3M80) ASM
  • Kh-22 (AS-4) ASM
  • KSR-2 (AS-5) ASM
  • K-10 (AS-2) ASM
  • Kh-15S (AS-16) ASM
  • Kh-15P ARM (Anti-radiation missile)



  • RGB-N Sonobuoy





An-72 medium transport

Add Be-200 water landing support

Add support for Rafael's Survivable Crashes & Shootdowns mod script

Tweaks to flight models

Better GPS weapon launch interaction

Cockpits could use improvement...

I'm breaking these out into "vanilla" and "factions" offerings so there will be a CUP and FAP version in addition to the basic Vanilla factions.  Faction versions soon to come!


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Cooooool.  So is this sort of the port of the rangemaster aircraft you and eggbeast did for A2 minus the Mig-23/27 and the Su-22?   So much good stuff in that pack.  I was hoping that it would reach A3 at some point.  Good stuff!

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This is excellent news! I've had a bunch of missions on the works for a while now but had to put them on ice as they all depend on a player controlled IL-76. The addon I was using stopped working after Jets dlc I think and I've been using various less than satisfactory placeholders to build the missions. Once you release this I can get back to properly work on those and think about linking them into something resembling an actual campaign. I'm sure I can find use for your SAM pack in those missions too. Following this thread with interest for sure!

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23 hours ago, unearthedtru7h said:

How deep into the VVS inventory are you going to take this?

well have you ever watched the movie "The Core" by Jon Amiel? Rumor has it, he's going that deep.

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Making some progress on the Tu-160.  Decals aren't transparent yet.  I have the animations for the wing root slats so they correctly go into the vertical position at full extension!  It was a bit tricky because part of the flaps are actually part of that extension so I had to tweak the animations to make it look correct.  So it works!


I also have the decals for most of the Russian inventories but not all.  (they put the names of the design team on the sides of the plane)



Tu160wingtest.jpg    Compare to the real bird: 


At the 15:14 mark in case it doesn't embed properly...






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this is awesome! all your projects are awesome!


another question: do you have a list of projects that you plan to do for arma 3?

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I just exceeded the skeleton limitations for the Tu160!   :(  I had to re-arrange a few minor animations and it seems to be working now.  Thought the 3D model was broken lol



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Improved the wing root extensions and placing some final texture updates.  Need to add some minor details like flare locations, wing vortices, etc.  Also adding mem points to make it compatible with Fuller's USAF air-air refuelling... with an IL-78 perhaps...???   :)


Why orange smoke you ask?  Because that's Real Life! 



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Works with other birds as well:




... now to replicate the USAF refuel settings for the rest of the Air Forces :)



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Added refueling capability to all bombers in the pack that support it in Real Life.  Support/Fighters are pending


Tu160refuel_Test.jpg      Tu160refuel_Test2.jpg          Tu160refuel_Test3.jpg     Su24refuel.jpg



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Notice the Tu95 props will stop spinning when the engines are damaged...



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Progress update:

- Bombers: Added refuel capability (Tu95, Tu-142, Tu16, Tu22, Tu160, Su-24)

- Jets DLC component damage model of control surfaces for bombers (Tu95, Tu-142, Tu16, Tu22, Tu160, Su-24)

- Jets DLC dynamic loadouts for bombers



Pending:  Mig29,35; Mig25,31; Su-27, 30x family:

 - refuel capability for appropriate versions

 - Jets DLC dynamic loadouts

 - Jets DLC damage models



 - IL76/78/A-50 Jets component damage models




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wonder if in the far future it'd be possible for a US counter to this lovely Cold War pack... like the B-29(also known by it's revised variant the B-50.) & C-97 Stratofreighter, B-36 "Six turning, Four Burning" and the Mighty B-52!


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IL76, IL78, A50 refuel now works.

IL76refuel.jpg     A50refuel.jpg

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Awesomesauce mr pookers!


Like the damage details :)

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Will the IL-76 cargo versions have opening rear bay doors & ramp? No problem if not, but great if they do :) In any case, knowing that one detail ahead will help me plan how some missions need to  implemented.

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Yes but due to physx being unable to use Roadway LOD's you cannot walk into the back of the plane.

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