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  1. Could this make Ai put other Ai into a vehicle or helicopter cargo too,please? Maybe,orginize a 360* defence if troops are available? Thank you.
  2. john111

    EA-6B Prowler

    There are some nice stand-alone instruments in some mod ,made for modders that just needs instruments. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/217417-release-wings-windowed-instrument-navigation-guidance-system-formerly-advanced-avionics-addon-a³/ Would make it more easy to get a working panel in this.Or just gut an other project,or see if someone allows for you use parts of their panels. Or...... https://www.turbosquid.com/FullPreview/Index.cfm/ID/528102 Or use this cockpit,it seems like the real deal: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/a-6e-tram-intruder-va-196-3d-model/520450 My advice would be ,to simply pay for the model rigged,(a little more expensive,but less time and effort efficient) ,get file conversion and just spend you`re time at making a panel for it. Maybe,ask Sabre for a panel-he converts some planes form another game for use in Arma 3. https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/194002-sabres-secret-weapons/ The panels are of enough good quality for use-if he has one ,maybe you can use the camera as a cockpit screens inside the panel and move the camera inside the screen?
  3. john111

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    Why don`t you try to get these models in Arma 3? They will fit neatly in the time frame of it.
  4. I`m looking for a mod that let`s me change the formations for helicopters ,both formations altitude/positions near others helicopters. Could this mod help on that subjects? To set a speed ,with slider,would be useful. Thank you.
  5. Some way to make the VVS to add the pylons system to all planes /helos that doesen`t have that? By defult. Missing right now,on some vehicles. Some way to add a Lightbar_On ,without having to use the Garage for that,would be very useful,for zeus players that can`t leave the players to go do stuff. Prefered with a hotkey. If we can set all cars/all other vehicles to their own Layer by defult ,that is something that will be useful. This needs some more mod support. More build-in features.Thank you for a mod that adds choices.
  6. Will you make the Tarawa?
  7. Can`t you simply use some Library that just tells the helo what you want it to perform? Some FMS ? Btw,the speed for helokasting is about 8 km/h.
  8. john111

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I need some way to auto-install scripts and that can show and add what it did to any named mission in a window inside the mission to make the changes to happen ,no restart. Thank you.
  9. If this could get a wp that would send in reinforcements ,that make them fly over and land out of sight,then transfer the helicopter to a 2:nd pool of available helicopters,that could be "evacuating" or "rescuing" everybody within a set distance ,let`s say 200 m or so,they could be used as Dust off. If there can be such a wp ,connected to a Rescue WP we can place on the map it can launch a rescue at a location with spec ops,it would be a new thing . To have a pool of units that can search and lase a target,or rescue someone at a GPS point,would be very useful as new wp-types,if you like to make them. Set up a landing strip for aircraft with a autoland feature and indistructable setting for that plane,may add some new things to ways we can do things . If Commander could set up a forward base. If Commander could place some alternate way to transport things ,like with a boat,then let us use some pool or spawn in what type of vehicle we want to use for the transport,of VA or whatever,it would add to the use of different modded assets. It could have the supplies that we used placed on a cargo plane that has to fly in and offload and get put in a truck and moved by boat and offloaded and driven to player. If it placed a defend wp it could defend a landing strip on it`s own.If this could have pre-sets we could use as a Layer,to add to old missions ,this will be very useful . Just ideas.
  10. If this would be adding the mod troops we add to the map automatically it would help .If we have a "reinforcement" module that makes the planes and/helicopters spawn some distance put and make them land,refuel and get put inside of hangar it would help. If there are some module that would strengthen the AAA defences over time ,that would look cool if it will set up defensive positions with sling loaded moved and placed positions.
  11. Could I force the enemy to use mortar/helicopters? To get some use of AA-units.
  12. Is it possible to tell Ai how to get to the objectives? I meant,decide if I wanted them to go to a position,let`s say on the Carrier Freedom ,and ,get spawned there at the spawn point and get a boat and go to a wp ,then dive to some place . Could I get them to always use Air for cover? Even get the enemy to watch out for Air and maybe even hide some of the forces out of sight,then use them as a reinforcement?
  13. john111

    POOK JF-17

    What does "Fuel tank siphon and drop functions" means?
  14. Could you add a A-26 Invader to the list of aircraft? Thank you.
  15. john111

    ArmaModFrance is back !

    Could you add a helmet camera as a stand alone item with that little screen to the side,please? As a working prop? Could we get a round divemask and a Kayak with a slightly shaped camo net attached/detachable ,yellow tinted glasses that work,and possible DEVTAC helmet.Full plated face mask would be cool. A Duffel bag that could be attached to the side of Kayak and car sides would be a very useful addition. A telescopic bipod for shooting standing up and a hat like this.https://www.facebook.com/ArmiesSpecialforcesWeapons/photos/a.1636488209928797/2179755385602074/?type=3&theater thanks.