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  1. islesfan186

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    Anyone with texturing skills care to make a US Navy skin of the E-2 in Sabre's military aviation pack? Been waiting for a LOOOOOOONG time waiting and hoping for someone to make a US Hawkeye. Carrier decks just feel empty without them
  2. Nice! Always excited to see when you add new aircraft to your fleet!
  3. At first glance I thought you were doing a C-130 pack with a Spectre or Combat Talon. I do love your skin packs though
  4. Any possibility of getting the AGM-65L in a 3 pack? Right now it's only D and H that you can do the 3 pack in. L is laser guided so I can lase any target as opposed to just vehicles targets that I can lock with "R" or "T"
  5. islesfan186

    Have AI break contact on trigger

    Tried it. Getting the same issue with the group constantly stopping and turning around like I was getting with what I had originally tried. Guess I might have to just chalk it up to Arma 3 AI. Appreciate the help though
  6. islesfan186

    Have AI break contact on trigger

    I’ll have to give this a shot. Probably a silly question, but where it says “myGroup”, do I replace that with the name of the group? And does that whole thing go in the trigger “on activation” section or somewhere else? Appreicate the help.
  7. islesfan186

    Have AI break contact on trigger

    Right now I’m just in the editor trying to get thr desired effect. It would be just for a SP mission though. I tried using allowfleeing as well but that didn’t work either
  8. So I'm trying to make a mission where I land in a hot LZ infested with zombies and as soon I touch down, the AI infantry I'm picking up just break contact and come to the helicopter. At first, they wouldn't board the aircraft until all the enemies were killed. To work around that I inserted a radio alpha trigger with this in the "on activation" section: nomad setcombatmode "green"; nomad setspeedmode "full" They stop firing but the guys constantly stop and look back and eventually get overtaken by the enemy zombies. I replaced the enemies with regular soldiers to see if that would change anything, but no dice. Adding setbehaviour "safe" or "careless" made it worse. The guys just moved like they were on a leisurely Sunday stroll. So my question is, how, on a radio trigger, can I get my guys to just completely break contact (stop firing) with the enemy and RUN to the damn helicopter without constantly stopping and turning around to face the enemy? Keep in mind, my scripting/command skills are damn near non-existent, so the simplest solution would be appreciated.
  9. islesfan186

    1stBN/160th SOAR Mod ArmA III WIP

    The creator has a small platoons worth of kids. As much as I am awaiting the release, RL has probably bogged it down
  10. Curious to see what kind of new aircraft you’re cooking up. Any possibility of branching off and doing some helicopters as opposed to fixed wing? I love the new systems you implement as well. I think it would be sweet if you could do maybe an E-2D with some sort of interesting AWACS system. I feel like that’s the one aircraft that has been largely ignored since A2 and the carrier deck feels fairly empty without it. Obviously not asking you to do it, but maybe some food for thought Keep up the awesome work. Your aircraft are one of the big reasons I keep coming back to A3
  11. islesfan186

    Legacy CH-46 Sea Knight

    I noticed the ML tail code is backwards on one side, probably because it's just a mirror of the opposite side. Is that one of the fixes for the future (I know this is only an early/developmental release)? Looks pretty awesome though. Even though the 46 is officially retired, it has been severely missed in the Armaverse for the USMC faction
  12. Is there any possibility that you guys would be adding/porting assets from the takistani extension mod into CUP (with the authors permission of course) http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16236 There are some awesome assets in there, in particular the aircraft and some of the anti air vehicles. just wondering if that was something that would potentially be in the cards for the future?
  13. islesfan186

    Veteran mod (VTN) - announcement and WIP

    Is doing a BMP-T in your future plans? I'm hoping one of RHS, CUP, Russia 2035 or you guys have one in the works. Also, any potential aircraft in the pipeline, rotary or fixed wing? Do you guys have a discord or anything just outta curiosity?
  14. Did you ever have any luck determining why your Black Wasp and Harpy reskins defaulted to the standard skin when using the "fold wings" attribute in the editor?