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    I was born January 18th 1998 in Bergen,Norway
    I speak English as if it was my main language
    Im an HUGE FAN of gaming!
    Im the Founder and Leader (Team Captain) of PRO SPEC OPS clan in Battlefield on PlayStation and if u want to join u have to be 16+ and have a PSN user.
    Add me on PSN: rolfgamer123
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  1. Lieutenant_RaG

    Cant start arma 3 in the launcher

    NEVERMIND i fixed it i had to switch to 32bit version :)
  2. i cant start ARMA3 in the launcher it only starts when i go to the directory and clicks arma exe iget this error code when trying to launch it through the Arma 3 Launcher 0xC0000135 STATUS DLL NOT FOUND i dont have any mods downloaded this is so annoying :(
  3. Lieutenant_RaG

    PedagneMOD upgrade pack Arma 3 Released

    i think it does both i dont know but i feel it has a bit of both cause i know that in real life the blindo aka (Fiat 6614) is not in service anymore in italian army atleast well keep in mind i saw this on WIKIPEDIA so the source isnt a 100% accurate so dont take my word lol XD
  4. Lieutenant_RaG

    PedagneMOD upgrade pack Arma 3 Released

    please send link i dont know where post 55 is
  5. Lieutenant_RaG

    PedagneMOD upgrade pack Arma 3 Released

    AWESOME is there any other vehicles or weapons or anything you know they will add
  6. Lieutenant_RaG

    PedagneMOD upgrade pack Arma 3 Released

    When will the Dardo IFV be released into the PEDAGNE mod ?