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  1. If this could get a wp that would send in reinforcements ,that make them fly over and land out of sight,then transfer the helicopter to a 2:nd pool of available helicopters,that could be "evacuating" or "rescuing" everybody within a set distance ,let`s say 200 m or so,they could be used as Dust off. If there can be such a wp ,connected to a Rescue WP we can place on the map it can launch a rescue at a location with spec ops,it would be a new thing . To have a pool of units that can search and lase a target,or rescue someone at a GPS point,would be very useful as new wp-types,if you like to make them. Set up a landing strip for aircraft with a autoland feature and indistructable setting for that plane,may add some new things to ways we can do things . If Commander could set up a forward base. If Commander could place some alternate way to transport things ,like with a boat,then let us use some pool or spawn in what type of vehicle we want to use for the transport,of VA or whatever,it would add to the use of different modded assets. It could have the supplies that we used placed on a cargo plane that has to fly in and offload and get put in a truck and moved by boat and offloaded and driven to player. If it placed a defend wp it could defend a landing strip on it`s own.If this could have pre-sets we could use as a Layer,to add to old missions ,this will be very useful . Just ideas.
  2. If this would be adding the mod troops we add to the map automatically it would help .If we have a "reinforcement" module that makes the planes and/helicopters spawn some distance put and make them land,refuel and get put inside of hangar it would help. If there are some module that would strengthen the AAA defences over time ,that would look cool if it will set up defensive positions with sling loaded moved and placed positions.
  3. Could I force the enemy to use mortar/helicopters? To get some use of AA-units.
  4. Is it possible to tell Ai how to get to the objectives? I meant,decide if I wanted them to go to a position,let`s say on the Carrier Freedom ,and ,get spawned there at the spawn point and get a boat and go to a wp ,then dive to some place . Could I get them to always use Air for cover? Even get the enemy to watch out for Air and maybe even hide some of the forces out of sight,then use them as a reinforcement?
  5. john111

    POOK JF-17

    What does "Fuel tank siphon and drop functions" means?
  6. Could you add a A-26 Invader to the list of aircraft? Thank you.
  7. john111

    ArmaModFrance is back !

    Could you add a helmet camera as a stand alone item with that little screen to the side,please? As a working prop? Could we get a round divemask and a Kayak with a slightly shaped camo net attached/detachable ,yellow tinted glasses that work,and possible DEVTAC helmet.Full plated face mask would be cool. A Duffel bag that could be attached to the side of Kayak and car sides would be a very useful addition. A telescopic bipod for shooting standing up and a hat like this.https://www.facebook.com/ArmiesSpecialforcesWeapons/photos/a.1636488209928797/2179755385602074/?type=3&theater thanks.
  8. john111

    PLA Forces

    Would you make some 6-weehled small vehicles or maybe a some skins for Jet Ranger,Fennec helicopters that they use or copied from other places? Maybe ,even James Bonds small hovercraft? A better Kayak would be cool.Yellow tinted glasses,Pilot glasses.
  9. john111

    Useable searchlight mod

    Try this :https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1613905318 Try command "Join and Follow " From Way point Type on the left in zeus mode.(Y on the keyboard).
  10. john111

    Emitter 3Ditor

    Could you make it so that I could import everything with/about lights in Arma? I meant,if I see some cool lights from a car,a lightbar or maybe an effect ,like a strobe light, and place this where I want it,would be really neat. To make a universal light switch we could attach to all cars with on/off/effect1,2,3 dual effects at one time? .A menu item for the scroll wheel? Maybe zeus interface for lights? If I could import something and attach it with "attach global" and make it follow a car,I may be able to use an item from a mod car and change the light color but keep the nice effect. If this could load a composition we can save and make all cars use custom lights and effects,would be awsome! And then attach that to all cars in any scenario's we make on the fly. Find a nice light bar from a road utility vehicle with some great effect,change the color and save it and place it on top of a police car.Would be neat and be able to do so even if it is attached to a vehicle. Save that ,and be able to clone that and put it on any car.Is is owned by Bis and could be done without source file and such,right? Find out what Light bar_Blueforce_F_Policecar is named and place item somewhere we like it? Could you make so that you can import parts of items in this? Like a grenade launcher ,attach a flare effect to a point light and load it ? And save this like a composition in the editor? Make it invisible?
  11. If I can get a special WP that makes it possible to add a speed cap @ 5 miles/h for a helicopter and a ability to add a radar altimeter setting of 5-10 meters,I think I can make the helicopters fly N.O.E to a ambush point at a height of below treetop level. I will need that invisibility to escape the radar for 5,10 minutes to reach an ambush point and using Data Link,find AA before they can find and shoot first. In PvP matches radars may not be used or older types of vehicles won`t have them. Then one may be able to Recce or direct troops as the real thing. Like a speed limiter,only set to 3 miles/h and with a terrain obstacle avoidance radius set to maybe 150 m ,ai could fly there . But then I will need to stay off radar until I reach a WP and shoot at AAA first with Top Down Attack Profile.To get in range . If I can`t get in range and stay off radar for enough time and go high,I run risk with Pooks Sams and Pandur cannons as enemies . If i use Vehicle Spawner I can load it with Firewill`s ECM Pod and whatever and so shoot and scoot. I could take on the mission of ferry JTAC around in PvP matches. If "Stay out of sight-stay out of mind" can work they could hear me,not see me . If it`s a 2035 setting ,maybe I could get some script that lowers the sound with 50% I can pretend it`s Blue Thunder or Airwolf. We get laser rockets so we could use a hidden Jtac but we will have to get him out of danger,I`ve got 2 minutes with the ECM Pod and need to stay hidden ,maybe some thing that lower the Spotting and commanding skills if I`m inside a 3x3 km distance with a trigger and mechanic that follows the helo. If I could get a Slider-type control mechanic to set altitude, I think I will be able to by making 3 WP that figures out the AOA and the rate of decent in meters per second to fly down a hill at 10m and keep that altitude and smoothly end up at 10m at WP 3 at ground level. But then I will need that WP type.It should keep that altitude no matter what.It should give the command UP whenever it flies 1 meter below 10m AGL. https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=yJaTyJi3&id=4DFC8BA7F20F02E1076106FDF8C702AA145389B7&thid=OIP.yJaTyJi3JJDyh_7I-6_UgwHaFl&mediaurl=http%3A%2F%2Fi631.photobucket.com%2Falbums%2Fuu38%2Fkilomuse%2FHelicopters%2FBO105PPAH-1antiankhelicopterswithHO.jpg&exph=604&expw=800&q=BO-105+Gunship+low+and+slow+flight&simid=608008312217665963&selectedindex=466&cbir=sbi&ajaxhist=0&vt=0
  12. What about using Headless native support.That should take care of FPS issues.
  13. But how do I use it.
  14. Here is a thing I came up with : If you used Combat link 5 and gave them also WP they might be able to navigate the surrounding caves. If you used the mod Ballistic Missiles ,you could get working guns. If you could make a cave that could be scaled up to fit a jet ,yet be underground and with a tools,be set at an angle,it would be possible to use Tomahawk missiles to enter into them by setting 20m flight altitude with Drongos missiles mod and sett caves at 30m height, if you could scale them by length,and size they could accommodate a jet,or at least a prop plane. If we could use these as props we could in theory make a base under water for missions with subs and the like.
  15. Could you also make a small PDA for downloaded photos to IPAD-style gadget so that we could see stuff from the pods? Perhaps ,with a annotate and send to Fireteam option ,or make it work with Alive ISTAR PDA. As it is right now ,F-14 TARPS are useless, only the pilots can see anything.