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  1. Is epinephrine effect stackable? Should I use more than one epinephrine to increase wake-up chance or it is worthless?
  2. Also, LDF weapons and ammo crates still unchanged.
  3. 130Rnd .338 belts, which are located in LDF Special Weapons crate, incompatible with SPMG. Somehow it's a different item with a different classname (SPMG doesn't have 200Rnd belts).
  4. The previous version of hand animations was better tbh. I don't know, maybe it's just me, but don't you fell uncomfortable when you look at this hand animations. In my opinion character should move his thumb from handguard to vertical grip, like it's made on MX SW
  5. One window of grey building (don't know exactly what building it is) is impenetrable. (sorry for duplicate, should post this here from the beginning)
  6. One window of grey building (don't know exactly what building it is) is impenetrable.
  7. LDF weapons crate contains regular Mk200 and long-barrel variant of ADR, when it should had black variant of Mk200 and short-barrel version of ADR
  8. LDF ammunition box has 100Rnd magazines for MX SW, when LDF Autorifleman is using Mk200, so there should be 200Rnd mk200 belts. There's also 20Rnd 7.62mm mags while no LDF unit is using 7.62mm rifle. LDF equipment box contains AAF, CSAT and NATO equipment, when it should contain LDF equipment. LDF special weapons crate again contains 7.62mm mags when it doesn't even have 7.62mm rifle. But, well, could you put Mk-1 or SPAR-17 in it?
  9. we need more staging branches
  10. Resting with Promet SG makes you go underground
  11. Orange building doesn't penetrate
  12. Maybe those windows in churches should be open? They will give great observation spot.
  13. Ak-12 get on the bolt stop when it shot it's last round, but when we reload it we can see that it wasn't on bolt stop from start. Same for the AKM, AKU-12, RPK-12.